Charcoal Clothing Project

For this project, we picked out 4-5 pieces of clothing that meant something to us and drew a composition with charcoal. I picked out my swimsuit, my Ariana Grande hoodie and also a hat. For this project first we picked out pieces of clothing and took a composition shot, then we outlined the objects and lastly, we added value and details.

Throughout the project, I faced a lot of challenges because it was very hard for me to manage the darkness of the color and keep the drawing tidy. I am someone who’s always scared when they draw on a big surface. This was my first time using charcoal and I was very scared. Charcoal felt scary because if you were to draw something too dark, it’s very hard to make it lighter. I felt like I started off a bit slower than everybody else because I wasn’t sure how to start drawing my composition. I got through these challenges by pushing myself to keep drawing and never stop.  When I didn’t know where to draw next or where to add darkness, I would look at my artwork from far away. I also used the eraser to help make my lines clean. These were things that helped me a lot. Throughout the process, I became more and more skilled at managing my time. I missed one entire class so I ended up coming to the art room after school and working on it. Overall I think I managed my time in class well. At the end of this project even though I made mistakes, I think I’ve matured and grown as an artist because I learned so much more about value, shading and a new type of media.



In this project, I was able to express myself with the clothing I picked out. I picked a swimsuit because I love the beach. I’ve always felt so calm and happy when I’m in my swimsuit. When I was younger I would always be sick but when my mom would take me to the beach, I would immediately feel well again. I have the hat because I love being having my skin protected and wearing hats make me feel very comfortable. Lastly, I have my Ariana Grande hoodie because she is my favorite singer ever. I love how nice of person Ariana is and her music makes me smile. These things are all important factors of my life and they express who I am as a person.


At first, I didn’t know which composition was the best so I sketched and explored. I drew out four small compositions of my favorite shots of my clothes. I decided on the picture I am drawing right now because I love how the wrinkles all over the bikini bottom and sweater. I thought this shot had the best balance. If I could do this project again, I think I would have made the sweater a different color so I can see the wrinkles better. Sketching and exploring helped me figure out the spacing in my composition and helped me feel more prepared to start my final project.


I developed craft by doing my value scale and egg drawings. I was able to try Charcoal for the first time and get some experience with it. It helped me a lot in my final project when I had to decide which material to use. I knew that for lighter shades I should use vine charcoal and for darker shades, I could use the chalk charcoals.