In a few words, I will tell you who I am: lover of my home, China, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, lover of my family, especially my little brother, lover of nature and most importantly, lover of peacefulness. On August 18th, 1966 my life was changed forever, I no longer thrived in school or laughed every day. My life was instead full of worries and lies. I have grown so much since this experience. I am Liu Lan Xi and this is my story.


After the Chinese culture revolution, many things changed but some still stayed the same. Even though after the revolution was over the violence stopped, there was more to do about the severe damage already done. There was a lack of trust between people, an unsteady economy, and low amount of gain production. Many families were also separated and changed forever due to the things that happened. There was much more chaos than before. China was messier than before and the citizens were mostly very scared. Nearly one-third of the population is also illiterate because Mao shut down schools. All of these are factors that changed China after the Cultural Revolution. Even after all of this, Chinese citizens still respected Mao. This is the only thing that stayed the same. They did not respect him because he’s a good person, but simply because he benefits China. After the revolution happened, many people were affected but most people still saw Mao as their only leader.