Theatre Production and Design

About my piece:


I was creating a nightmare world, even though it had a good ending. I was somewhat successful, I did do most of the darkness. I learned that a top is not necessary for dark rooms. I would splatter red paint as blood, and make shapes as guts, make dead people and skeletons over the place.


Other design

I saw a spiky ball, with blood that splatters all over it, I thought it was cool, it might be because I watched too much scary anime and movies. The blood, the blood was just calm and also sort of soothing feeling, makes me feel good for some reason. It was very successful, nothing much to be said. Expand the island.

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Ignite Week Express It East and West Calligraphy

In this East and West Calligraphy, I was a normal kid with no knowledge of calligraphy and what it is. I have been listening very carefully in class and was trying out all sorts of font designs. There were a lot of errors and remakes for the first few times. Then, I got to one font that I am sure that I will improve. I used my learnt knowledge to improve my font little by little. Until I got this good font done. And now, my font is practical and feasible.

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ONEday Mini air purifier

In this One Day, I am made a air purifier from scratch. materials are a 3d printer, the fan, plastic and glue.

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WENYU RIVER Feature Article

Students from International School of Beijing went with the Niu Lan Shan students to a river called the Wenyu and were greeted by the smell of the mixture of pollutants and the black dots named as fecal coliform particles. The Wenyu River was once a very beautiful lake, then humans that don’t care about the river went and dumped pollutants into the river. There are some black pollutants on the river that look like fecal coliform, a kind of bacteria from feces. The Wenyu River is one of the major waterways in China. There are people living beside the river and people selling on the bridge that crosses over the river.

Students in ISB have visited the Wenyu River in Beijing Shunyi to collect water samples. They have made water collection device from bamboo sticks, tape, strings and a glass bottle. They collaborate with the Niu Lang Shang students to make the water collection device. After the collection, they moved onto the next step.

Students beside the river made a lot of observations including: “This is so stinky,” or even

“What are the black dots in the river?”

When they collected the trash beside the river, they found lots of things. For instance, there were tons of plastic, some paper, a lot of laminated paper and some weird things, like car seat cushions, car mats, whisky and vodka glass bottles, sytrofoam and organic waste, like feces.

After the clean up, students found out that plastic waste causes more than 50% of the waste to rivers combined, and that paper materials came in second. The water samples confirmed the fears of pollution as it showed a high ph, with high turbidity and other pollutants.

Students collected samples to see how bad or how good is beijing’s water. After the test, the students at Isb said “looks like beijing is very bad in water” after the test and “what a nasty place to live in.”

The pollution of the water and the water sample testing in the river shows how bad is the water and how polluted is the water, with the ISB and NLS students making the water collection device and the sight seeing and quotes of the wenyu river, and this is how they did their work finished their work in a orderly way with lots of instructions followed carefully and in order to do the good work the teachers wanted to see in their solution of the river.

温榆河.” 温榆河位于北京市东北部。自沙河水库至通州区北关拦河闸,是大运河的上游。发源于北京市昌平区军都山麓。. 360百科, Summer 2015. Web. 23 May 2016. <>.

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Reading Response 3

I picked the word collage because these words fit into the book Scary Nights. And the book tells different scary tales about vampires, black holes and fantasy things. When A boy fell into a hole and tried to get out, when he went out. He brought out a very scary black monster that made his whole family scream. Or maybe another boy and a women tried to save a friend but the friend was turned into a vampire.wordle

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Independent reading bingo #2

I choose to make a playlist for the book (I Even Funnier)

1. I chose Arrested (Development Developers(DJ Fawad Remix)) As when Jamie Grimm went up the stage and made the funny jokes. because the songs goes funny at the middle of the song, the same as the book in the middle.

I picked the Song(Stupid Hoe) As when O’Neil, the most boring joker in the school trying to make something funny. Because the song gets very boring at all time. Bad Lyrics, Crappy Background music, dumb and boring.

3. I picked the Song(Champions) As When Jamie Won the Joke Contest At Long Beach. And All the teachers Congratulated him as the Champion and A Comic Superhero Author Telling him that he is the winner. He Is The Champions

4. I picked the Song(Some Beach-Blake Shelton) As When Jamie’s Aunt’s Family, the Smileys, Helped take over Jamie’s Grandpa’s Fast Food Restaurant. The dog thought about a Really Funny Joke,
Feed Me A Burger!
Feed Me A Fry
And When The Health Inspector Comes!

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how private peaceful should hav ended

Charlie is tied to the post, the padre says a prayer makes the sign of the cross on his forehead and moves away. It is cold now but Charlie does not shiver. The officer, his revolver drawn, is looking at his watch. They try to put a hood over charlies head, but he will not have it. He looks up to the sky and sends his last living thoughts back home.
“Present!, Ready! Aim!”
He closes his eyes and as he waits he sings softly. Then the raiders came into camp destroying everything in its path, when they saw that someone was trying to kill their own side, they killed the officer and all the other officers and commanders. Then they run away leaving a mess and with charlie and Thomas peaceful and other survivors behind.

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Birthday Data










Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.24.17 PM






I learned that there are a lot of birthday days of people in 7th grade. There are 152 birthdays in total. There are 2 birthdays in December in 2003, 1 in November, 4 in October, 13 in September, 12 in August, 12 in July, 11 in June, 9 in May, 15 in April, 12 in March, 6 in February and 12 in January. That is 109 students, the rest of the students are born in 2002. In 2002, 7 students born in December, 11 in November, 7 in October, 8 in September, 1 in August, 3 in July, 1 in June, 2 in May and 1 in February.  The similarities compared between 7th grade students born in 2003 and 7th grade students born in 2002 is that they are all students. The differences are that they were born in different times, they are born in different country/cities and they have different cultures. For me compared to the students in 2003, I am actually born pretty early compared to the 109 students(not including me) born in 2003. I am born in January 24 2003, and 8 students are born earlier than me. rest of the students are born later than me. from comparing the 2003 students to the 2002 students. I learned that there are more students born in 2003 than students born in 2002. I was born in January 2003, so I am in a big group.

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Starfish Turning Into Goo

Starfish Turning Into Goo

Millions of starfish are dying along all west coast!The outbreak was first noticed in the state by rangers in Olympic National Park in June 2013. 20 species of starfish, and start dying. The USA is trying to investigate and figure our why. The stars first get wounds, then curl up, lose their legs and turn into goo. It may be a disease. Research  money in needed really quickly to figure out what happened to the sea stars. Sea star deaths had been reported in many states, including Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Louisiana and Florida.

I think that they really need to get money to investigate why the starfish population starts to decrease. What new disease will they find and what will they do to stop this from going on. They also need to find what is in the water that makes the starfish turning into goo. because starfish is very important for the sea. They need to make the bill which costs a lot of money. But it is worth it to investigate why the starfish are turning into goo and cure the starfish from turning into goo

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On The Verge Of War?

I feel bad about what is happening in minecraft because bandito was destroying  people’s houses and Leafe is setting people’s houses on fire. I think stadham should to put the bandit family in blacklist so they will be force diconnected everytime they get on, and leafe needs to rebuild the houses he destroyed. I will want to built the walls to stop bandito from going to attack us.

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