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5 Things

5 Books:

  1. Gathering Blue
  2. Lord of the flies
  3. Messenger
  4. Looking for Alaska
  5. Catch 22

5 Podcasts:

  1. The Lowe Post
  2. Bleacher Report
  3. Hang time
  4. The center ring
  5. Esports today

5 Documentaries

  1. The golden gate bridge suicides
  2. Secrets of body language
  3. The best ghost cases ever caught on camera
  4. The world’s most dangerous drug
  5. American’s brutal prisons

5 Memories

  1. Pingyao
  2. Xinlong
  3. Star Night
  4. Via Ferrata
  5. One Day

Things to do and things no to do in 8th grade

Things to do

  1. Do your homework
  2. Listen during class
  3. Prepare for tests
  4. Check Studywiz
  5. Be creative
  6. Have team work
  7. Be an independent thinker
  8. Be organized
  9. Be responsible
  10. Have fun and enjoy 8th grade!

Things not to do

  1. Don’t miss class
  2. Don’t be late
  3. Disrespect the teacher or your peers
  4. Be off task
  5. Waste time
  6. Be stressed
  7. Not finish your work
  8. Do your homework on the last minute
  9. Be forgetful
  10. Not have fun and not enjoy 8th grade ;-;

South Horizons

Our magazine is called North Horizon. In the magazine, it includes articles about 3 of the main minorities in China: Miao, Dai, and Naxi. There are also maps and infographics about the different cultures and arts of the different minorities. During the process, each person in our team decided on which minority that each of us is going to do, then we each traveled to the place to study geography, culture, and art that they have there. We did it by watching traditional shows or just simply by talking to the people there. We each met new friends on our visits and had a lot of fun. Although it was irritating to create the infographics and maps because of the imperfectly designed websites, and it was very time consuming, but I still enjoyed the process a lot. After creating the magazine, I feel like my writing also got better. I really liked this project because we got to try many new things that I had never done before and I would like students next year to also have this opportunity to do this fun project.

Persepolis 2 book cover


For the resolution of Persepolis 2: Story of the return, written by Marjane Satrapi, I made a book cover showing one of the main themes that were conveyed through the story. The story talks about an Iranian girl living during the 1984s. During the 1984s in Iran, there was a law that women must wear a veil when outside of their house. The reason behind this law is that it shows too much of the women’s body if the vein is not being worn. The main part the veil is trying to cover is the women’s hair. In the book, the main character Marjane doesn’t like the veil idea at all: “… you don’t hesitate to comment on us, but our brothers present here have all shapes and sizes of haircuts and clothes. Sometimes, they wear clothes so tight that we can see everything. Why is it that I as a woman, am expected to feel nothing when watching these men with their clothes sculpted on but they, as men, get excited by two inches less of my headscarf.”(143, Marjane) This is during a meeting in her school about the ladies revealing too much of their hair. Personally, I think the rule should never have existed, but if that rule has to be there, then they will need to change it so that it is to both men and women. Why should the rule only be applied to women? At that time, if you are caught by the police for not wearing a veil, then you will stay in jail waiting for your family members paying a fine in order for you to get out.


The book cover I had created is a picture of a person with half of the face wearing a veil and the other half exposed. With the captions on it: “Make the right choice”. Hope you enjoy it!

How characters have developed or changed over a period of time.

Dear Mr. Schroeder,


I think Marjane, the main character in the book Persepolis changed and developed a lot through the whole book. “We didn’t really like to wear the veil, especially since we didn’t understand why we had to.” (3) At the beginning of the book, Marjane was really naïve, she didn’t know why she had to wear the veil. She then turned more and more independent. Like the part where she also want to go to the demonstration but her parents don’t let her: “ Don’t worry! We are going anyways!” (38) She doesn’t really care about the consequences of things that she does. Later on in the book, she turned into a showoff: “They cut my dad’s leg off, but he still didn’t confess! … So they cut off an arm as well.” (54) Her friend’s father was a hero, but her father wasn’t a hero so she had to make up things, but then she found out that her uncle Anoosh was a “hero”. She thinks that heroes are people who had been in prison. “There are lots of heroes in my family. My grandpa was in prison, my uncle Anoosh too: For nine years!” He was even in the U.S.S.R. my great-uncle Fereydoon proclaimed a democratic state and he was…” She even brags more about her family members being heroes after knowing that her uncle is a hero.

Near at the end of the book she turned from not knowing what veils are why she had to wear it to having strong opinions on what she thinks about the revolution. I think the revolution made her a stronger person, if her life just went on with everything going smoothly, she wouldn’t be who she is today.

