Robotics 1 Fushion 360 – soccer


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How you decomposed the shape simpler parts

I’ve sketched 2d shapes and extruded making simpler parts


At least two tools that you used in Fusion 360 and how it helped your design

(1)Sketch to build the foundation of the soccer field which helped me to (2)extrude to form 3D shapes to form a rectangular prism on the bottom and on the side.

Challenges I’ve faced was creating the beam and the sphere. For theĀ  beam, it was hard to spline the two lines because it kept making an error you couldn’t joint the two points and for sphere, it was hard to balance the mass and cut a hole at the top and put it in the beam

An image of where you are at now


reflection: about half a year, learning CS helped me communicate with computers and create games which I was stunned. I’ve learned lots of codes and ways to program it which made me feel proud of myself