Short Story

The smell of blood and the screams of the dying for reasons unknown, and the hatred of rival families re-entered my head as I walked through the street were the last riot happened. No one could recall what started the riot, or why it happened. That’s how it works. Two people start fighting, and then everyone starts killing each other, just because they were raised to hate.

No one knows why these two families have such a strong hatred for each other, or what monstrous act started this ongoing feud. Whatever happened, it caused these two families to act like inhumane savages towards one another. Not only that, but it has led to the bloodshed of innocent people and has disturbed the peace that I long for. My job is to keep the peace within this town, but how is peace possible when a simple insult can lead to a bloodbath?

Neither the Montagues or the Catapults can see reason, for all they care about is being better than the other. They are so arrogant that when I proposed that they should just end this whole feud between each other, they just looked at me bewildered, and took me for madmen. I remember them saying things like “If it were only that easy” or “What do you mean forget it.” For them, hating each other is as important as breathing, eating, and sleeping. It’s what makes Montagues and Capulets Montagues and Capulets.

But what can be done? They won’t hear reason, and they are too stubborn to fix anything on their own. Maybe it’s time to take another approach to this problem. While they might not answer to me, they will answer to the law. Perhaps the only way to put them into line is force. Some people are unable to change, because their stubbornness and arrogance are so entwined in their hearts they cannot change. In a way they are as a boulder. The only way to get a boulder to move is if you physically force it to move with all your strength and might. The Montagues and Capulets are alike. The only way to stop this is through force. And the only way that I can force them, is by threatening them with their life.

Public execution, however seems too heavy of a penalty for anyone to bear. What gives the right for a man to take the life of another man? But what if I don’t? My responsibility is to the people. If I just stand by like everyone else does, then I will have failed everyone. But if I do carry this plan out, at what price? Suddenly, a servant darts in, panting, clearly out of breath.

He hastily stuttered “It’s happening again! The Montagues and the Capulets. They’re doing it again.” I quickly ask for directions and go to where he points to. As I neared the scene, I could hear the screams, the cries, and the yells of two common enemies. As I arrived, I was shocked at what I saw. Men drawing their swords, striking of one another. The streets reeked from the smell of blood and sweat. I could feel their lust for blood and death, the pleasure they felt as they struck each other to the ground, the grins on their faces. To them it was all a game, a game to prove their better, a game where they will willingly sacrifice the lives of innocents.

As the sun grew hotter, I could feel my heart beating faster, as I noticed my fists were clutched, and my muscles were tense. I could feel the rage flowing through my blood, like a beast trying to escape its cage. My disappointment and anger could not be overstated at this particular moment, as I came to a conclusion of what I must do. They had had enough changes, it’s time to act, and settle things once and for all. And it’s time for one last warning.

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5 Reasons why you should read “The Words of Radiance”

Reasons why you should read The Words of Radiance


  1. Character Development:                                                                                                                                                                                         One of the best thing about the Words of Radiances is how well the author developed his characters. This book is very interesting becasue it has 4 major characters, and each character has their own unique story line. All of the characters are a dynamic, round, and unique character. They all started out separated, but as the rising action started to built up, the characters started to unite. In addition all the characters have their own motivations and goals, separate from the other characters, but still affecting each other. This was one of the best part of this book.
  2. Unique storylines:                                                                                                                                                                                             Similar to the first, the unique storylines are also another major part of this book. If the author made all of these characters but only one major storyline, it would have been hard to keep the audiences attention. However, the unique storylines is what keeps people interested in the book.
  3. Interesting Conflict:                                                                                                                                                                                            One of the biggest types of conflict in fantasy is person vs. person usually through things like wars and battles. However in the Words of Radiance they incorporate all types of conflict very well into this book. One of the types of conflict they have is person vs. society, especially in Dalinar’s storyline. For example in his storyline he is one of the high-princes of the kingdom. However people consider him mad because of the visions he has had 2. He then has to persuade all of them to join him in order to save their kingdom. This conflict started in the previous book and has flowed into this book. Another type that has been incorporated into this book is person vs. self. In the book many of the characters have the internal conflicts, which make the book interesting
  4. Suspense:                                                                                                                                                                                                               One thing that makes readers want to read on is the suspense that books give. This book is no different. This is one of those books that is always wanting to make you read more. They have a lot of great suspense in this books making the audience always wonder what is going to happen next.
  5. Interludes:                                                                                                                                                                                                       Probably the most interesting thing about this book that I have never seen in any other book is interludes. These interludes are similar to side stories, and in a small way relating to the plot, but told by different characters and not focused on the main plot. After certain sections of the book the author includes three interludes. These interludes are interesting, and feels like taking a little break to read something different.
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The Tell-Tale Heart in Third Person Omniscient

I decided to change the point of view for a section of the short story “A Tell-Tale Heart”. It was originally in first person view, where he explained his emotions, and was trying to prove to the readers of how he was not mad. When I changed it to third person, I created some distance from the character, but because it is third person omniscient, the distance that was created was not huge. Because of these changes, we don’t know as much of what he is thinking, but I added more about what he is feeling in the text.



He once again looked upon the old man, and his time has come. For the eye, the evil eye was open. A rush of anger and fury suddenly came to him. For it was they eye that he hated, with the hideous film over the eye. For it was the eye that has chilled his bones., and it was the evil eye that has gave him the desire to kill.


He waited for a minute, when he heard a sound. It was a sound that he feared, hated, and longed for it to go away. It was a low and dull sound, but it filled him with fear, and hatred. It was the sound of the old man’s beating heart. His fury and hatred increased by the sound.


