The life of a Wealthy Man

Back in 1900 Lawrence Exeter met the love of his life.  He was strolling down the gloomy streets of Hollywood when he bumped in to a young lady. Irritated and frustrated, he heard her utter a sorry. His gaze followed her voice leading him to the most striking person he’s ever met. She had eyes as blue as the ocean and her cheeks fluttered under the trickles of snow. Her chocolate colored hair was whipped up away from her face by a gust of wind and her body began to shiver. That was when He knew that she was the one for him.

They had a beautiful wedding and in 1903 she was pregnant with their firstborn child. Lawrence protected her and the child with all of his power. They were so excited about the child that they went baby shopping early. Not knowing the gender of the baby, they decided to buy clothes for both genders.


September 2nd 1903, Lawrence Exeter Jr was introduced in to the world. He had dark chocolate curly hair just like his father and the brightest blue eyes like his mother. Three days later, his parents brought him home from the Hollywood hospital in to their loving house. They had already prepared a nursery for him filled up with plenty of toys.  For the entire first month, Lawrence Jr’s parents barely got any sleep because He would often wail like it was the end of the world. He was their precious gem.

As Lawrence grew older he started his first day of school at the Palisades School for Boys. That day his parents walked him all the way there and snapped a photo of him with his teacher. As Little Lawrence walked in to the classroom, his dad could feel his eyes tearing up. His little boy was going to start preschool! These five years had passed too fast. Unlike most kids, Lawrence Jr loved going to school. His boys school was extremely fun. Every day he had a smile on his face walking to the big yellow bus. He started wondering about vehicles, especially cars. He had the mountains and mountains of toy cars laying around in his room! He asked his parents if he could have a red Ferrari for his birthday but they burst in to laughter. Instead of a car, they got him his first bicycle. Lawrence grew up being spoiled by his parents. He followed his father’s footsteps and went to Stanford University.

When he was university he hired a maid to help clean his dorm once a week. She was had the lightest blonde hair with emerald green eyes. Just as he started falling in love with her, she left him. He was so depressed that he flew all the way to France, hoping that he would meet someone else. Every second of the day he missed her dearly. Not being able to cope with it any longer, he started buying drugs from Tony Spogoni, an old friend. As days went on, he went out partying more and increased his dose of drugs. On a Sunday afternoon, as he was walking down the street, he felt a rush to his head. His heart started beating faster and faster… until suddenly he fell backwards on to the stone hard ground.

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  1. Hi Cher!
    I really enjoyed reading your first paragraph how it begins with him meeting his love. Your title is also interesting and made me want to continue reading. Murder? What happens?
    If you had a chance to change the point of view, how would you do it? Yet still keeping the plot?
    Nice job!

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