Save Banksy Review Glen Zhang

Saving Banksy was the documentary I chose to watch and I have to say, it was really interesting. This documentary basically talked about how there were a bunch of street artist who painted on public property. They would make those paintings, but the government did not like that. However, instead of removing those paintings, the government would put it up for sale, and for high prices. Banksy was one of those street artists, and barely anyone knows his identity, only people who work with him and people he truly trusts. Now this enraged a debate, whether painting on public property is a blessing to the citizens and the artists should keep doing it, or this is a violation of the law and the government has the rights to sell it without the artist’s permission, and without giving them any of that money.

After watching this documentary, it ignited me think one way: “art is freedom”. Yes, they are breaking laws, but they are doing it in a beautiful form and isn’t harming anyone in any way. “Saving Banksy” taught me all the different ways that art can be taken in by form. Banksy would do art and wanted people to see it so badly that he would do it even if there is a risk of going to jail. I have learned that as an artist you are not afraid to take action, you are willing to do things that are risky to create something meaningful and beautiful.

The issue in “Saving Banksy” is whether the government has the rights to take artwork off of public property and sell without the artist’s permission or giving them any of the money to them. In my own standpoint, I strongly agree with the artist’s and that the government doesn’t have the rights to take artwork without permission. Think of it this way, the artists are giving up their own time to create something that the whole public can enjoy. Removing that is only going to benefit you, the citizens can’t see it in it’s original and unique place, the artists would definitely stop you if they had that power (which they don’t). You will have a profit selling it, but with so many consequences, which does not seem fair at all to me.

The most important thing I learned is to free your passion. Don’t stand back, keeping going forward to see your deeds getting recognized, no matter the risks, because you are just doing what you love to do. I will remember to always try to create a better society, whether it is to promote peace or positivity, as Banksy did with his artwork.

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