What happens after you die?

The poster below is based on the book Spook by Mary Roach. This book is mainly about the existence of souls and different types of afterlives. The author wonders about ghosts, heaven, reincarnation, close to death experiences and much more. The central idea that repeated itself multiple times throughout the book was:  Your beliefs are formed by your own knowledge and experiences, the subjects of afterlife and souls are things that humans can only believe but never know for sure. This means that everything they mention in the book may be true or may not but it all depends on your own brain if you believe in what they are saying.

I chose this picture because it connected to me. I felt like I could see her soul and that it connected to my book.


This poster was made on Padlet


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One thought on “What happens after you die?

  1. Hello Cher!
    I really liked how you tied many quotes into one central idea. Your multi media was easy to follow through and your reasoning below the quote made sense. As I am religious with some knowledge from the bible, I believe that there is heaven and hell in our afterlife and you go to either one depending on your sins and choices. I recognize that you have constantly asked questions in your multimedia to your readers. I was wondering what you thought about the topic of death and soul: “The author wonders about what happens when you die and your brain shuts down. Is your soul still there? Would you still be there but just in coma? How would you feel?” (Cher). After I have shared my thoughts, I am very interested to hear about your beliefs.

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