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The attached word document is my final reflection of kinetic sculpture project.

.Kinetic Sculpture Project Reflection

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During the Capstone project, I first explored and learned various curent issues exist in China through listening to the speakers and watching films. And then I chose my topic and crafted a research question. As soon as I finished the define and inquire phase, I did a research about the relationship between air pollution and person well being from both primary and secondary sources. After doing a in-depth research, I wrote a five paragraph informative essay and three -minute short documentary. The purpose of this project was to learn more about the current issue in China and develop essential L21 skills to get well prepared for the high school.

As a result of this Capstone project, I learned that air pollution in China is very decent issue as it not only affects the individuals’ physical health but also affects the individuals’ mental health. Besides I learned in-depth about the air pollution in China, I developed my research skills, collaboration skills, social studies skills, reading skills and writing skills as well.

To be successful in the Capstone project, I would like next grade eight students to know that although this project is the most demanding project in the middle school, have a growth mindset and feel passionate about your chosen topic!



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In this design project, we as a team planned, developed and created our own catapult in the fab lab. After creating our own catapult, we analyzed the time vs height and height vs distance of catapult by filming the catapult flight and put it into logger pro. In the function analysis, I analyzed standard form, vertex form and factored form as well as the domain and range. In addition, I explained the functions in term of both mathematically and in the context.  After that, we experimented with the catapult to observe how accurate it is and we had a catapult challenge to see which catapult is most accurate. The main purpose of this project was to be able to apply quadratics into a real-life situation and be collaborative, creative and think critically.

The most successful aspect of this project was that we were able to manage time wisely and make an accurate catapult. On the other side, a most challenging aspect of this project was planning how to make a catapult and coming up with our own unique design. If I could do this project again in the future, I would make the catapult using the wood and make it more flexible. Throughout this design project, I’ve learned how to apply quadratics into a real-life situation in addition to the essential teamwork skills.


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Polymer Journal #4

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Observing the Prototypes

Prototype Strengths Limitations
Prototype#1 Very slimy, strong, does not bounce and quickly recover its own shape when it is being poked. Small, awkward odor and texture
Prototype #2 Very slimy, appropriate size, strong, does not bounce, good texture and automatic odor Slowly recover its own shape when it is being poked
Prototype #3 Very slimy, appropriate size and does not bounce. Awkward odor, fragile, could not maintain its shape and rough texture

Which Prototype was Most Effective for Meeting our Design Goal?

Claim: Prototype#2 was most effective for meeting our design goal.

Evidence: 1. As a result of the bounce test, prototype#2 didn’t bounce at the height of below 2m.

2. Based on the texture and odor test using our senses, prototype#2 was very soft and smelled cozy.

3. According to the slime rating test, prototype#2 appeared to be very slimy.

Future improvements to make this prototype better: To make our final design better, we could add more borax solution to make it capable of quickly recover its own shape and maintain its position because prototype#2 wasn’t capable of quickly recover into its own shape when it is being poked.

Procedure to make Final Design

Materials List: 1L beaker, 200g of white glue, 15 drops of green food coloring, 5 drops of yellow food coloring, 100ml of water, 150ml of borax solution, clean spoon, 250ml beaker and container

1. Add 200g of white glue into a 1L beaker

2. Measure 100ml of water using the 250ml beaker and add 100ml of water into a 1L beaker

3. Stir a 1L beaker smoothly using a clean spoon

4. Add 15 drops of green food coloring and 5 drops of yellow food coloring into a 1L beaker

5. Measure 150ml of borax solution using the 250ml beaker and add it into a 1L beaker

6. Stir a 1L beaker smoothly using a clean spoon

7. Place the completed slimy soap into a container.

Reflecting on the Design Process

To come up with a final product, we spent 3 classes on creating and refining while we only spent 1 class on defining the problem and 1 class on making a detailed plan. One thing that I found quite challenging was making a consensus on deciding design goal & target audience as we had different ideas; however, I found very interesting to continuously create and refine the product using various methods and communicating ideas as a team.

Lesson Behind the Polymer Project 2018

Throughout the polymer project, I’ve learned the importance of the teamwork and lab skills as well as the fact that polymer almost exist everywhere and it is very useful in many different aspects. Wrapping up this project, I’m very proud as we overcame the design constraints and did our best to make a successful slimy soap.

Brief Infomercial on Slimy Soap




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Polymer Journal#3

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Finalized Design Goal

We are making a synthetic polymer that could be used as a slimy soap that could instantly make foams without an interaction with water.

Design Criteria & Constraints

These are the five physical properties of our product: very slimy, strong, does not bounce, automatic odor and soft texture.

Factors that are constrained during this project are the limited amount of time, list of materials that are accessible, space, the container to keep the sample, etc.

 Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

1. Make 3 samples of gloop by:

a. make a 3cm mark at the small cup,

b. add 3cm of glue into the small cup,

c. measure 21ml of water using the graduated cylinder and put it into the small cup with 3cm of glue,

d. stir the cup using a clean spoon,

e. add 6 drops of green color solution into the small cup,

f. measure 24ml of borax solution using the graduated cylinder and put it into the small cup,

g. stir it using a clean spoon and place the completed gloop into a container.

