‘Converging Cultures-“Miles Apart but United”

Introducing the project:

For this project we were asked to create a digital piece of artworks that represents different cultures converging together. The main media used for this project were photos and Photoshop. Some challenges I faced throughout this process was that at first it was very hard to understand how to use Photoshop and apply what I imagine in my head on to my artwork.


My Message:

Through my two pieces of art I want to portray the western culture and the Asian culture. Growing up as an international kid it was always hard for me to answer when someone would ask me where I am from because I genuinely wouldn’t know the answer. To this day I still feel as if I don’t belong completely in any culture but a bit in every culture. My title of these two pieces is “Miles apart butUnited” because I want to that thesecountries and cultures are so far away yet they all unite together in me. In the first piece you see me holding an earth over a notebook(this notebook isn’t just any notebook, it is my journal) and this was meant to show that when I open my journal and write, I’m in my own world. Different things about my culture, for example holidays and traditions are written in my book which is why I thought it would be perfect to usein this artwork. I want to show that I am not in either the Western culture category or the Asian culture category but I have my own culture. For the first piece of artwork, myself, the notebook and the transparent background of my room were all taken by me. The two astronauts are there because I think astronomy represents the futureand in the future I will be moving to the United States. I thought I would add this to show what’s going to add to my culture in the coming years. I chose to put the galaxy in the background to show that the universe is very big and that everyone has a different culture Scale is used in the earth and notebook, transparency is used in the background with the galaxy and my room, levitation is used for the floating earth.

For my second piece, it is me opening my journal again but this time you see buildings. For these buildings, I combined all of them that have meaning to my culture. There are buildings from both my Western culture and also Asian culture. The building with a cool shape at the front left of the buildings especially has a lot of meaning to my culture. It is the science museum of Vancouver (where I was born) and I’ve spent countless afternoons in there. For the background I picked the sea because the ocean makes me feel very free and myself and for this artwork I’m showing everyone my culture.  For this artwork I have scale because of the size of the buildings, dislocation because none of the objects really belong together and transformation because my body is transforming in to the sea. For this piece, the picture of me is a primary source photo.

These two pieces are connected because for the first piece you see a more zoomed out image, it expressing that I want to show you my own culture, world, and then the second piece is more zoomed in and it shows what my culture. The second piece is just a zoom in of the first picture and of my culture. Kellansworld, this very famous Instagram Photoshop artist inspired me to create these pieces of artwork. The photo attached is of the photo that stirred up my ideas. I really love his style of creating art, I think it looks very modern. When I saw this picture of his, I really liked the idea of someone holding a floating city or a planet, but then I decided touse a book for mine because I wanted it to turn out like one of those sickout picture books. I also think a journal represents more of myculture because inside is everything about my life.


Creative Process

My final idea ended up being so different from what I envisioned at the beginning of this project. What happened was that I had a lot of ideas in my head and I either couldn’t express my idea on to Photoshop or the idea was too simple. I faced a lot of challenges because it was almost like I had too many ideas that I couldn’t think of one specific one. I struggled for a long time figuring out what I wanted to do until I stumbled upon Kellansworld’s Instagram page. I also face challenges because Photoshop is a very hard program to use, I have definitely improved and learnt a lot of new skills. Some tutorials I had to look at by myself were creating shadows. It also took me a long time to figure out how to make me more obvious and be out of the background (of the sea or galaxy). I had to do double exposure and then turn down the opacity of the mask. It seems really simple but took me a long time to figure out what I needed to do. Below is a copy of what my artwork looked like at first but I ended up scratching out idea.



Effort and Artistic Growth

Shadows and cloning were tools I used that wasn’t really taught in class. On the last class for some reason there was a long of my backgroundnext to the person deleted so I had to clone the seas. I think that I challenged myself because I am someone that walked in to this project not knowing how to use Photoshop at all. I like how my artworks turned out and I think that a lot of the little details are perfected and well done. I think I could have used my time in class better because I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to do so I wasted a lot of class just trying to find inspiration for my project. Overall I think I have mature as an artist because I have entered in to the digital art world and broadened the media sources that I know how to use. My skills grown so much since the beginning of the project

Develop Craft

In this project I developed a lot of craft. In addition to never using Photoshop before, I did a lot of practicing. I did 5 media testing and others to explore more of what I can do with photoshop. You may not be able to tell but double exposure was used in my first artwork (but just with the background and mask the same picture)  and I practiced doing this skill 2-3 times until I perfected how to do it.


For this project I really payed attention to little details and if you zoom in to my artworks, you can see that all the lines are perfected. Especially in my second piece it was really hard for me to combine tens of buildings and photos together. I think I did a good job of observing closely to see where the buildings should be placed and also making clean clear selections. For my first piece I also added stars in the background (some of the shining things are hand drawn) because I observed that the galaxy looked a bit empty

Stretch and Explore

I think in this project I did a lot of stretch and exploring because I didn’t know how to use Photoshop very well. Most of the time I didn’t really have a plan in mind, I had an idea of what I want my project to look like but I didn’t know how to make it so I just explored a lot of different medias. I kept going when I liked how the project turned out and took out anything that I didn’t like. As you can see in the picture, I had so many layers because I was just trying a lot of things and sometimes they didn’t turn out well but that was just part of the learning process.