Pacman is one of the old arcade game.

It’s simple.

But it’s complicated.


If you get the little coins, you get 10 points

If you touch the ghosts, you dies

When life becomes -1, game overs

When you eat cherry, you get 100 points


Press H to see high score

Press 0 to insert coin

Press space bar to start


Press arrows to move


That’s all.






The purpose of the game was to follow the original Pacman as far as possible.

I have implemented many systems such as the moving system, the AI of the monster, and so on.

However, I couldn’t accomplish the PERFECT AI of the monster, and the Invincible mode of the Pacman.


It was still interesting experience. I didn’t know we could make the original arcade game with the block coding system; I thought we need text based coding to make arcade games.

It was nice to accomplish the game system to the point where I could run it,.
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Peace in the Death

Peace in the Death


It was a week after Romeo and Juliet died.


“Miserable Romeo. Was that love that important to you? Thee, the most important person to us. Should you leave us like that?” Lord Montague was howling all day and all night in front of the casket of Romeo; even a week passed from the death of Romeo.


At the same moment, Lord Capulet, who’s Juliet’s father was also bawling, “Poor Juliet. That foolish idea made both families in the sorrow. That foolish prophesies made beautiful daughter into the death. I can’t see thy beauty anymore.”


Their weeping sounds could be heard in the entire kingdom. Both of them were conflicted in their mind. ‘Should I follow my kid? Should I care for my young one and stay next to him/her? Should I revenge on my hereditary enemy?’ By the day pass, their conflict got deeper and deeper, and they regretted all day and all night.


Few days after, two families met in the middle of the field with their children’s coffins.

Each of the families had a funeral and made the grave for them.

“Rest in Peace, Romeo, and Juliet, we love you and we’ll miss you,” families muttered in small voices, with some sobbing and weeping sounds.

The funeral of the two young children seemed to end peacefully. First, Lord Capulet opened his mouth, “Lord Montague, I apologize that I couldn’t stop Juliet doing that fake suicide, and fall all of our kids to death.” Lord Montague responded, “No, it was our fault. If we didn’t kill thy family, this unfortunate wouldn’t happen at all. I apologize.”


None of the people had another opinion about this. Pure love between Romeo and Juliet with the hindrance of their names and families, borne this result. Their selfishness and foolishness made them fall in death.


Then, Lord Capulet opened his mouth again and shouted, “Though our kids already died, they brought peace to us. With the Moral lesson of their pure love, me, Lord Capulet mind Montague family be allies with us and continue peace. No more poor death like this. No more unnecessary blood like this.” Lord Montague continued, “With the peace of two families and for two pure kids!”


Clapping and Cheering, Crying and Yelling. Lots of noises could be heard all around the field at once. This peace continued to their descendants and had peaceful lives.


“Rest in Peace. Romeo and Juliet.”

[402 words]

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3 Connections between Crater, by Homer Hickam and current society


1. This book is not that far future.

  1. Our world is making stronger weapons as much as we can to protect their people, country, etc., and in the book Crater, it talks that because of the wars in the earth, we need to get environments in the moon, called Helium 3. The technology we have right now, nuclear missile, can still be dangerous to us. And can happen to us.

2. Our world goes to way of destruction slowly

  1. Due to lots of events in society and better treatments and relationship between each countries, possibility of war had decreased, but, still, the countries like Iraq are still having small or big wars, and this won’t make whole world to be like a world in the book, but can make small countries like that.
  2. If ww3 becomes true, world will become like that shortly.

3. Effects to the rich people in the future

  1. Cost of money is getting higher than before, and character in this book called Petro, who is the best friend of Crater, was a rich guy when the earth was normal, but due to destruction of the earth, world massed up. To me, the decrease of cost of money due to war is the big reason that Petro became poor. This is connected with the theory called illuminati that they are controlling whole world and can make money as low cost to us.


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English Blog post-Crater by Homer Hickam

1/29-story telling

“Crater,” by Homer Hickam, is aimed at younger readers and manages to deliver quite a well-paced adventure. The book focuses on the adventures of Crater Trueblood a 16 year old blue collar kid who lives on the Moon complete with a mysterious past and a penchant for invention. He also has a knack of stumbling into one mini-adventure after another as he makes his way across the lunar surface to catch a ride on a spaceship to obtain a secret object for his boss. In a nutshell, “Crater” is sort of like Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones on the Moon – with some Johnny Quest thrown in for good measure..

