Oil painting reflection

What were the steps of this media testing (taking a photo, gridding, drawing, painting)? Explain each step.

for this media testing, we took a close up picture of our face and then gridded the picture along with our cardboard. Then we labeled each box on the canvas and picture to make sure that they matched so that we could draw accordingly. After we gridded we sketched out the features of our face on to the cardboard so that each corresponding box had the same things inside. I thought this was a really helpful way to help with proportions and placing in a picture. Then after that we started painting with oil paint on the grids, make sure that the picture and cardboard looked the same.

–What new things did you learn about how to properly use oil paint and care for the materials ?

I learnt that in oil paint you need to draw bravely because its alright if you make an mistake and the colors blend very easily. The brushes have to be cleaned very well after you use them so that there is no oil paint left over or else the brushes would be ruined.

–What did you enjoy about the quality of oil paints as a media and what it allows you to do with painting?

I like how you can colors very easily with oil paint and you don’t have to be scared of making mistakes because you can easily to cover it up. It allowed me to paint freely and also to create smooth strokes, create a gradient in colors.

–What was frustrating about oil painting?  How could you deal with this problem if you were to use oil paints in the future?

It was trusting to get that pop of color in oil painting, have certain parts to pop up. The shadows and highlights would always get mixed so that they became a neutral color but they wouldn’t be able to stay dark or light. If I were to use oil paint in the future I would add the highlights at the end and just not blend the shadows as much so that they stay dark.

–What questions do you have about using oil paint? Are there certain techniques you want to learn how to do?  Reference an artist who works in oil regarding the technique you want to learn if you can.

I want to learn how to smoothly blend colors together like Jen Mann’s paintings.

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