798 Art Zone Glen Zhang

Near the end of spring break (4/7/2018), I visited the 798 Art Zone. This is an area in Beijing filled with a collection of art galleries. With many art galleries and limited time, I went into about 6 art galleries, most of them won’t allow photography inside the gallery, so I was only able to get pictures from two art galleries, “SZ Art Center” and “Linda Gallery” both of which I am going to be discussing. (There was also cool street art as you walk along)


SZ Art Center:                  Artist: 吴冠中

There was no written theme for this gallery, but from most of the art, you can see clearly that the theme of this gallery is ancient China. This Artist loves using watercolor and uses in basically all his artworks. The descriptions of many of the artworks say that the artist is drawing what comes to his mind, and combines abstract and ancient Chinese culture drawing techniques together. This supports the theme of the gallery because abstract was used to bring out things that were from ancient China.

Linda Gallery                    Artist: 苏新平

There was also no written theme for this gallery, it was just a collection of artworks from the artist. from most of all of the artworks, there was a common trend, and that was that there was always a “human theme”. From a cat dancing like a human to peaches with human heads, there was always a human theme involved. particularly, this artist liked to make sculptures and used oil paint. This complimented his theme because he was able to sculpt/draw out a human(s) or human-like figures using these two styles of art.

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