Bansky Documentary Reflection

My documentary is about an artist named an anonymous guy named Banksy who does street art. People love his art so much that they try to take it off walls and sell it. This documentary helped me realize that art doesn’t have to be super complicated or take up a lot of time. Banksy’s art takes him around ten minutes to do but yet it is so famous. In this contemporary art world, you can create art out of any media out there at any place. It doesn’t have to be just the old fashioned paintbrush and paint like before. An issue that was brought up in the documentary is the idea of street art. Is it a form of art or vandalism? Personally I think it is an amazing form of art and people should not go to jail for it. Also the art that is done on the streets belongs to the artist, no other people. Even though the art is not done on the artist’s own property, it doesn’t mean the art isn’t his. After watching this documentary, a huge takeaway that I will always remember is that art comes in all forms and it can be found all around you.