He kept silent and still, and was thinking of how he could keep the the ray upon the eye, for he was shaking with fear. Then suddenly it grew louder and quicker, louder than anything he has ever heard. Every second it grew louder and more intense. He was filled with both fear and hatred, and his desire to get rid of the old man increased, but he refrained and stood still, as anxiety controlled him, thinking of what the consequences of actions might be. But the old man’s time has run out. Yelling with rage, he threw the lantern and rushed in the room. He dragged the old man to the floor, and put the bed right on top of the old man.  It took a couple of minutes for the heart to stop beating, and finally the old man was dead. The Evil Eye, and the beating of the heart has diminished. He had finally vanquished his greatest pain and fear. For the eye would no longer be a nuisance.

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The Unbearable Cold

Imagine walking in the freezing cold where the temperature is less than 50 degrees below zero. In the short story to Build a Fire, by Jack London, the author portrays the setting and how it effects the mood. There are many examples of this in this found poem. In this story the author emphasizes that it is really cold in the story: “Colder than 50 below zero” (London). Furthermore, phrases like “unbroken white”, “no sun”, “the great cold” further emphasizes the temperature and weather. In addition, Jack London shows how cold it is by stating that “drops of water become ice. Also the author emphasizes the setting as painful, and unbearable. The author shows that the weather as painful by saying “a cold bite of frost”. It is clear that in this short story the author really represents the setting.

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Ignite Express It Week – Printmaking

For the second Ignite Week, Express it, I choose Printmaking. Printmaking is where you carve out a stamp and then use a printing press, to make many prints. I choose this Ignite because this was really new to me, and I found it very interesting. I learned many new things such as how to use a printing press.

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OneDay Jacob

For my one day I made two video game using Scratch. The first video game I made was a game like pong, but more advanced. And the second day was a game where you try to catch ghosts.

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Wenyu Feature Article

Nothing about this place was pleasing or pleasant. The water was still and not flowing like normal rivers do. The color of the river looked like slime. There was a foul scent from the river. There was dirt floating in the river, and trash everywhere.


Give details of trip here. This is a river that is in a Beijing community. The Wenyu river is one of the major waterways in Beijing. This river is not in a good condition, and will only get worse unless we do something. “And I know that the fact is that people are just polluting this river and all the rivers in Beijing and there is less water supply”. There really is less water available, and there will be less if the situation does not get better.


“This is so gross”.




These are some of the things the students said when looking at this river. This river had a slimy color to it. It had patches of dirt floating in this disgusting river. It also has black bubbles in the middle of the river. And the water was still and not moving.


In this trip students made water collection devices to collect the water, because the water was so unsafe. They used limited resources to build this device. Once this was built, students used this device to collect the water. Later, they tested this water for phosphates, temperature, pH, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. These tests help give an inidcation of the overall water quality.



The source of the Wenyu River is the highlands of Hebei and Shanxi, and it flows into the Hai river, which eventually flows into the Bohai Sea. This river along with the Chaobai river are the largest in Beijing.


In rivers like the Wenyu river there are many changes that need to happen. Because of the massive increase of sewage, fertilizer, and industrial pollutants, the river’s color is changing from yellow and black. According to a study in 1996, out of China’s 27 largest cities, only 6 cities have drinking water that is safe.


Even though there is so much more to be done, there are projects that the government is undertaking to help improve the water quality. China is trying hard to erase their environmental footprint.  Judy Li in the  Nature of cities stated “By adopting a more socially just, circular economy, and resource utilization approach towards urban waste management, Chinese cities can reduce their per capita environmental footprint, critical for reducing the environmental impacts of urbanization.”


Our goal in this project is to come up with small actions. We learned that a lot of small actions can lead up to big changes. If everyone took a small action we would have cleaner water to drink. To get started, everyone is going to choose an action project to accomplish on their own.


The trip to the Wenyu river was only the start to the student’s project. It served many purposes which are useful when coming up with an idea and persuing it. It got students thinking about what the water quality is like in China and Beijing, and ways they can improve it.


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Reading Response #1

Assignment: Write an exciting book review. Use book reviews on Amazon as a guide.



Mistborn: Final Empire is a really good book. It is a plot twister where you are always trying to find out what happens next. This book makes you want to keep on reading. In this ash covered land, an Empire that has been in rule for a thousand years by a ruthless ruler that cannot be stopped, until Vin, with the aid of her mentor Kelsier, starts a rebellion. The main themes in this book are friendship, trust, and bravery. Here is what I think of the themes:

Friendship: Friendship was a major theme in this book. Vin grew up in the streets, had been treated poorly, and even had her brother abandon her. She was left with a greedy thieving crew that only cared about themselves. She had no friends until Kelsier (another main character) came and she joined his crew to topple the Final Empire. During this time, she learned to trust and befriend the crew.

Trust: Living during the Final Empire was very dangerous. If you trust someone there is a high chance that they will scam or use you. If you find extra food or money, there is a high chance that even the people you trust the most will betray you. Betrayal is a very common thing during this time, and the teachings of her brother told her not to trust anyone, no matter how they are treating you. Once Vin joins the crew and the rebellion, she learns to trust the crew and to know that they trust her. This plays a big part as Vin risks her life to accomplish the impossible goal of toppling the Final Empire.

Bravery: There is a lot of bravery shown in this book. Kelsier, Vin, and so many other people stand up to an empire that has been in rule for a thousand years, and rebel against an almost immortal ruler. It took a lot bravery for these people to fight against the final empire, and it also took a lot bravery for the peasants to join them.

This ending leaves gaps in between and unsolved mysteries. There are many thing that you want to find out like where is the Lord Ruler’s atium supply, what did the Lord Rulers last words means, and how does this all connect to the Well of Ascension. These gaps makes me want to read the next book





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