Short story


Benvolio stood in front of the grave of his good friend Mercutio and Tybalt from the household of the Capulets. “I’m sorry Mercutio, none of this would have happened if I had stopped you and Tybalt from fighting,” Benvolio whispers to his dead friend. Just then he hears a voice coming from behind him.

“Your right, none of this would have happened if you had stopped the fight,” said a familiar voice.  Mercutio turns around and sees a dark shadowy figure emerge from the forest.

“Who’s there!” cried out Benvolio.

“You know me,” says the dark figure, “We’re alike you and I, we both try to create peace and yet people still die, especially the ones we care for.”

“You’re not a Capulet are you?” Benvolio questioned, “I’m sorry for Tybalt, I know what it’s like to lose someone you care for.”

“I’m not here for Tybalt, I’m here for my good friend Mercutio,” said the shadowy figure. As the dark figure advanced forward, the cloudy daylight revealed the figure’s identity as Prince Escalus. As he slowly advanced toward Benvolio with tears in his eyes. His eyes pierced Benvolio’s body with rage, just like a tiger before it pounces on its prey. He grabbed the handle of his sword preparing to attack. Benvolio grabbed his sword but he did not draw it. The cold steel bit into his hands. Not again I won’t let this happen again! Benvolio thought to himself. “It’s all your fault, if you had the guts to stop the fight then Mercutio nor Tybalt would have died!” Prince Escalus yelled with contempt.

“I’m sorry, I know I need to be stronger and hold my ground but, I can’t, I just can’t,” said Benvolio, “I know it is my fault but revenge won’t solve anything!” yelled Benvolio. Prince Escalus continued forth. The sound of him drawing his sword was like the hiss of a snake ready to attack.

“You know what it’s like to attempt at something but never succeed!” snarled Prince Escalus, “this has gone on long enough and now one of my family members are dead thanks to you.” Benvolio stood in shock to see the rage induced side of the prince.  I never imagined the prince would be like this. Thought Benvolio, As the prince advanced even closer with his rapier.

Every time I say something it’s like I’m adding wood to an uncontrollable fire instead of putting it out.

“This ends now!” declared Benvolio, “No one’s dying today, I need to stop this feud between the Montague’s and Capulet’s, so Romeo’s love can live on.” With one slash from Prince Escalus’ sword blood had been drawn, however, this did not stop Benvolio’s determination. The next exchange of swings Benvolio put all his might into his last swing shattering the Prince’s sword and knocking him to the ground.  Each piece of steel hitting the ground was like on more live saved. Benvolio held his sword to the Prince’s neck “I’m not like you, I don’t seek revenge,” Benvolio explained.

“How do you find it in yourself to forgive others and move on?” wondered the prince

“Just know revenge is never worth it” Benvolio Concluded.





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5 Archetypal Elements in “The Fault In our Stars”


1.The Mentor Figure

Just like in all fictional story there is a main character that seeks guidance from another character, in this case Augustus is the mentor helping Hazel persevere through hard times. Not only was Augustus her mentor but they were in a relationship together. An example of Augustus Waters portraying his love for hazel and guiding her through her tough moments is when John Green writes ” I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable…. but I love you”(Green 153).



2.Hero’s Journey

Just like all other stories where the main character goes through a series of events and comes out more knowledgeable or stronger out of each one. In this case Hazel and Augustus go on a few dates and through those experiences Hazel learns from Augustus to life to the fullest. There were continuous breakdowns Hazel had and after each one she comes back stronger, Hazel always said “I’m a grenade” (Green).


3.The loyal sidekick

In the story ” Fault in our Stars” John Green uses portrays Isaac as the “loyal sidekick”. Even though he was going through hardships he was always there for Augustus and Hazel. For example, While Augustus was resting on the couch after he came back from Amsterdam, Isaac came to visit him even though he was in the condition he was in.  Isaac especially helps Hazel after the death of Augustus.



In every story there are obstacles that the main character goes through. In this case after Augustus had spent his wish on Hazel to meet Peter Van Houton. They went to fulfil the wish that Hazel had to find out what happens in the end of Imperial affliction. It turns out that Peter Van Houton was a bad person, he treated Hazel and Augustus poorly and continuously yelled at them. It resulted in the leaving the house with no full answer.


