Learn about the Chinese Culture Revolution!

The video my teammates and I created is on the Chinese cultural revolution. The Chinese Cultural revolution was launched mainly because Mao wanted to regain the dominant position in the country and he wanted China to become a fully socialist country. During this period of time, he wanted to destroy the four olds (old customs, old ideas, old thoughts, old cultures) and capture all capitalists, rebels, people who have bourgeois thoughts. The society at the time was very messy, there was a lack of trust. Red guards would barge in people’s houses and capture “capitalists”. It was especially hard for rich families, they were humiliated and shamed for things they simply had no control over. Although many people may view this Cultural Revolution as a very bad, bloody, scary thing, other people also view it as a good, revolutionary, smart thing. The people that think this is a good thing are usually Red Guards, families with good backgrounds and the people who thought this was a bad idea were capitalists and mainly rich people. These were the two sides of the Revolutions, the revolutionary Red Guards, and the Bourgeois capitalists. Although different people had different perspectives of this period of time, they all had to pretend that they loved what Mao was doing, or they would be abused and labeled. The Chinese Cultural Revolution was very interesting, if you want to learn more about the Chinese Cultural Revolution, you can watch our video!

Thanks for watching! I hope you guys enjoy and learn from this video!