One Day 2017

One day 2017!
We learnt that making YouTube videos, editing and making DIYs are very hard. We didn’t expect it to take us such a long time to film all the contents of our video. We messed up a lot in the DIYs because they were harder than we thought they were. The lip scrub and galaxy jar went really well, but we did not have enough footage for the galaxy jar. Our video ended up being pretty good but there were parts where there was a lot of background music. If we were to do this again, I would be more careful with the materials and manage time better. The first DIY, the EOS contour took us such a long time because we kept of making mistakes. Because of that, we were behind schedule for the rest of the day. We spent so much of the time cleaning up our mess, next time we should be more careful, so that we have more time to make the diys and edit.