Thank you,

David J




The Iranian Revolution

I have this incredible idea for my narratives. By reading Persepolis and researching about the Iranian Revolution, I was shocked and astonished by what happens in a revolution.

Cyrus, a 13 years old boy, in a rural school in Tehran. His mom is an American and his dad is an Iranian, and both of his parents are Mossadegh’s supporters. Even though his mom Catarina doesn’t really care, his dad still made her a Mossadegh supporter. Cyrus himself has strong own opinions. He thinks that Mossadegh is a bad and unfair leader. He pretends to be a supporter of Mossadegh to make his family happy. Until when the Iranians invaded the American Embassy, his parents want him to go out and celebrate with them, then he couldn’t hold it anymore.

My character is a 13 years old boy called Cyrus whose mom is American and Dad is Iranian. His family is a strong supporter of Mossadegh but himself doesn’t really like him. I will need to write the acting side of him and his thoughts (what he really believes).

The Narratives itself should be engaging and interesting. Cyrus is an independent and strong character.

From 1953 to 1979, there were many changes and continuities in Iran. First the leader of Iran changed once, from 1953 to 1979 the leader of Iran was Mohammad Reza shah Pahlavi, but from 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini changed Iran into a religious government. Also, the government type changed. Before when the Shah was the leader, it was an autocracy. After when Khomeini took over, the government type changed to a religious government. Their view about America also changed. Before, the Shah was great friends with the American presidents. Afterwards when Khomeini came in power, the Iranians held hostage of the American embassy which caused a lot on chaos both in Iran and in America. A continuity was that the Iranian people’s hatred towards foreigners.

Iranian Revolution in Plain English (Common Craft)


For our Common Craft video, we chose 5 turning points in total: 1905, 1925, 1953, 1963 and 1979. For our first turning point 1905, we talked about how the Shah creating the Majlis, and British and Russia invaded Iran and divided it up into their own parts. For our second turning point 1925, we talked about Reza Khan becoming the Shah and he wants to modernize Iran. For our third turning point 1953, we talked about Dr. Mossedegh kicking the British oil company out and America sends a CIA agent to make Dr. Mossedegh go to jail. For our fourth turning point, we talked about Reza Shah wanting to westernize the country so it caused protests, then Ayatollah Khomeini came in. For our fifth and last turning point, we talked about the Iranians hostage members of the American Embassy. The process of making the video started first from writing each turning points then we peer edit each other work. After we were done with that, we started to find appropriate images that would match up well with the text. After that, we recorded the voice part of the video. Then at the end, we recorded the video. I think I did all of the work I needed to do and sometimes doing extra work to help others out.


Animal Farm rising action

Create a Written blog post on the Rising Action of Animal Farm (Due Tuesday)

Through the rising action of the book Animal Farm, it first started with Snowball giving a speech about a plan to build this object called a windmill where it can generate electricity for the farm. “Electricity, he said, could operate threshing machines, plows, harrows, rollers, and reapers and binders, besides supplying every stall with its own electric light, hot and cold water, and an electric heater. ”(Snowball, 65) Right after he finished the speech, Napolean made a high pitch whimper, then nine enormous dogs came bounding into the barn. The dogs eventually chased him off the farm. The other animals on the farm were terrified by that, because before they were very loyal to him and that he was a hero to them at the Battle of the Cowshed. However Napolean told them that all of that was planned, he was on Jones’s side the whole time. They had to rebuild the windmill twice because the first time “Snowball came at night and knocked it over”. The second time, humans invaded and blew the windmill up. However, Napolean didn’t give up because obviously, he didn’t have to do any of the real work. Later on, when Boxer couldn’t work anymore, he was sold to be slaughtered for money so that the pigs can buy more alcohol. The bigs lied to the animals and said that he was sent to a hospital, they just didn’t have time to repaint the car yet.



Narrative Lead

The late September wind is like a knife cutting through my face. As we lined up in the courtyard waiting for our commander to give us our badges. ” Sir, I am very honored to receive this badge from you.” as my commander finally reached me and gave me the golden badge. The badge shines under the bright morning sun. As I recall my memories from one month ago sitting on the edge of my bed.
The wind slipping through the cracks of the roof and from all sides of our house. I feel like this is the coldest winter in the Russia history, mainly because of the famine, we are not getting much food these days. My parents are old so they cannot work on the farms anymore, our only income is from me going to factories. The job at the factories at hard jobs, we had to work for 9 hours per day and earn 2000 Rubles every day, they don’t even raise the income for winters.

Dude Decent-One day trick shot video

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