Rickshaw Assignment

For this assignment, I was able to practice two different types of drawings, Gestural drawing, and Contour drawing. Both types of drawings are meant to be done with long full strokes but gestural drawing is done fast and is less detailed while contour drawing is done slowly and very detailed. First I did gestural drawing under 90 seconds with watercolor to get the main shapes of the rickshaw. Then afterward I did contour drawing on top slowly. I focused on all the details of the rickshaw. For the gestural drawing watercolor was used and for the contour drawing inked pens and markers were used.

For me, I felt that gesture drawing was really hard because there was a time limit. You had to quickly think of the object’s sizing, proportions, and also where each part of the object should be placed on the paper. I also thought drawing the wheel of the rickshaw was extremely difficult because there were many little details that you had to focus on. For me, it was especially hard to draw continuous lines and not sketch because I was always scared that I would make mistakes.

If you are doing this assignment for the first time I definitely think you should just draw bravely. Don’t be scared of making mistakes. When you are doing the gesture drawing, just quickly get the outer shape of the rickshaw, don’t be too detailed and don’t overthink it. When you are doing the contour drawing, pay a lot of attention to specific details and look carefully at the object. Do not draw the object from what you think it looks like in your brain. Instead, draw what your eyes see in front of you.

This assignment helped me learn from my mistakes. Just because you made a mistake on your drawing doesn’t mean it’s ruined. Because we’re drawing in inked pens and using contour lines for this assignment, I had to accept my mistakes and include them in my drawing. Sometimes I realized that the mistakes made my drawing look much more special.