5.The Resolve

In every story there is a resolve in the end. After the funeral of Augustus, Hazel met Peter Van Houton sober. Peter Van Houton was sorry for his actions and wanted to tell Hazel what she wanted to know. But while grieving upon Augustus’ death she did not want to find out the answer. Later Hazel finds out from Isaac hat Augustus had plans to write Imperial Affliction part 2. This gave Hazel a settling answer.



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To Kill a Mockingbird

In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee explores the theme of racial inequalities through the trial of Tom that Atticus has to defend. Atticus has two children, Scout and Jem. He has raised them to avoid racism and do what is right. Throughout the story Atticus is often taunted and called a “N*gger-Lover”. For example, Lee writes “Nigger-Lover is just one of those terms that don’t mean anything—like snot-nose. It’s hard to explain—ignorant, trashy people use it when they think somebody’s favoring Negroes over and above themselves”(28). This is the way Atticus explained to his children what a “N*gger-Lover” meant, he explains how people who put themselves above African Americans.  In modern day society there is always unintentional racism, Harper Lee demonstrates this through what scout says ““Do you defend n*ggers, Atticus?”(20). This reinforces the theme since this ties in with racial inequalities, however just because Scout said this doe snot mean she is racially discriminating people. when the trials come Tom provides solid evidence why Tom was not the culprit and the odds was in his favor. Tom is supposedly free, however in the end after the judges had time to discuss over the situation they had decided find Tom guilty even though the odds were in his favor. This furthermore the theme of racial inequality that happens in todays society.

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Family Guy

On Family Guy episode 114, the Griffin family goes on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Along the way, they realize that they forgot their youngest son Stewie. The whole family was worried about Stewie, thinking he would be so afraid that, he was as calm as can be. The big dramatic question of this episode asking if the Griffins would ever return to Stewie. When trying to return to Stewie the Griffin family encountered some problems due to the lack of intelligence of Peter. For example: after Peter had crashed the car and spent all their remaining money on shower curtain hooks l Lois had had enough and snapped. This resulted in a character Vs. character conflict. In end, Brian found a ride back to Quahog on the back of a truck. This was slightly anticlimactic. In the end, the Griffin Family was reunited with Stewie.


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Dying with Dignity


Money! Money is something we use in our everyday live’s. This is the story of a rich businessman named Lawrence Exeter who has a child named Lawrence Exeter Junior. Lawrence Junior starts out as a kid who was spoiled by their parents. They end up sending him to a military academy due to the fact that he was miss behaving. Lawrence Junior ends up graduating high school and getting into Stanford. As a little graduation gift, His parents decided to get him a new Cadillac. He later got into a fatal car crash. After he graduated from Stanford he became a professor and marries a girl named Flossie. Flossie’s younger brother ends up revealing to Lawrence Junior that he killed their younger sister in the car crash. Knowing this Lawrence Junior ends up divorcing Flossie and cutting all ties with that family. Spoiler Alert: Tony ends up threatening Lawrence Junior. He asking for money or else he will come and kill Lawrence. This goes on a few times until finally Lawrence Junior has enough and strictly refused to give Tony money, and he pays the price.


September 2nd, 1903. Mr. and Mrs. Exeter were in the Hollywood Hospital; it was the birthday of a newborn child. “To think I would have a child with him,” thought Mrs. Exeter “He looks just like his father.” At the exact same moment, they both thought of the perfect name for their son, “Lawrence Exeter Junior, what a wonderful name,” they both thought to themselves.  As Lawrence Junior was growing up his parents tend to spoil him and take him to expensive toyshops and buy him almost anything he wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Exeter wanted the best for their son so they had sent him to one of the best and most expensive schools for boys. Lawrence Junior was not one of the best behaving kids and caused a lot of trouble. His parents decided to send him to a very pricey military academy in hopes that it will straighten Lawrence Junior out. As Lawrence Junior got older he realized that causing trouble is not going to get himself anywhere and he started to study hard. Upon finishing Military Academy, he was able to graduate and get into Stanford University. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence were extremely proud of their son. “Maybe we could spoil our son just one more time?” Mrs. Lawrence wondered.


“Maybe just one more time,” Mr. Lawrence said while grinning. Mr. Lawrence already had a good present in mind.


On the day Lawrence Junior had graduated from High school his parents had gifted him a brand new Cadillac. Lawrence was filled with excitement when he saw the new Cadillac and could not wait to drive it. A few days later Lawrence had gotten in a dreadful car crash and there was only one fatality. Luckily the car crash was not caused by Lawrence Junior. Although his car was severely damaged his parents offered to pay for the repair service. After that Junior was off to Stanford University. After junior left to Stanford University, Mr. and Mrs. Exeter went on a romantic vacation to around the world. While they were gone Lawrence Junior was just adjusting to life at Stanford University.


