Robotics has been a fun and very informative elective for me. I have learned a lot about the planning process of producing items digitally. The whole process of ending with a product has been a lot longer than what I thought that it would be. Throughout this semester, I have run into issues, remade things, and had lots of fun. One of the best examples of the work that I have been doing is shown in the final project, the kinetic sculpture.

This semester in robotics I have mostly been working on making a box with a sun moving inside of it in an oval shape. The background should have LED’s that are changing according to the suns location inside the box. I wanted this to have the effect of a sunset when the sun is closer to its highest locations, the LED’s are bright and a color of light yellow. When the sun is located closer to the middle(before it goes out of vision), the LED’s would glow a soft purple to show how the scene is much like an actual sunset.

During the making of this box, I ran into a number of different calculation errors, planning errors, and time of bad organization. The first time the progress halted, was in the making of the box in Illustrator. The compound pathing and joining weren’t working as intended, so I wasn’t able to visualize what my box would look like in Fusion 360. So, when I laser cut the box, one of the sides weren’t cut right-the aligning of the holes on the side wasn’t on the right spot. I had to re-align it and reprint the side and assemble the box. Afterward, I assembled the joints together and visualized in my head how they would sit together. Turns out, I didn’t take into account the fact that the pieces had to be locked together with another layer of material and I completely forgot that I need to attach the joints onto the transparent wall in the middle of the box. So, after some disassembling of the joints (ripping the pieces from each other, due to me supergluing them. Oops!). Because of this, I ran out of small knobs for the joints(and yes, they broke).

While I was visualizing the way the pieces had to be placed, I also noticed that I hadn’t thought of the actual size of the motor. Turns out, that the motor actually protrudes 5mm out from the wall, which meant that all my pieces would have to adapt to the new height. I replanned the joint pattern and made new pieces in Illustrator. This is where I am now: assembling pieces, replanning, and preparing.

The skills learned in this class can be brought to the outside of classrooms in the future. As products become more and more mass-produced, having a flawless working model is fundamental. The process of making our kinetic sculptures has been just that: looking at what we have done wrong, making improvements, and of course ending with a good final product. Even though I may not be able to finish this project before the end of this semester, I feel like I have learned some very important skills and most importantly I have had fun while doing so(even though I might have felt like solving some of these errors has been almost impossible).

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Nurse’s Notebook

Yesterday after I got to hear the news of Romeo’s death, I was very shocked. I didn’t know him that well but it was still a big ‘boom’ to our society. I didn’t expect this to escalate how it did. The one child I cared for the most. She was almost like a daughter to me. No, she did feel like a daughter to me, she meant the world to me. I knew her since she was born, took care of her since. She was such a pure person. I never thought she would have done this. I’m truly devastated by our, or rather my loss. I saw her future being so good. She would have married, lived a long and great life, had children, tell her stories. Who would have known that I would outlive my most valued person in the whole of Verona?

I believe this was not only a lesson for us and the Montague’s, but also a sign to wake up. Life isn’t all about proving who is stronger and mightier, rather more about helping others, accepting our wants. We both lost a big part of our faction, getting it back is no longer possible. Acting up earlier would have changed things.

Thinking back, I did realize that Juliet was not truly in favor for her upcoming marriage, and she did disappear one day. Her long slumber was scary enough, it was as true as death as the loss of feeling, but this was something that made me feel like the reason for this event. She had one-handedly tricked me. From that once too beautiful and sweet young child to one that would act like a snake whenever she got the chance. I now understand her plot, what she really wanted. The way she acted before her wedding was unbelievably uncharacteristic for someone like her. Why did we have to go as far as this?

It has now been a week after our loved one’s deaths. The Capulet’s and the Montague’s have gathered together to mourn the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. They were both too young. Suicide is a sin, but suicide for someone else is something different. I believe this was an act of respect, something to show others that life isn’t all about getting over it, but rather doing something towards this. This is what we have done together. We, the Capulet’s and the Montague’s have gathered together to act on our mistakes, helped each other. Where one could not do something, the other would have helped. This to me feels better than accomplishing a task better than another and taking pride over it. Teamwork is crucial, without it we could stumble over another incident like this.

I have been introduced to the other people in the Montagues, they are surprisingly nice. Juliet must have felt this when meeting Romeo. ‘Tis unbelievable how brave she was!

