Acrylic Painting Reflection

–What were the steps of this media testing? Explain each step.

For this media testing we were drawing on top of our colored picture so we started off by attaching our picture on to our canvas by applying matte medium. Then afterwards we just started painting on top of the picture with colors.

–What new things (concepts and/or skills) did you learn about how to properly use acrylic paint and care for the materials ?

I learnt that with acrylic painting you need to paint and mix the colors fast because the paint dries really easily.  To care for the materials you have to make sure that you always fasten the lid and also make sure that the paints don’t mix together in the mop

–What did you enjoy using acrylic paint as a media?

The texture looked very nice and lots of the colors easily popped up. It was easy to emphasize shadows and highlights.

–What was frustrating about acrylic painting?  How could you deal with this problem if you were to use acrylic paints in the future?

It was frustrating how hard it was to blend the colors together and also make shades look natural. If I were to use acrylic paints in the future, I would blend the colors out on the canvas so that it doesn’t look streaky.

–What questions do you have about using acrylic paint? Are there certain techniques you want to learn how to do?  Reference an artist who works in acrylic regarding the technique you want to learn if you can.

How do you make acrylic paints blend easily?