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Month: October 2016

Polymer Journal #1


Synthetic materials a material that is created by chemical synthesis. In other words, it’s a material that is chemically created by humans. Two examples of synthetic materials are plastic and nylon. But a natural resource is something that can be used that is created through the earth’s natural power. Two examples of natural recourses are wood and iron.A monomer is a molecule that can be bonded with another molecule such as ethylene. Polymerization is the process of creating a polymer.

A polymer is when a molecule is bonded to two or more other molecules so it becomes one molecule this process repeats. An example of a polymer is nylon it is made out of the elements Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Nylon is very useful it can be used for clothing, different molds for shapes, food packaging, instruments strings and more. Another example of a polymer is polyethylene it is made out of ethane or ethylene. It can be used for pretty much all plastic things, from big pipes from a construction site to small plastic bags in your house. To create these polymers some, need to be heated, using laser and lots of other different things, you can even just mix some with your hands.

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Develop Your Way of Life


“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” –Albert Einstein. In a story the protagonist usually develops something new in some way like in the short story Sound of Thunder the protagonist, Eckles, develops his knowledge about time travel and to be more careful. Sometimes when a protagonist develops in a story the reader can relate and in some ways I can relate to Josh’s development. In Michael Scotts 4th book to the series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The Necromancer, Josh develops more and more throughout the story, he becomes more self-centered.

When Sophie, Josh’s sister, is kidnaped the book states that, “he would find [Sophie], he vowed” (Michael 45). Josh is shown that he will doing anything to get his sister back and always be by her side. And in the previous book, the sorceress, Josh also demonstrates this by sacrificing one of the strongest swords in the world for the safety of his friends and his sister. As we go deeper into the story Josh’s prospective on things change. Josh is duped into Dee will give him good things, Josh has to decide either to go with his sister or to master a new art of magic that interest Josh “And when [Sophie] stretched out her hand to [Josh], he slowly and deliberately turned his back on her and followed John Dee and Virginia Dare out of the burning building” (378). The evidence is shown and so far it shows that Josh develops a sense of egoism. In the previous book Josh develops by becoming less self-centered but now he has gone back to his old ways.

Josh’s development can be very similar to what I have done in the past years of my life. When I was really young I got mad at one of my classmates he was trying to help me clean up but I wanted to do it myself. My teacher ended up making me work with another group. At the end of the I think I just forgot about it but now that I think about it I was kind of self-centered when I was young just like Josh at the end of the book. Now I’m considered the chill guy I rarely get really mad at anyone or anything, if I get mad I would usually restrain it. It is similar to Josh but his development was the other way around. In the same book one of the characters does not show sympathy to her twin sister, but in the final battle she sacrifices herself for the good of her sister. In an example comparable Josh’s situation, I would probably keep a secret for someone in lieu of taking all the glory of finding out that person’s secret.

As we have determined from The Necromancer, the protagonist develops a sense of egoism. Josh was first given the chance to be with his sister and he said he would do whatever he can to find her, but has to story goes on Josh changes, he would rather have a new ability than to have his sister. This change is not necessarily the right one and you should never back down on anyone of the same blood.



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