3 Things That Cell Got Right In The Modern World & What They Got Wrong

Cell has lots of things that Stephen King got right and got wrong he used a mass variety of Fiction and Non-Fiction To create a horror thriller. Below are some examples   1.Stephen King predicted the phone epidemic before it happened. People nowadays are addicted to phones 2.Stephen King predicted paparazzi in a way before it happened. People now follow… Read more →

Homicide in IT

In the book “IT”, Stephen King uses a fictional character, Pennywise, to portray homicide in the real world. The story starts out with a flashback to the fall of 1957 in Derry, when 7 kids; Bill, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Ben, Eddie, and Stanley. They were part of the loser’s gang which was a group for you guessed it the “losers”.… Read more →

The Life of A Cheque

What would you do if you had a million dollars at your fingertips? Buy a house or a fancy car? Well in this story I will be telling you what the Exeter family did with their fortune. Lawrence Exeter Jr. was born, he lived a spoilt life going to expensive schools and getting anything he wanted. His parents also lived… Read more →

The Tell-Tale Heart

For my interpretation, I changed the perspective of the killer to the old man’s point of view this was done with changing the pronouns and this made it that changed the perspective and to add detail I added more from other parts to give the character more life.   As the night grew longer my door opened further the squeaking… Read more →

The Sick Man

  The torrential rain drenched their clothes, it “felt as if they’re legs were shackled together with one hundred pound weights attached to each side. It was like we were wearing an extra layer of skin.” Alex Scarrow (87) As the rain poured down into the dense forest the two got even more tired every step was like a boulder… Read more →

Time Is an Amenity

From every conversation, step and breath what you do changes the world. The book follows 5 people and their journey through time. Their names are Sal, Maddy, Liam, Bob and Forster have a mission to go back in time to Nazi Germany and face Doctor. Paul Kramer and his men from taking over the world. The resolution of this book… Read more →

The Arrogant Child

The book tells Marji’s life story as she grows up in developing Iran. it shows the conflict that she faced throughout her life and what the revolution did to Iran. The story started when she was only 10, she was an adventurous young girl that never followed the rules. She rebelled. She had short black hair and was not always… Read more →