The United States wants to upgrade its air force with a top-secret warplane that cost billions of dollars. Two teams of airplane makers are competing to make the new bomber. Experts disagree over whether the bomber is necessary for the country’s defense or a huge waste of money. Each plane cost about 2 billion dollars. Todd Harrison thinks the new stealth bomber program would ultimately cost $90 billion. That comes to about $900 million for each plane. But it would create about 1500 jobs and it would fly so secretly it could avoid most advanced radars. The officials say they want to fly it with remote controls as a drone.


I think that the plane is a total waste of money because US isn’t in a big war and they don’t really need to improve their air force I think it’s completely fine. And I think US should use its money in better uses like cancer, Ebola, etc. But it might be useful because you don’t know when you will need them; maybe there could suddenly be a war or a zombie apocalypse, etc.