Polymer journal #4

Our goal was to improve furniture. My partner and I wanted to make something that would protect people from hitting the corners of tables. Our third prototype “Polyable” was most efficient in succeeding this goal. Polyable was a very thick, stretchy and soft polymer made from the Stretchtastic recipe, plus 3 scoops of guar gum and corn starch. This polymer contained very good characteristics that we wanted. It stuck onto corners very well but wasn’t too sticky so that it would stick on to people’s cloth when they hit against it. It was very thick and soft so that it was like a layer of protection.  We needed it to be extremely thick and soft so that when people hit corners, they couldn’t feel the sharpness and hardness of it. Our previous prototypes were all pretty good but they weren’t as good as our final product. The first prototype (a combination of Stretchtastic, guar gum, borax and corn starch) was very soft and thick but it was not sticky enough and it wouldn’t stay on. The second prototype (a combination of Stretchtastic and guar gum) was very stretchy, sticky and molded perfectly around corners, but it didn’t offer any protection.  Overall I think that there are still ways we can improve our final product but since we had a limited amount of time, it was the best we could do.

This designing process was very fun but took a lot of hard work. We made a vast amount of mistakes that helped us improve. Without these mistakes, our prototypes wouldn’t have gotten better. It was fascinating and helpful playing around with and mixing all the different types of materials at first. I think that helped us become more creative and think outside of the box.  It was very cool how a lot of the materials looked very similar but had very different features, for example, Borax and liquid starch. I loved how there was a huge variety of products we could produce and overall this project was very interesting.












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