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From King to Dictator; Darkness Before Dawn

Read through the short story of a soldier where he goes through ups and downs. When he started, he had a perfect life, lots of money, a house. He spends his days protecting protecting the king. Arno Dorian is a soldier that grew up with adoptive parents. Throughout the revolution he will face lots of obstacles, that could put him 6 feet under.

This revolution has brought lots of changes but some of the important components just never change. King Louis XVI was a dictator and guess what napoleon was, that’s right a dictator. Napoleon wasn’t actually very different from king louis because he offered ‘king-like’ stability and he couldn’t be removed from power, just like king Louis XVI. And the whole point of this revolution was famine and financial issues. The people in France are still poor and have no money. But there were still a few little things that didn’t change like people still being religious. During when the king was still around the government system was an absolute monarch but when napoleon came around it became less of an absolute monarch, because now everyone including the poorest of the poor was allowed to vote. It was also kind of distributed by two national assemblies but delegates were chosen from Napoleon.

You Are Fighting in a Revolution and All You Care About is Bread?

The French revolution is very important because it brought a lot of new things to France and if it didn’t happen France would still be a monarchy.

Before the revolution majority of the people were poor and the king was allowed to do anything he wanted. The king and the rich people in France were stealing all the money from the poor so they became even more poorer. This eventually made France’s people become angry because when France became bankrupt, because of the american revolution, the king and the rich people of France demanded more money which enraged the poor and started the French Revolution. Once The Revolution Started there were 2 sides, the rich people of France (1st and 2nd estates) who were against the poor people of France (3rd estate).


One Day Project 2017


I learned how to create a water piano, in the process of doing this I learned how to program, play a new instrument. It was quite successful and we played multiple songs such as Santa is coming to town. When we played the songs it was hard to coordinate with each other. Now that we have the video people will know who to make the water piano and what it does. If I did this again I would play more complicated songs and get very good at it and maybe even, make a video of how to play a song on the water piano.

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