One day while Lawrence Junior was walking to class he had met a girl named Flossie Wentworth, he had asked her out on a date the next night. On the first date Lawrence wanted to impress Flossie, so he went to one of the most well-known florists who offer the prettiest bouquets. He was browsing through the bouquet sections and found the most colorful bouquet he could find. Lawrence Junior did even give the price a thought, he quickly pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check for 183 dollars on December 1st, 1926. As Lawrence arrives at the dinner reservation he thinks to himself “this better be worth it”. As time passed and more time spent with Flossie, Lawrence proposed to Flossie and she said yes. As time passed they got a house together and Lawrence had become a professor at Stanford and Flossie became a salesperson for one of the largest companies that provide dental hygiene products.


After a long day of work, both Lawrence Junior and Flossie were at their house relaxing until they heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” said Lawrence Junior. As he made his way to the door he felt a chill go down his spine, he opened the door and saw a man. He seemed a few years younger than himself, the man seemed very familiar but he had never met him. “Can I help you?” said Lawrence Junior.


“yes, I am looking for Lawrence Junior,” said the man with a suspicious tone.


Just then Flossie came to the door to check on Lawrence Junior, at that moment Flossie and the man stared at each other for a few seconds. “Tony, what are you doing here?” said Flossie with excitement.


“I’m looking for a man named Lawrence Junior,” said Tony with a serious tone.


“I’m Lawrence Junior! What’s going on” interrupted Lawrence Junior


“Honey, that’s my younger brother Bill,” said Flossie. “Come in Bill, I’ll make us some coffee.”


Bill and Lawrence Junior went to the living room as Flossie went to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. As the men sat down Bill was extremely agitated.


“Do you remember the car accident you were in 1991?” questioned Tony.


“Yes of course I do, it was one of the scariest moments of my life,” said Lawrence Junior


“Do you remember who you killed in the car crash you caused,” said Tony.


“Oh my, I did not cause the car crash, I was rear ended by somebody, which caused me to fish tail all over the place,” said Lawrence Junior. “Only one person died in that incident right?”

“That one person, was my younger sister!” said Tony angrily “I will get my revenge you will see!” As Tony angrily stomps out of the house.


Just then Flossie enters the room and says “Where is Tony?”


“He left,” said Lawrence Junior in shock.


The next day, without giving any reason to Flossie Lawrence Junior filed for Divorce. After the appearance her appearance in court he never saw Flossie again. Lawrence wanted nothing to do with that family anymore, whether the car crash was really his fault or not. Lawrence Junior had moved out of the house he shared with Flossie. He had been getting first two letter Tony asked for 126 dollars, and that’s what Lawrence Junior gave him, a check for 126 dollars.  The third and fourth time Tony asked for money he asked for 100 dollars, and that’s what Lawrence Junior did, write him a check for 100 dollars. The fifth time he received the letter he saw the letter and thought to himself “This has gone on long enough, I’d rather keep my dignity, or die with it”. Lawrence Junior took the letter crumpled it up and through it on the ground. The next week Tony showed with two larger guys at Lawrence Junior’s house, just as Lawrence Junior was talking to his father. They barged in the house and brutally beat Lawrence Junior asking him where the money was.

It felt like they beat Lawrence Junior for hours and hours. After they beat the life out of him they left the house leaving no evidence. Lawrence Junior was all alone, no one was there for him, he lied on the floor lifelessly waiting for the end to come. A few hours later Mr. Lawrence got to his son and quickly rushed him to the Hollywood Hospital where Dr. McCoy was. Dr. McCoy did everything in his powers to keep Lawrence Junior Alive but his injuries were far too severe.


July 15, 1931. Lawrence Junior passed away. His parents mourned of the death of their child. The next day they buried him in the Hollywood Mortuary. It started out with One Lawrence Exeter, then two and now there is one.






















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The Tell Tale heart

I chose to re-write ” A Tell-Tale Heart” in the third person omniscient. In my opinion, third-person omniscient will enable you to get into the shoes of the characters and really know what they are feeling in the situation. Also by doing this, you can get to know the characterization better and how each character changes throughout the story through their thought process.



