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Polymer Journal #1

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I made an infographic using the Canva.

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In the capstone project, I would like to focus on the issue of air pollution in China. I personally believe that air pollution is a very decent problem in China that should be improved a lot within few years in order to protect the environment and meet the UN sustainable development goals.

This is my rough draft of a research question: To what extent does air pollution in China could affect the individuals’ physical health as well as the mental health?

From the research, I’m hoping to gather sufficient information on the causes of air pollution with statistics, its effects on the individuals’ physical health and mental health.

I would like to gain feedback regarding my research question.

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Image Cited:

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John Adams, he was a passionate man, optimistic man, and attentive man. He was very dependent on his father since his mother died due to the sudden heart attack 3 years ago. He settled down in America with his father right after the Proclamation of 1763 and he was a Loyalist as his father was a loyal subject to the British. Let’s dive into his exciting journey of American Revolution!

I made a presentation using Flipsnack

Throughout the American Revolution, lots of things have stayed the same and changed. It first led to the establishment of a new republic. As George Washington became the first president in America, two political groups emerged: Federalists who supported Adams and Hamilton, Republicans who supported Jefferson and Madison. In addition to the formation of a new form of government, there was a freedom in religion and there was really no financial or social gap in the society which mean every American were equal as it is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Although numerous things have been changed, there were also many things that remained consistent. Slavery was still a major problem and it became even more serious in the Southern states. Native Americans and women were treated almost same as before so Native Americans were often prosecuted and women didn’t gain personal rights. Moreover, wealthy landowners and merchants still dominated the society as well as politics.

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After we learned all the general concept in American Revolution, we as a group created a 5-minute long common craft video about the American Revolution. Common craft video uses the simplest images as possible and it only uses the person’s hand. To explain the context of the American Revolution, we corporated our voices along with relevant images and sound effects. Introducing the American Revolution, it took place between 1763 and 1783 after the British victory in Seven-years War. As soon as the Seven-years war between the Indians and British ceased, Britian set up a proclamation and they set up numerous taxes known as Salutary Neglect to the colonists in America. As a result, the tension got high and they got dissatisfaction with their life in America as a colonist. Starting from the Boston Massacre in 1770, the revolution took place in America and lots of battles such as Battle of Lexington, Battle of Saratoga and Battle of Yorktown occurred between the Americans and British to make America an independent nation.

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Who is a true winner? How success is being measured? What factors can lead to a success? Introducing Nelson Mandela, he is a 1st black president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Because Nelson Mandela had lots of impacts on the world, there are lots of biography about him that are written from the 3rd perspective. Nelson Mandela by Laaren Brown is one of the biographies that is both factual and descriptive. It is emphasized on the mindset of Nelson Mandela and conflicts he encountered before he became a leader since the author assumed that vast majority of people know the accomplishments of Nelson Mandela during his reign. Therefore, in the biography Nelson Mandela by Larren Brown, the following central idea is developed through the course of the text: Although Nelson Mandela encountered numerous conflicts, he worked diligently with a passionate mind to overcome all the problems and become the 1st black president in South Africa.

There are 2 pieces of evidence that support the central idea of Nelson Mandela: the Defiance Campaign and Mandela’s mindset during the life in the Robben Island as a prisoner. After Defiance Campaign only made the government to be determined and Nelson Mandela experienced life in jail for 3 days, Nelson Mandela said, “From the Defiance Campaign onward, going to prison became a badge of honor amongst Africans” (Brown 35). At the African National Congress(ANC)’s 1951 Congress, Walter Sisulu, Secretary-General of the ANC, presented a plan for an immense civil insubordination campaign known as the Defiance Campaign. In this campaign, all members in ANC aimed to change the laws to unite the blacks, whites, Indians, and Coloureds in the name of freedom. After a while, the Defiance Campaign commenced on schedule and Mandela went to Boksburg. As soon as Nelson Mandela entered Boksburg, Mandela was soon arrested by the police waiting inside the gates of Boksburg. However, Mandela thought that it was an honor to go to the prison since one of the goals of the campaign was to challenge the government by overburdening the prison system and it encouraged more people to join the fight for gaining the black’s freedom in South Africa. Although Defiance Campaign made the government to ban the ANC and banished 52 ANC leaders, including Nelson Mandela to the prison on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela was still optimistic and he never gave up the hopes for future. During the life in Robben Island, Nelson Mandela wrote a letter, “Only through hardship, sacrifice, and militant action can freedom be won. The struggle is my life. I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my days” (56). Nelson Mandela was arrested on December 5, 1956, for a high treason. While Mandela was in a prison, there were lots of restrictions. For example, men were disconnected from all the information and only one letter per prisoner was allowed in half a year. Although the conditions in the prison were miserable, Mandela wasn’t alone because there were numerous political people who supported ANC in the prison. So, Mandela communicated with these political people and he quickly became the leader in a prison. As soon as Mandela became a leader, most prisoners could find common ground with him and even the guards, as well as prison officials, respected Mandela since his governing style was a combination of his political skills with self-possession. As a consequence, conditions in a prison kept improved and Mandela finally freed from the prison since the size of Mandela’s supporters kept expanded and they kept protested through verbal speech in order to free Mandela. Finally, Nelson Mandela’s dream became a reality within 5 years.