2. Test the gloop and figure out the characteristics of a gloop that match the physical properties of a slimy soap as well as features that needs improvement.

3. Add or reduce materials and make another prototype if necessary.

4. Repeat step 2~3 until the sample has met all of the criteria needed to become a slimy soap.

Our Method for Testing the Prototypes

We will be testing our prototypes through 3 tests:

1. Bounce Test & Slime Rating: In this test, we will drop the sample at a height of 0.5m and observe whether it bounces or not.Also, we will test how the sample is slimy. These tests are very important because it should be very slimy and strong enough.

2. Slow Poke/ Fast Poke Test: In this test, we will slowly/quickly poke the sample and test whether it quickly recovers into its own shape or form a hole. This test is essential as it shouldn’t be sticky and maintain its shape.

3. Odor & Texture Test: In this test, we will test the odor and texture of the sample by using our senses. This test is very important because automatic odor and soft texture can attract the consumers’ attention.






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Polymer Journal#2

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Design Goal & Relevant Problem that will be solved by creating a polymer

Our group’s design goal for this polymer project is to make a synthetic polymer that could be used as a slimy soap in order to solve problems with businessman and shop owners too busy that they even don’t have time to wash their hands meticulously.

Target Audience

Our target audience is the businessman and shop owners who are very busy so they want to instantly make bubbles and quickly wash their hands in a simple way. Our slimy soap will help them because it is a time saver and it won’t affect their business. Also, it doesn’t require any materials rather than a soap to wash their hands and it is very simple to use.

Using Observations of Base Polymers

Gloop: We would like to borrow characteristics of soap odor, does not break easily and recover its own shape when applying pressure from Gloop. The characteristics are essential to our polymer as our product needs to have an aromatic scent and strong enough so it wouldn’t make a mess or destroyed when it is dropped from a height of 1~2m and there won’t be any holes even though it is being poked.

Boogers: We would like to use characteristics of the state of very slimy from boogers. This is vital to our polymer since it will help to instantly make foams without water.

Super Slime: We would like to apply characteristics of does not bounce easily from super slime. This is very important because it will prevent the soap from having a further damage when it is dropped.


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Polymer Journal #1

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I made an infographic using the Canva.

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In the capstone project, I would like to focus on the issue of air pollution in China. I personally believe that air pollution is a very decent problem in China that should be improved a lot within few years in order to protect the environment and meet the UN sustainable development goals.

This is my rough draft of a research question: To what extent does air pollution in China could affect the individuals’ physical health as well as the mental health?

From the research, I’m hoping to gather sufficient information on the causes of air pollution with statistics, its effects on the individuals’ physical health and mental health.

I would like to gain feedback regarding my research question.

Image result for Air pollution in China

Image Cited:

  1. Gan, Nectar. “Stop Blame Game on China’s Air Pollution, Environment Minister Says.” South China Morning Post, 13 Feb. 2015, 11:32pm, www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1712418/stop-blame-game-chinas-air-pollution-environment-minister-says.
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John Adams, he was a passionate man, optimistic man, and attentive man. He was very dependent on his father since his mother died due to the sudden heart attack 3 years ago. He settled down in America with his father right after the Proclamation of 1763 and he was a Loyalist as his father was a loyal subject to the British. Let’s dive into his exciting journey of American Revolution!

I made a presentation using Flipsnack

Throughout the American Revolution, lots of things have stayed the same and changed. It first led to the establishment of a new republic. As George Washington became the first president in America, two political groups emerged: Federalists who supported Adams and Hamilton, Republicans who supported Jefferson and Madison. In addition to the formation of a new form of government, there was a freedom in religion and there was really no financial or social gap in the society which mean every American were equal as it is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Although numerous things have been changed, there were also many things that remained consistent. Slavery was still a major problem and it became even more serious in the Southern states. Native Americans and women were treated almost same as before so Native Americans were often prosecuted and women didn’t gain personal rights. Moreover, wealthy landowners and merchants still dominated the society as well as politics.

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After we learned all the general concept in American Revolution, we as a group created a 5-minute long common craft video about the American Revolution. Common craft video uses the simplest images as possible and it only uses the person’s hand. To explain the context of the American Revolution, we corporated our voices along with relevant images and sound effects. Introducing the American Revolution, it took place between 1763 and 1783 after the British victory in Seven-years War. As soon as the Seven-years war between the Indians and British ceased, Britian set up a proclamation and they set up numerous taxes known as Salutary Neglect to the colonists in America. As a result, the tension got high and they got dissatisfaction with their life in America as a colonist. Starting from the Boston Massacre in 1770, the revolution took place in America and lots of battles such as Battle of Lexington, Battle of Saratoga and Battle of Yorktown occurred between the Americans and British to make America an independent nation.

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