Art Reflection Glen Zhang




The project is called the charcoal drawing project. The first step in this project was to bring in four different types of clothing that describe who you are. For

example, I brought in abasketball shirt because I like basketball, running shoes because it makes me feel comfortable, and a belt because I enjoy wearing formal clothing as well. After that, we display them in a unique way, take a picture of it, and start sketching it out.

During the process of making the drawing, we very first had to make sure we had the different varietyof materials to better sketch out the contrast and shadowing (for example charcoal pencil, erasers, charcoal pastel etc.) After about a month of effort and work I put into this drawing, I have to be honest, it definitely did not turn out the way I wanted it to. First of all, when I was trying to separate different wrinkles, what I wanted to do is have a more natural change in color to make it look more smooth. However, what I ended up with is like blocks of really dark areas right next to the boarders of the light toned areas, which was unpleasant surprise number one. Unpleasant surprise number two is at first, I was thinking of focusing on the shoes and bringing out it’s details, because the shoes I used had a knitting texture to it, and would really stand out among all the other clothing. Again, that is not what happened, as I found myself shading the T-shirt a lot more, and the shoes are just there on the side of this really detailed T-shirt. Overall, I think I used every class really productively, and when I thought I was done, I always had other things to add on it to make it that much better.

One thing I found challenging was creating the shadows using different materials. At first, all I did was use a lot of compressed charcoal on the dark/really black shadows on the shady parts, and used the charcoal pencil for the lighter feeling.All that did was make it like two separate islands with different shadings. The way I overcame that was by using either a paper towel or eraser to spread it and have a more natural tone when it goes from dark to light or light to dark.


Develop Craft: For this project, I used many different materials to make my charcoal drawing. Using different materials is critical, as you will get different effects in each one. Having lighter textures like the pencil or darker ones like the compressed gives it many regions and wavy feeling throughout.

Express: The reason I chose Express is because I showed a lot of creative compositions in my art of arranging my clothes. I Ended up with a composition, where I mainly focused on the shoes, being in a unique way of organization, because one shoe is on top of the other.

Observe: I chose observe because I paid really close attention to the different areas of shading. As you can see in my picture on top, this is a perfect example of how I separated the different islands of shading, and this was just the sleeve of the shirt.