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Month: November 2016

Polymer Journal #4


For every prototype we created we tried creating a polymer that satisfies Aaron comfort. Our general rule of thumb was if Aaron liked it everyone likes it. I believe our first prototype was flexible and stuck to anything pretty easily but it didn’t satisfy Aaron. Our second prototype was not as flexible as prototype 1 and it ripped easily but it was a bit more comfortable. Prototype 3 was our best out of all of them we also changed it the most we took prototype 1 and added more glue, on top of that we put some cornstarch. We asked multiple people and even Aaron said it was good, when we tested it with a golf club Aaron said, “it actually feels really nice, I’m not even joking that actually feels really good. This polymer is dope.” The only limitation is that when people are playing golf it will hot and you sweat when your hot. Once your sweat comes in contact with the polymer all the cornstarch will become wet and it will become all slimy which will make Aaron get grossed out. Our final prototype was a complete fail, more people liked the feel of prototype 3 and it broke easily. It had its strengths it was able to mend easily if it ripped but at times it can get messy. Our first designs didn’t really have that big of a change it it did help a little bit. The first two prototypes we changed the amount of water we put in the polymer. The third prototype we added more glue which made it more solid but it still felt a bit slimy so we added some cornstarch which was perfect for Aaron. The last prototype we added liquid PVA instead of white glue it made it very fragile which was not good for us but it still had some of the standards we wanted. As I write this I have thought of new ideas such as using half white glue and half PVA. For our final design prototype 3 you need to add 30ml of glue into a beaker, 8ml of borax into a graduated cylinder, 5ml of water in a separate graduated cylinder. After you have everything put it all into the beaker and mix with a stick once you think you can’t mix anymore take all of it out and use your hands. After it is a nice solid piece of polymer add one scoop of cornstarch and spread it out. And that’s how you make our master piece.

Here is the evolution of our prototypes


Polymer Project Jornal #3


For our golf club grip we want our polymer to fell nice and squishy but not too wet, we also want the polymer to reduce blisters. To find out the polymer will do this we will ask people which polymer feels better each time we will ask five different people keep a tally and use the one that feels better afterwards to create a better polymer. Even though comfort is a good factor I believe that reducing blisters is more important. We can test whether or not the polymer is worthy or not by allowing Aaron to put the polymer on his golf club and take a few swings to see if he gets blisters, Aaron won’t be wearing a glove. To achieve these standards for comfort we will add different ingredients to our polymer to see which works and which doesn’t, we have notice lots of people liked the cornstarch on with the polymer I believe the next step is to create different density in the polymer. To create a polymer that reduces blisters I think that corn starch should help but to make it better I think that we can use something like baby powder to make it more slippery.

Box Your Thoughts

Polymer Journal #2


My polymer project will help people using golf clubs to reduce blisters when they play. This invention will be very useful, if you forget your golf glove, if you haven’t bought one yet? Well no worries our product can help. Our product will reduce blisters and it will always be on the golf club handle. If you don’t like it you can simply just take it of leaving no prints of any sort. Our product is based on the polymer called gloop. Its not that slimy and it will stick on to anything if you leave there long enough. But wait theres more our product isn’t just for golfers, people who use any object with a handle or something you can grab can use it. You can put it on a door handle, weights, a sword, a vacuum and lots more. Are you blind? and you are always saying to yourself these handles are always so uncomfortable and I can never hold it correctly? Well talk to yourself no more because with our polymer you can shape and it will give you the comfort that you desire. It won’t matter how you hold whatever you are using the wrong way because with our product you can make everything even or symmetrical, if that doesn’t work if you squeeze hard enough it will shape it to what you desire.

Has Lost His Computer Twice and is Still Able to go on Face Book


By creating this fake book, I demonstrate the development of the protagonist and the theme of the book. I believe the theme of the book, The Necromancer, is ‘you choose your destiny don’t let others change your dream’. When Sophie, Josh’s sister, is kidnaped “he would find [Sophie], he vowed” (Michael 45). This shows his bravery and in some ways his arrogance because he’s stating that he will be able to find her not even knowing what stands in-between him and his sister. This quote shows Josh’s bravery because he doesn’t care if whatever is keeping him and his sister apart is stronger, scarier or even more experienced than him, no matter what he would find her. Later in the book he shows something very similar but it is shown in a very different way.

In the book it also demonstrates the theme of ‘you choose your destiny don’t let others change your dream’, it also shows bravery and betrayal. Josh has now betrayed his sister and has joined their enemy: “And when [Sophie] stretched out her hand to [Josh], he slowly and deliberately turned his back on her and followed John Dee and Virginia Dare out of the burning building” (378). This is the climax, he has decided, he decided to betrayed his sister as he walks away from her and joins the antagonist. This is the boy who said he would do anything to be by his sister and yet this same boy has just left her for his own well-being. This still shows bravery because he will make his decisions on his own and that he is not afraid to choose what he believes is correct. This quote shows the books theme because in the past few books he has been manipulated multiple times by what seems to be the “good” guys, he has believed he was on the right side for 3 books, but in the books time span, which has only been 4 days, throughout the books he starts to distrust the other fellow protagonist. In this book he has finally made up his mind and has showed everyone his true feelings.


To create the fake book page

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