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5 Reasons Why Time Travel Wasn’t Possible in the Time Riders Series

The Time Riders series is all about time travel, changing alternative timelines back into the normal ones. However, in book five we get lots of clues of times when some aspects of time travel doesn’t fit together. [Spoilers ahead]

1. On page 153, Maddy and Sal experience a large time wave together. In this moment everything around them starts to warp and morph, although, what seems impossible in this situation is that Maddy, Sal, and the support units all get sent into an alternate reality. What makes this specific time wave impossible is that the other people don’t get sent into this new reality. As of them stepping out of the time bubble, they have become a short part of the history of that reality. In addition

2. Like one of the laws of conservation of mass says: “Matter cannot be created or destroyed”. This would completely disprove the time travel that is happening in the Time Riders Series. To start off, the time bubble is one object that doesn’t fit in. When a new cycle has been successfully done, all objects should reset, although, but as we know, foster had explained in the first book that all items stay the same and the outside world resets. In this situation, if new money was taken into the archway and then a time warp happens, then matter was destroyed from the first reality since the money went missing and nothing came to replace it. Furthermore, that money would be sent into an earlier version of that time cycle and matter was created in that reality. In other words, you could take money from one reality and move it to the next, working as a method of duplication.

3. We all know time moves relatively, it’s not like one day takes 24 hours but the speed is doubled so it really is going at double the normal speed and then the next day it is slower, it just doesn’t work and doesn’t make sense. Throughout the series, it is clear that Liam is aging very rapidly because of his trips as a time traveler. When he had gone out for the very long trip into the Jurassic age he had aged lots, but if time moves relatively to itself then he either would have aged millions of years or aged as long as he spent in the past. This would mean that if he aged just a few years in that trip then time wouldn’t move relative to itself and time travel wouldn’t be possible.

4. The current theory for time travel is that time-space is bent to make a small hole for people to be able to jump through to get into another time. This would require massive amounts of energy to cause time-space to bend enough for them to even move a few days backward. From all the explanations of the archway, we get to know they have a few generators powered by fuel that is able to power the machine. To this day, people have attempted to create small black holes, these would fail because they don’t have enough mass to form. With their small amounts of fuel, there would be no way they would be able to create a large enough energy force to bend time-space and travel time, therefore disproving time travel once again.

5. The time bubble has many issues to it, including the fact that it is looping a time that would not be available when a time wave would hit. When traveling to a time in the past, the archway’s time is moving relatively, or so it should be. When a time loop happens, the people in the past would be reset, also resetting any changes in the current reality. In this case, they wouldn’t need a team of time travelers and would easily be able to set up a time bubble to reset time when a wave happens.

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The Eternal War Against Terrorism

The book Time Riders by Alex Scarrow is a continuing story of a group of teens exploring the extent of time travel save the world from disasters that could happen if some events ended up in other ways. The protagonists Liam, Maddy, and Sal are struck with a terrible issue, Abraham Lincoln dies at an early stage. This leaves the wars in America untouched and they never end, hence the name eternal war. This series as a whole keeps showing signs of terrorisms, as every story a common conflict of terrorist attacks by the use of time travel trying to change future events from happening. This is can be expressed as a text-to-world relationship since there are multiple terrorist attacks daily all across the globe whether it is by physically harming people or digitally attacking databases. Each specific book explores a different way that the attack was done, in the first book, a man helped the Germans win the war resulting in a large power hungry nation ending the world by setting off a nuke. In the second book, the group is sent back to the Jurassic era where they fight to survive in the harsh environment. In the third book, the group gets to know that a specific code has been cracked and so intelligence is spread to the hands of the wrong people, the group works together to get the script back. The interconnected story shows how this team develops and are presented all the harder quests. In the real world, it is very similar, humans struggle to fend off the wrongdoing and still maintain the population in control. Instead of doing this on a small scale humans are doing this on a large scale inventing machines to do this for them. In this specific book, we experience what would happen if there were no governmental rulers to take care of these great issues, what if there was no Abraham Lincoln to fight off the enemy and unify the United States. This book truly shows all the possible events that could have happened if some of the things didn’t happen. This is an eternal war against those who do not like the way our world works it’s not just the wars that were never won or lost, it’s those that are ongoing that are more important. An example from the book can be found on page _ “_” (Scarrow). _ (This will be updated later with quotes as I didn’t have the book while I wrote this). The character development is a very important part of this book as this is how they manage to restore the peace amongst the community, Liam becomes more intelligent about world history as he is now more interested in knowing what might come. Maddy becomes more of a leader and less shy about showing her own opinion, and Sal sees the differences of the world around her more, later noting how Liam was changing too much because of the effect of time travel. These are great examples of the real world, not only are we learning more and more about the world but we are seeing how these are changing because of us living here, because of this we have started to take responsibility of these actions and restoring peace among this world, much like the book does.

