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Band Improvement process

For the band, I will need to increase my playing range by half an octave. In order to do this, I will need to increase my air control and endurance. For air control, I will do lip slurs and also practice by holding a piece of paper by blowing on it. For endurance, play whole notes and the blowing the paper drill will also help.

First 3 Weeks of Class Reflection

For the first three weeks when I first walked in I realized it was going to be quite like last year. Getting new music, setting up our instruments to start playing. I was pretty prepared, getting the normal things like instrument, pencil, music and folder. I returned to my previous position of bass trombone which at times is still a challenged, especially not touching my trombone for a long time. Another side affect of not touching my trombone for a long time, is that the slide and my trigger get all stiff and I have to clean and oil everything. This year I also wanted to try something new, I was first inspired when Richard tried to learn how to play french horn at the start of the year, I then tried playing and I realized what if I started playing trumpet. This is when I got the idea to try to learn how to play trumpet.

The Voyager

When I completed the project we had our ups and downs. I was most proud of the organization that our final product had. At the start my group was arguing. But I thought our group work can be improved a lot because almost every class one of our group members is arguing with another member, this waste a lot of time. I learned that sometimes it can be hard to work in a group if no one agrees with you. This becomes a very big problem but we always resolve the arguments and we always agree on something. An example of when this was happening was when we were arguing about the format we were going to use for our magazine. Our ups and downs may have or may not have helped us but the important thing is that we pulled through and finished the project.

Conflicts are Everywhere, Today You Had Some Type of Conflict

*Spoiler Alert*


In the book the Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, there are so many conflicts it would take an hour to name them all. The main conflict is that a man named Jacques Saunière was killed in an art museum but before he died he left a series of puzzles for his granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, and a professor of religious Symbology, Robert Langdon. Sophie and Robert must go around Europe to solve one of the most well kept secrets known to man, the location of the Holy Grail. But the conflict I’m talking about is not this but is actually one of the puzzles they solve to resolve the main conflict. Even though it’s only a side most conflicts are very important and there is probably a reason why the author put it there, even if the conflict isn’t resolved. I will explain what the conflict is and how it happened and how it got resolved.


The conflict that I will be talking about is the mystery laser cut key that Sophie and Langdon found in the previous puzzle. The key was found behind one of Da Vinci’s paintings, Madonna of the Rocks. They had to figure out what the key was for. The key was golden and it had the initials of a secret organization that protected the holy grail, Priory of Sion. The believed the key would take a big part in solving the puzzle. Langdon later found out that Sounière had used watermark to write 24 Rue Haxo, the address of the place where they are supposed to use the key, this is how it was shown in the book “Sophie stared in amazement at the purple writing on the back of the key. 24 Rue Haxo.” (Brown 166, 167)


Once they got to the address they realized it was a Swedish bank vault key. They had found out what the key was for but they still didn’t know what was inside the vault. Once they got in the bank and tried accessing the vault realized they were in big trouble because they also needed a 10 number password. Langdon again solved the problem by remembering a previously seen number written in the crime scene of Saunière: “Langdon produced the printout of the crime scene photo and spread it out on the coffee table. Sophie need only to read the first line to know Langdon was correct. 13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5. O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! P.S. Find Robert Langdon.” (202) They decided that the numbers were to random so they changed it into the Fibonacci sequence, 1123581321. By entering the password and inserting the key they had access to Saunière’s vault it had the keystone, the key and the map for the holy grail.


The resolution of this conflict and many others will end up with the resolution of the main conflict, finding the holy grail. Some books might go from conflict to conflict, but this particular book has 3 conflicts happening at the same time. But in the end most of the time they are resolved.


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They Both Tell the Same Thing, But They Tell it in Their Own Way

Throughout our unit in the French revolution, I have found some similarities and differences between a non-fictional source, Peter Mantin’s the French Revolution, and a fictional source, Patricia Elliott’s the Pale Assassin. The word choice of these two texts is very casual, the authors use language you would use every day. Both their purposes were quite similar, it was to inform the reader that this event happened. They may be talking about the same thing but the authors have their own way of telling the reader how it happened. But there is obviously more detail in the French Revolution than the Pale Assassin because the Pale Assassin also has a story to talk about.

