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My Travel Magazine

Our first issue of Travel China was a real eye-opening experience on a number of levels. I learned about how to write about travel, I learned about china’s different ethnic minorities and I learned to collaborate with a group. In order to make the magazine, I first participated in a field trip to the ethnic minority park in the city and got to… Read more →

Prosper’s Harrowing Tale

In this masterpiece, Jackson describes the french revolution in first-person through the eyes of Prosper Colbert, a member of the Les Grands family. Prosper lives through the horrors and tragedies of the bloody French revolution.   In the french revolution, there were a lot of changes and continuities. For instance, the people in the government changed roughly four times, from the… Read more →

French Revolution in pain au chocolat

 This video was about the french revolution in plain English. It was based on the four turning points throughout this revolution. The four turning points were: the estates general, the tennis court oath, storming of bastille, march of Versailles. To create this project, first we wrote the script, then we recorded the voices, and then printed out the pieces of paper… Read more →

The Animal’s Farm

1. Create a Written blog post on the Rising Action of Animal Farm (Due Tuesday) Show how a type of conflict (maybe the one you identified in the exposition?) is developed or intensifies up until the climax of the story. When Old Major performed his speech, he resembled a communist pig, literally. In the beginning of the book, Old Major preached about… Read more →

Anticipation Activity

The statement that triggered the most discussion was #4 which meant that some people didn’t agree that everyone was created equal. The conversation went like this: first we tallied up our opinions then we discussed the disputed ones, those disputed ones happened to be 2, 4, 11. The strongest arguments were ones like, “if someone is running at you with… Read more →

T-Shirt making: OneDay 2k17

For OneDay 2k16 I created designs to go on t-shirts. I succeeded in making those T-Shirts and ended up with the designs on some t-shirts that I bought at Decathlon. It was quite easy making the t-shirts designs and was moderately easy to transfer the designs on the t-shirts. It was only hard to use the press because the t-shirt press jumps… Read more →