Acrylic Painting Media Testing Glen Zhang

What were the steps of this media testing? Explain each step.

The steps for this acrylic media testing was quite simple:

First, take a picture of you with different amounts of lightings around your face for a better effect, and then print it out with color and glue it on canvas (I used a piece of cardboard)

Second, look at the filtered picture you took, and paint over your printed out the picture with acrylic paint, use the picture on your electronic device as guidance to the colors on your facial features (if there is any background, paint it whatever color you want, I chose white).

What new things (concepts and/or skills) did you learn about how to properly use acrylic paint and care for the materials?

For acrylic paint, I learned that if you want to get a smooth look you need to constantly use water, water will also stop your acrylic paint from drying, which helps you mix the colors. For caring for the materials, I learned that you must not take too much paint, as I often run into situations where I had much more paint then I needed.

What did you using acrylic paint as a media? (What did you using acrylic paint as a media help you as a artist?)

I learned how to combine colors off or on your canvas to create different colors. Creating colors is really a craft, and I learned many ways to create the color that I want to see, for example, white combined with red made me a really smooth pink that I exaggerated for some of the light parts of my skin.

What was frustrating about acrylic painting?  How could you deal with this problem if you were to use acrylic paints in the future?

Personally, I didn’t really find anything frustrating about using acrylic paint, as long as you have water by your side, it won’t dry and you can choose to let it dry on purpose to get a rough texture, so there is no real downside (acrylic is probably my favorite tool for art, it’s that good).

What questions do you have about using acrylic paint? Are there certain techniques you want to learn how to do?  Reference an artist who works in acrylic regarding the technique you want to learn if you can.

One question that I have about acrylic paint is which famous painters use it, I really want to see how they fully utilize this tool. There is one specific thing I want to learn about acrylic paint, and that is how you create “shapes” with it, like give the viewer a feeling of a cheek, where it’s round (I don’t know any specific artist who uses this technique).



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