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Life of Lawrence

A man by the name Lawrence Exeter had was expected to have a child anytime soon, so August 30th, 1903. Not long after his child is born and he names the child after him, Lawrence Exeter Jr. This Changed his name to Lawrence Exeter Sr. As years passed on his child learned to bike, and had lots of fun times at different theme parks. 6 years passed since his birth and Jr was starting school. Jr was put into a school for boys which he finished and later moved into a military school, from the military school he went to Stanford University. Once Jr graduated, Sr. got married and went to France for a short holiday. A few years later Jr got married and Sr. was so happy that he congratulated him by sending Jr 200000 dollars. A few years after this Sr. started to lose shape and was getting sick, he hired a doctor by the name Tony Spagoni to check on his health every now and then, which he did twice in one week and then once again two years later. During this time Sr. got divorced and a court case was quickly finished and money was sent to Sr.’s ex-wife. Sr. ended up dying in July 1931

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Second Person Reinterpretation of The Tell-Tale Heart

Paragraph below:

During this activity, we were assigned to choose a natural changing spot in the story and reinterpret/redo this section into another point of view. Our choices for this were: second person, third person limited, or third person omniscient (first person is not included since the text is already in this format). I chose to change the paragraph above to be changed into second person view with some changes. Instead of having “I was more than usually cautious in opening the door” (Poe) I changed it to “you were very careful while opening the door”.


Upon the eighth night, you were very careful while opening the door. The time was moving dreadfully slow, although you never knew you were this patient. You were feeling joy and triumph while you were opening the door, ever so slowly, and the old man not even to dream of my secret deeds or thoughts. Without control, you chuckled slightly almost waking the old man up. He moved around on his bed. You didn’t hesitate when he did so, instead, you chose to keep going(for what was the purpose to give up now?). The man’s room was so dark that you could open the door and he wouldn’t see a thing! His own mistake of leaving the shutters closed only helped you on ridding of his eye, so you kept going.

You looked into the room and thought of your next move… you remembered that the lights were important. Almost as if controlled by an external source, you moved your hands towards the lantern, but as you were opening it, your thumb slipped upon the tin fastening. The sound was too loud and your lousy mistake sent the man jumping on his bed, he then cried out “Who’s there?”. You knew not to answer just yet, that wouldn’t scare him enough, so you froze into the spot you were left at.

You kept quiet and almost completely still, saying no words. You stayed there for a whole hour, without moving a single muscle, but neither did the old man. You kept wanting to make your move, but you knew it was still too early. The man was still sitting up in the bed listening, the same way you had done for the past seven days.

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Part Time Poem

Have you ever thought that you might have two different identities? That you might act differently around others? Or you have changed personality over time? In the novel Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie shapes a dynamic/personality changing protagonist called Junior or Arnold.

Throughout the first 8 chapters, we see how Junior, the “useless” physically damaged Indian boy changes into a smart, sporty, and different character. After changing into his new personality he prefers his real name Arnold Spirit rather than Junior. In the beginning, he explains how he is the useless kind: “I belong to the black-eye-of-the-month club… The kind of idiot that got punched hard in the face.”. Later on, when he moved to Riordan he introduces us to the names that he was called by his friends, such as: “You white lover… you retard… you are a wuss… tonto… squaw boy… red skin”. Furthermore, as we are introduced to Junior we get to know how he “…ended up having 42 teeth”. As he further develops after moving to Riordan he is treated with not only more bullying but also more people who help him with his life and strengthen his abilities: “He paid me with some respect… We looked dangerous”. Moreover, he gets more dedicated to doing things after this, early in the story he claimed that only people in Riordan had hope and later we are shown this when he says: “I want to find something… I had to add my hope to somebody else’s hope, I had to multiply hope by hope”.

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Explore: China Minorities

I am very proud of my Infographic and the exploration writing about Tu. I think that I could have done my map a little better. I learned to make infographics and maps that show info, I also improved my writing skills with article ideas.

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Amazing Croc Girl

In this magazine cover of a book made by Jess Keating, we explore how Ana tries to overcome her fear of presenting and how she is a dynamic character. She has a hard time thinking of the fact that her friend left and she is eft alone with infinite amounts of problems coming her way. Yet no matter what is thrown at her we see that she clearly changes by the end of the story. [SPOILER ALERT] In the resolution our protagonist Ana learns that everyone has their own fears and the only way to get over them is by trying, keep going if something goes wrong!

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Comparing of Forge and WiseGeek

I am comparing and contrasting the page 143 in the book Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson and a writing about “Valley Forge” by

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