From King to Dictator; Darkness Before Dawn

Read through the short story of a soldier where he goes through ups and downs. When he started, he had a perfect life, lots of money, a house. He spends his days protecting protecting the king. Arno Dorian is a soldier that grew up with adoptive parents. Throughout the revolution he will face lots of obstacles, that could put him 6 feet under.

This revolution has brought lots of changes but some of the important components just never change. King Louis XVI was a dictator and guess what napoleon was, that’s right a dictator. Napoleon wasn’t actually very different from king louis because he offered ‘king-like’ stability and he couldn’t be removed from power, just like king Louis XVI. And the whole point of this revolution was famine and financial issues. The people in France are still poor and have no money. But there were still a few little things that didn’t change like people still being religious. During when the king was still around the government system was an absolute monarch but when napoleon came around it became less of an absolute monarch, because now everyone including the poorest of the poor was allowed to vote. It was also kind of distributed by two national assemblies but delegates were chosen from Napoleon.

You Are Fighting in a Revolution and All You Care About is Bread?

The French revolution is very important because it brought a lot of new things to France and if it didn’t happen France would still be a monarchy.

Before the revolution majority of the people were poor and the king was allowed to do anything he wanted. The king and the rich people in France were stealing all the money from the poor so they became even more poorer. This eventually made France’s people become angry because when France became bankrupt, because of the american revolution, the king and the rich people of France demanded more money which enraged the poor and started the French Revolution. Once The Revolution Started there were 2 sides, the rich people of France (1st and 2nd estates) who were against the poor people of France (3rd estate).


One Day Project 2017


I learned how to create a water piano, in the process of doing this I learned how to program, play a new instrument. It was quite successful and we played multiple songs such as Santa is coming to town. When we played the songs it was hard to coordinate with each other. Now that we have the video people will know who to make the water piano and what it does. If I did this again I would play more complicated songs and get very good at it and maybe even, make a video of how to play a song on the water piano.

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What’s Inside Your Box of Chocolates


Life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re gonna get. The quote that is from Forrest Gump most people think that it comes from the book and the movie but it only comes from the movie. This is only one of many differences of the movie and the book. But obviously still similarities. Forrest Gump’s book and movie has similarities and differences and here are some of them.


At the start of the book Forrest goes to college and plays football with them, “we won the national college football championship an went to the orange bowl.” (Groom 41) this is just like in the movie because in the movie he is also in a football team. I think the director did was correct to add this because Forrest’s whole back story his based on football, he also met lots of new friends through football even if some of the characters were only in the book. In the movie Forrest creates a business based on selling shrimp, even if how they started it up is a bit different. This is a very important event in Forrest Gump and the director did a great job by including it. This was Forrest’s goal for half the book and it would be a great mistake and some people would have gotten pretty angry. But there are a few events and details that have been changed.

A movie can change the events of a book but their choices have to be smart. When Forrest gets thrown in jail and is now forced to work with NASA they show that they have plans for him, “‘Gump’ [the NASA people] say ‘we wants to use you on a flight to outer space.’” They took this whole part out of the movie, I’m not sure why but I believe it is because they had limits to their budget, and how long the story was. By removing this one story of Forrest Gump going into space removed a lot of extra stories and detail such as having a pet orangutan and going to a Forest, which then leads to him not playing competitive chess and so on. I thought it was ok for the director of the movie to get rid of this part of the story because when someone says Forrest Gump most people think ‘oh the idiot who made a shrimp company’ people don’t think of him as the idiot who went to space. Another example of a different event that happened in Forrest Gump the movie and the book is when in the movie Forrest starts running for no reason. I thought this was a great way to show Forrest’s personality. This scene shows that he is determined to do anything even if he is doing to for no reason. This also shows Forrest is a great runner, and a bit of his idiot side. The director really put some thought into this scene because this enforces the theme of the story, even if you are born different, or worse than others, you can still do great things. The scene shows Forrest’s idiot side when an interviewer asks him ‘why are you doing this’ and Gump just says ‘I don’t know’. At the end of the scene he just randomly stops and says I’m tired and goes home after days of running. This also shows that anyone can do anything, he just ran and ran, he then obtained lots of fame.

Being and idiot is no box of chocolates –Forrest Gump. Most things are similar some things change does it harm anyone? Most of the time no. A man who has had so much in his life it’s almost as if the what you put in his story doesn’t matter. The similarities and differences of book and movie, there are so many if only I had the time I might be able to write them all down.


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