Climate Change Project

  1. Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? Be specific

They are mostly negative because I felt dejected and sad when I received zero tokens. I felt 3 weeks of my hard work was useless and not getting paid off, but at least some faculties were interested in my project and discussing the pros and cons of my media and system

  1. What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the problem? About myself?

I noticed that even though 90% of deforestation is illegal, the governments, especially in Asia and South America, were too careless about the amount of deforestation occurring.

  1. What were some of my most challenging moments, and what made them so?

The most challenging moments were choosing the forms of media because I kept hesitating and worrying which media could grab attention or present my speech effectively. Another moment was giving the presentation to the audience because I was confused and panicking which sequence I should deliver my research on deforestation resulting in murmuring and failing to grab the viewer’s attention.

  1. What were some of my most powerful learning moments, and what made them so?

When researching the causes and the results of deforestation and how it affects climate change because I was concerned and surprised at the same time how 8,000 trees are disappeared after a short 5-minute break.

  1. What is the most important thing I learned personally?

To effectively present your speech, you definitely need a visual product and avoid long paragraphs because the audience loves products that are simple and short worded.

  1. What most got in the way of my progress if anything?

Demonstrating how deforestation affects energy flow into and out of the system and how it affects the energy storage because I was clueless of the definitions. Most of my peers were oblivious too making the situation harder to solve.

  1. If in a team, how well did my team and I communicate overall?

Didn’t had a team

  1. What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement?

My greatest strengths were perhaps organizing and designing my infographics because most people complimented how it was optical and easily interpreted.

  1. What would I do differently if I were to approach the same problem again?

Perhaps make my product more visual because most of the audience I had to deal with were little kids, and they were mostly disinterested in my presentation; the only time I grabbed their attention is when I showed them my bookmark. Even though my infographic was visual, they weren’t interested in reading through the information. Therefore, if I had to approach the same problem, I would create more physical products such as stickers for kids to touch so that it will create more awareness for them.

  1. What moments was I most proud of my efforts?

When faculties approached my booth and started listening to my presentation about deforestation because I felt I was getting rewarded for my hard work.

link for infographic:


powerpoint for the system: science system

Useless Machine

During semester 2 in robotics, I’ve started getting a touch up on Fushino 360 where you build, construct, and sketch to 3d print or laser cut the product.

Define: Using the Fusion 360, I created a useless machine that requires linkages and sliders to turn-off the switch. The design I used was from the website “Mechanical Movements.”

Plan & Create: After I choose my design, I’ve started sketching it on paper. I drew every nut, bolts, spacers, and a slider for every different side views. Then about 2~3 days, I’ve soldered my circuit board with all the specific parts and the USB wire. I accessed Fusion 360 and started sketching out my board and my sliders, however, I was skeptical about what measurements I should do so I laser cut about 3 pieces that are the same with different sizes.

After that, I spent a solid 2~3 weeks putting all the parts and wires on the circuit board and barely managed to finish it on the deadline. The difficulty I faced was adjusting the motors to control the sliders by hitting the switch back and forth. To fix this problem, I printed several different parts and switched the wires with the help of Mr. Beatty and successfully solved the problem.

Reflect & share (decisions you made and why): I kept imagining and thinking which design I should consider for my useless machine box top and eventually skimmed over the website “Mechanical Movements.” I ultimately chose design number 268  because although it would not be a challenge, I assumed it would rather be an opportunity to modify and slightly change the overall blueprint to be more creative because the design overall was simple. The website not only contained a variety of mechanical movements, but also a short video or GIF which quickly planned for me to build my Box top.

Improvements after completion: Perhaps if I could have found a way to have the slider keep from falling down, the movement of the slider would’ve been more smooth. For example, it would’ve been better if I could’ve changed the angles 45 degrees of the first slider that is connected to the motor so that the second slider would stand on the round thingy that is between the spacers.  Also, even though I tried to modify the design from the “507 movements” website, the overall look was mostly identical and straightforward at the same time. Maybe I should’ve chosen a more complex model to incorporate into my box top for a better outlook.

Another improvement I could’ve done is having a 0.5-second delay when the slider quickly moves back and comes forth touching the switch because if a stranger tried to test my useless machine, he could’ve tried to keep pressing the switch which would result in jamming the machine

useless machine final video

Robotics 1 Fushion 360 – soccer


Image result for soccer field


How you decomposed the shape simpler parts

I’ve sketched 2d shapes and extruded making simpler parts


At least two tools that you used in Fusion 360 and how it helped your design

(1)Sketch to build the foundation of the soccer field which helped me to (2)extrude to form 3D shapes to form a rectangular prism on the bottom and on the side.

Challenges I’ve faced was creating the beam and the sphere. For the  beam, it was hard to spline the two lines because it kept making an error you couldn’t joint the two points and for sphere, it was hard to balance the mass and cut a hole at the top and put it in the beam

An image of where you are at now


reflection: about half a year, learning CS helped me communicate with computers and create games which I was stunned. I’ve learned lots of codes and ways to program it which made me feel proud of myself