Without giving too much away the story is set in 2143. Earth has had a series of wars and political upheavals. This has allowed the civilization that has been developing to take on a unique nature of its own – one driven by resource extraction. The biggest commodity mined is Helium-3 which is used to fuel the nuclear reactors Earth can’t do without. (Review by Keith Cowing)


The book “Crater,” by Homer Hickam uses logos to make the young readers to read this book. Like the review from Keith Cowing said, the story focuses on the adventure of Crater Trueblood. Also the time the author set was 2143, only about 100 years after. The story which getting the environment from space can be happen soon, so this book makes us to imagine and follow the story well.

  • Think about what you want to focus on in your reading today. Close reading? Elements of fiction/story? A lense? Personal response (text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world)? Then read independently for 20 minutes.


“Crater,” by Homer Hickam

This time, I will focus on the lens of Marxist. The main character, Crater Trueblood, loves his jobs as a miner. But his life changed after he saved a fellow miner.  The owner of the mine gave a dangerous mission to him. And Crater had no choice. In this part, with Marxist lens, we can see Crater must follow the owner of mine, doesn’t have choice even his life can be fall in danger. Like this, weak person who don’t have the power couldn’t get freedom. With this Marxist lens, we can see other things, too. Crater was useful than his captain, however, he’s still captain, so he can’t use his power.



Feb 11

Crater, who is the main character in this book’s best friend, Petro is a boy of his age that should be a royalty, if earth had continued in its normal path, however due to nuclear wars, he should be a miner who mine Helium-3 in the moon. And Maria is the granddaughter of the “Colonel”, who is the owner of the mine Petro and Crater work on. Normally, if the earth existed in common way, Petro should be on the higher level than other two characters, but due to destruction of the Earth, Petro became lower class, what was worse, his class fell to same class of Crater, a miner. Despite Petro became a miner, Crater and Petro became the best friend and made achievement together. This make us to break the Marxist lens we have at future, but in some ways, it still has like the owner of the mine didn’t need to do lots of things like miners and made some workers such as Crater participate in hard mission, could threaten their lives, even Crater is only 16 years old. 

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EAL 9/10 Explain Everything

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EAL Explain Everything isbtube link

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Connection between the book, Crater and Current society

Then produce a “listicle” blog post for your chosen topic. I’ve listed some possible blog post titles below, but these are my titles. Yours can’t be exactly the same.

  • g. 5 Archetypal Elements in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
  • g. 11 Reasons I Loved The House on Mango Street
  • g. 7 Things I have in common with Junior
  • g. 13 Reasons Feminists Would Hate…
  • g. 3 Connections Between ________ and Current Events


Today, I will talk about 3 connections between the book I read, Crater and current society and technology. Our world is making stronger weapons as much as we can to protect their people, country, etc., and in the book Crater, it talks that because of the wars in the earth, we need to get environments in the moon, called Helium 3. The technology we have right now, nuclear missile, can still be dangerous to us. And can happen to us.

Fortunately, due to lots of events and better treat of countries, possibility of war had decreased, but the countries like Iraq are still having small or big wars, and this won’t make whole world like in the book, but can make small countries like that.

Also, character in this book called Petro, who is the best friend of Crater, was a rich guy when the earth was normal, but due to destruction of the earth, world massed up. To me, the decrease of cost of money due to war is the big reason that Petro became poor. This is connected with the theory called illuminati that they are controlling whole world and can make money as low cost to us.


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EAL9/10 Project Science Physics Energy Transfer-Jay Cho

EAL9/10 Project

Video about Energy transfer with using Sankey diagram as examples


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Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card

In the book Ender’s game, Orson Scott explores the characterization of Ender with lots of conflicts with the characters and surroundings.





Ender was a third kid of Wiggin family. At that time, third child wasn’t allowed by the government; The aliens called buggers, so humans were short on environments. However, Ender Wiggin’s families were genius, the genius who didn’t want to be a soldier for the war with buggers, so government allowed them to have third kid due to previous kids weren’t suitable for captain of the army.

When the Ender became little old, means can speak and understand the order, he went to combat school, the school that learns how to fight with buggers. One day, he had mock combat with his class and won. Ender was person who was concentrated by predecessor (reason is at 2nd paragraph) and he became a soldier who practice for real combat. He was the best soldier in the team and leaded his own team called dragon army. They had combat with two teams at once but completely won and had real combat with buggers. He won the battle and Ender was guilty that he killed whole creatures of one species. And he left from the army.