In conclusion, the central idea of this biography is that Nelson Mandela was able to become successful 1st black president of South Africa since he overcame all the conflicts by never renouncing.  Nelson Mandela’s Defiance Campaign made the government set up even more harsh regulations and he was arrested in 1956 for a high treason. Nevertheless, he was able to escape from the Robben Island and implement his plans since he never gave up and there were lots of supporters outside protesting the government to free Mandel from a prison. Nelson Mandela defines winner as “a dreamer who never gives up”. Because he never gave up and always dreamed to protect the black’s rights by becoming a president, Nelson Mandela was able to become the revolutionary president in South Africa and he remained as one of the leaders who dedicated huge impacts to change the world.


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Images Cited: Goalcast. “Top 30 Nelson Mandela Quotes to Inspire You to Believe.” Goalcast, 2 May 2017, www.goalcast.com/2017/05/02/top-nelson-mandela-quotes-inspire-you-to-believe/.

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Mood Modification in Hobbit

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In the book Hobbit written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the author showed how mood change over the course of the story using descriptive setting. For this month multimedia post, I showed the concept of how setting affects the mood through SMS. To show the mood difference in Hobbit, I chose one setting quote from chapter one and one setting quote from chapter 14. At the beginning of the book, it explains the place where Hobbits occupied and it creates reader to feel placid. But as the story progress and Bilbo continues his adventure, the mood change from positive to negative so reader feel melancholic and agitated as the story shift from rising action to climax and it also creates a suspense.

Tool Citation

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See the source image


 Dear Descendants from 2117

                                            James Park 8-1

Dear descendants from 2117,


I am sorry for making the Earth

fulfilled with depression and confusion,


I am sorry for making this planet as contaminated

as the Atlantic Ocean- Gulf of Mexico,


I am sorry for causing the rivers

and lakes to have eutrophication.


You probably know what the Maya Desert is, right?

Well, believe it or not,

It was once called the Maya Forest

because there were tremendous and numerous trees

and it filled the atmosphere lots of fresh oxygen.


We destroyed it because we wanted to manufacture more

and more products, we wanted the society quickly

developed and modernized, and we wanted to make the humanity

the superior organism in the entire universe.


You know when I was a child, humanity was

integrated with the nature and they

treated the nature like their parents.

But, the world soon changed rapidly.

Trees were being cut and destroyed, thousands

of species were becoming extinct and the habitat

for plants and animals were decreasing.


So I apologize future descendants,


I apologize for reforming the society by

putting priority and more significance to the development

of the society rather than the protection of nature,

I apologize as a young leader of WHO for

changing humanity to be egotistic.


But, we can fix this by starting from the foundation,

have a look at the process rather than the outcome,

figure out the appropriate solution

and then make it a reality.


We can first solve this problem by

planting lots of trees and plants,

reducing the provenances of air pollution

and generating more and more

renewable energy such as solar energy

so the Earth can be a vigorous man

and can live longer than its life expectancy.


If we just do nothing and live for today, not tomorrow,

all kind of organisms including humans

will be exterminated very soon and

it will even lead the earth to the destruction.




I’m proud of my narrative poem because my poem had a strong conclusion with appropriate solutions and the topic was clear and concise.


Image Citation

Tatlow, Didi Kirsten. “China Air Quality Study Has Good News and Bad News.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 30 Mar. 2016, www.nytimes.com/2016/03/31/world/asia/china-air-pollution-beijing-shanghai-guangzhou.html.


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My initial thoughts on the Boxer Rebellion are that Boxers started a rebellion because they had no occupations and their business (agriculture) became less profitable since the England defeated China through the Opium Wars. Also, I think that foreigners treated Chinese in a evil way because they killed lots of innocent people using weapons and they ceased fire into a various places in Beijing.

I’m very curious about why some people think that Boxers deserved a bad reputation and what are the effects of the Boxer Rebellion.

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The movie poster above shows the protagonist’s (Ender) internal conflict in the science fiction novel, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I chose 3 images to show Ender making a tough decision whether stay on Earth with his sister, Valentine or leave the Earth for the fight with aliens. In addition to 3 images, I chose 2 direct quotes from the novel to prove that Ender is having a difficulty and struggling to make decision by himself. Furthermore, I used diversity of fonts and colors to make the movie poster both attractive and appealing. And in order to create this movie poster, I used the online tool called Fotojet.

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The magazine above shows the characterization of Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I chose to show 2 major personality traits for Hermia by using direct-quotes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Self- Assertive and Dogmatic. I also showed how Demetrius thinks of Hermia and what Hermia thinks of the Athens by using direct-quotes from the play.

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