The man had his head in, and was about to open the lantern, just then his thumb slipped on the tin fastening, and the old man sprang up in the bed crying out- “who’s there?” The fragile old man was drowning in fear, while the other man kept quite waiting for his prey lower his guard. They waited for a whole hour and in the whole time the old man has not lied down. He sat on his bed listening while trying to fill his head with comforting thoughts. Yet, he stood there listening; — just as the man has done, hearkening to the death watches in the wall. Suddenly the old man had let out a slight groan. The man new that groan it was the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul overcharged with awe. The man knew the sound well. Many a night just at midnight, when all the world slept, it has welled up from my own up from my own bosom, deepening, with its dreadful echo, the terrors that had been lying awake ever since the first slight noise. Second after second the man’s lust for blood grew like his insanity. The old man had been awake ever since the first noise. He had kept trying to comfort himself with warm thoughts, but death was slowly creeping up behind him after 7 days of stalking.

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A Part Time Indian (found poem)

A Fresh start

Old school

poor books

weird teacher

old textbooks


black eye every month

I hit the ground hard

pain, pure pain



New school

New books

New teacher

New faces


Roger and his friends

I hated them

I punched roger

Respect, I felt respected





What is a “Fresh start”? In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie characterizes Junior  as someone who prioritizes knowledge and wants change. There are many ways to interpret a fresh start. One way to interpret it is you leave everything from the past and start with new things. Another way of interpreting this is you live in an area that does not suit the way your life style is and some bad stuff happened there and you need to get away and start a new life. In this poem a fresh start means going to a new where nobody knows about your past. In the poem it starts out as a boy in his old school where he was not provided the necessary resources to become educated:”Old school- poor books- weird teacher- old textbooks”. This has been also reinforced through the conversation of Mr.P and Junior,”‘You are a good kid,You Deserve the world”‘ (Alexie 41) and “‘You have to leave the reservation”‘ (Alexie 42). Mr. P was saying that Junior was smart enough and the reservation was not the right learning environment for Junior to get the right reservation. Ever since junior was young he has been severely bullied as Alexie writes, “Do you know what happened to retards on the reds? They get beat up”(4). Junior was born with  differences and that has been the reason he was bullied by the other kids, this could have also influenced this. Although moving may help with a fresh start you will also have to adjust because every where is different and they all have different rules:”In fact they followed a mysterious set of rules where people apparently did not get into fist fights”(Alexi 65).


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The Characterization of The Book: My Brother Sam is Dead

Dear Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Sostak,


I have been reading the book the My Brother Sam is Dead. This book is about a British family living in America. They had two sons, one of their sons (Sam) worked for the American Army. Throughout this book there is a lot of problems that occur. This book shows a lot of characterization; through their dialogue you can learn what kind of person the characters are.

“’Going to get yourself killed, son?’ ’I am going to save brother’” (Collier, 201). Throughout this book Tim has been known to be weak and very dependent, but after his father had gone missing Tim has matured and became “the man of the house.” He has been working harder and has been taking matters into his own hand. At that point of the story Tim’s brother Sam had been framed and was put and prison to be executed. Tim new there has been a mistake and he needed to get Sam out of there. So, he took matters into his own hands and went to attempt to save his brother.

“’Tim, Butcher the cattle. Let the meat freeze and hide it in the loft under the hay until you need it’” This was when Sam snuck out of the base to go see Tim and his mother. The choice Sam made by risking his spot in the military just to see his family really showed how Sam has matured after his father died. Also at the start of the story Sam stole family musket which caused the family a lot of problems, after that event you would not think that Sam would really come back and help the family but he ends up coming back to help his family. This choice ends up causing him to get framed and executed. I think that James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier did a really good job using the character’s action and choices help identify who the characters really are.










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Common Craft (American Revolution)


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Catapult One Day 2017

fullsizerender-2 onedayprocessjournal2017 project was to build a catapult, while building this catapult I learned a lot about the type of wood you build with, the angles you cut at etc… When I was building my catapult I had a lot success such as the firing mechanism and honestly, completing the catapult. I thought the wood I had brought was not going to be strong enough. There were a lot of challenges while building this catapult like, a lot of the times the wood was too thin or not strong enough so we had to come up with a solution and also the holes we were supposed to thread the rope through was to small so we ended splitting the rope which still made it pretty hard given the rope kept fraying. I would love to continue doing similar stuff I did today and build a lot of other cool stuff.

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