This book characterizes humans’ emotion well. As I told at previous paragraphs, Ender was genius, also had lots of conflicts. However, he mostly solved those conflicts clever and reliable ways. For example, after Ender was having practice in weightless place with Petra when he was in salamander army, captain told him that do not practice anymore with her (captain hated losing from someone) but Ender told captain to come and counseled with half threaten to say teams that his mind changed. This way was best way which making both Ender and captain don’t hurt, means it was clever and peaceful way to solve the conflict between them. Even though Ender was ignored and was looked down by people such as salamander army captain, Ender didn’t give up and even more he became a hero of humans. To the normal soldier, it might be happy when he won the war, but, however he had mature physics, his mental wasn’t, therefore he was guilty that he destroyed one planet and one species. In this part, it shows that for great success, there are great risks like to humans survive, they should kill all of burgers, and show hardship of reality that some adults lie to children for their job or their achievement. Ender decided to leave from human and it shows hard decision of humans.



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Detector Conan (Japanese anime)

In episode 821 of Japanese Anime, Case Closed, also called Detective Conan, the exposition begins by finding the stolen money: 30000$ by the thief. The thief stole 30000$ from bank and ran away. However, due to traffic accident, the criminal died. Also, few days later, a threatening call was called to the temple called Dongara temple during construction work. Next, the main character of this anime, Conan and other detector Richard were shown to the screen. Their goal was to find the culprit of the crime in temple. They fortunately heard that twins might be a suspect of this crime. From here, the story starts with the question, “Will the twins a criminal of ta emple crime?”.


Spoiler Alert


They first went to twin’s house and asked some questions; Why your dad was at the two places at the same time; What are those newspapers for? And each time they asked twins a question, twins were embarrassed. Twins hurriedly ended conversation and let detectors go away. Conan and Richard continued their deduction and made a conclusion that twins killed their dad and buried his body at temple. When detectors visited twin’s house, their dad was still alive and they were frightened, couldn’t connect their conversation.


They collected clues and made a final decision. However, Conan found out their decision was wrong. Moreover, Conan saw that Richard was trying to talk that wrong decision to all. Conan anesthetize Richard and started his opinion with voice changer device. He made an excellent decision and prove that the thief crime and temple crime were connected. If you want to know how he proved it, watch the video.


The major dramatic question of “Will the twins a criminal of a temple crime?” is answered at the resolution with the answer of yes, they were the criminals of a temple crime. The resolution didn’t utilize dues ex machina techniques, however they utilized Conan. A simple statement or resolution of “They found 30000$ at the temple and with the condition that they won’t say twins were the criminal of the temple crime, however they should work at the temple,” is peaceful, showing that we should never crime and should talk to someone else when we find the lots of amount of money, so not be selfish.

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Too Late

“Ordeal by Cheque” by Wuther Crue is a series of checks that gives readers a creative way to think of their own short story. The short story I wrote is called “Too Late” It starts off as Lawrence Exeter Junior born at the Hollywood Hospital. Their family was pretty rich that he used more than 20 thousands dollars at once. But Lawrence Exeter Sr. fell in love with other woman, his second wife and Lawrence Exeter Jr. had hard time.





Your family, Lawrence Exeter family, didn’t have an excellent time, had a great time with society but the relationship with your families wasn’t good. On September 2nd, 1903. Birds were singing, and flowers were blooming and between those, in Hollywood, you were born. Your families were really happy because you were Your families were filthy wealthy. You attended to private schools and went to Stanford University. You were an assiduous student; however, your dad, Lawrence Exeter Sr. didn’t use his money properly. When you had a wedding ceremony, he didn’t come. Your dad was busy to have time with his secondary wife, Miss Daisy Windsor. Actually, he wasn’t such good dad before he got second wife.


Your dad was a great businessman. He succeed lots of business jobs. He spent such much money at lots of things and it includes you, too. One day, he went to France for his business, and he met Miss Daisy Windsor who would become second wife of Lawrence Exeter Sr.. She was really beautiful and your dad fell in love with him. This was your dad’s first wrong decision. He didn’t care about you a lot like the previous time. He paid you money but he was still worse than before. Furthermore, he didn’t come to your marry ceremony.


You had wedding ceremony with your wife, Flossie. You spent lots of money for her like your dad spent. Nevertheless, your dad didn’t come to your wedding ceremony. He didn’t know it was the last party that he will have.


You had lots of fun time with your family, opposite with your dad. Also, you were also great businessman like your dad. You spent lots of money to other companies and all of those were succeed. Your family had blissful and luxurious time for whole lifetime. But sad news came soon.


A few months after your marriage, you found out that you have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the disease which causes the sudden death. You met doctor and tried to fix it. But it was too late to fix it. Therefore, you died in Flossie, your wife’s arms. Your dad regretted that he didn’t go to your marriage and didn’t care a lot. However, you were already died. It was too late to change your death. He was great businessman but was’t a great parents. He regretted all the time and had lonely time; He lost his son and his wives: first wife hated that your dad was fell in love and second wife only liked his money, not him.

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