This is the excerpt of  “The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. I decided to write this in first person narration so you can get a sense of what the old man is feeling at the moment. I think by writing in first person narration, there is more suspense left in the air.


I lay there motionless. What was going to happen? Who was there? “You are probably just scaring yourself,” I thought to myself. It was probably just a mouse crossing the floor or a wind or a wind in the chimney. I tried going back into my dreams. I counted the number of lines on the ceiling, thought about happy times but nothing worked. I could feel the presence of evil spirits, hear angels calling my name, see something floating in the dead of night. I could sense death.

After an eternity of silence, I began slowly relaxing my muscles in my neck which were stiff as rocks. Slowly I started releasing the tenseness in my body limb by limb. As my head was about to hit softness, I heard it again. Click, click. I shot up faster than the speed of light. Suddenly I was blinded by a dazzling light. I stared at it with fear in my eyes. In that moment I knew the angels from heaven had been come to get me.