Tv Show Plot

In the second episode of the first season of Hannah Montana, there are two dramatic questions. The first question is: will Oliver stop being obsessed with Hannah Montana (Miley)? And the second question is: will Jackson be able to exchange his car? In the episode, Oliver is obsessed with Hannah and he follows her around everywhere but he does not know that the singing sensational is actually his best friend Miley dressed in disguise. Miley tries multiple ways to stop Oliver from obsessing over Hannah but nothing works so in the resolution of the episode she had to tell Oliver that she was Hannah. At the same time, Jackson (Miley’s sister) bought a brand new car with his own money but then soon found out he bought a girl’s car. He tried to exchange the car but wasn’t able to so his father and the best friend converted the car into a cool boy’s car. Both of the protagonist’s goals were concrete because they were conscious of what they wanted. They also both faced many external obstacles until they reached their goal.