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In A Box

  For this project, we were told to decorate a wooden box by using with a theme. Everyone of the students have a different theme. After we’re done building, it is presented outside the studio.

For me, this project was very inspiring, and its also the project that I think that I’ve done the best on. The theme I got was Time, and I could think of so many things within one word, time. At the beginning of the project, what I only had was a clock and a box. But one of my class mates inspired me by accidentally tripping over from a chair. I thought, you will experience different things through time, good things, happy things, sad things and a lot more. I decided to spray painting my clock and the box half white and half black. Black, meaning ungrateful, white, meaning grateful. I was pretty impressed after I saw how it turned out. After a period of time, I decided to use the paper clips as chains, to cover the clock, meaning that time cannot be changed and it will only go on its way. For the golden bottle and the cd, I spray painted them gold because of how time is really valuable and people don’t seem to know about it, you can get whatever things on earth, but you can’t stop the time, all of these things are fairly obvious, and how its shown actually makes me reflect to my own life.

Through out this project, I learned that its really hard to make things look good, and to be very patient with your work, at the beginning of the class, I had a idea that I thought it was perfect, but I ended up with something completely different and it looked better. Also, I learned how to use tools to get things done in a neater and a quicker time. What I also learned is to gain feedback from the classmates, first I thought all the feedback would be 100% useless, but after my project was done, I realized it wouldn’t be as good as it is now if I didn’t get feedback and inspirations from others.


Through out the project, a lot of different people and friends helped me with it. Before this project, I do not like to listen to other’s ideas, I work the way that I feel it is correct. But in reality, it is not like that, taking the advices from peers can really make a huge different on your work. In this project, several people had comments on it, and I read their comments and reflected, and I felt that was a good idea. Different people have different ways of thinking, and when you’re in their shoes thinking what they are thinking, that’s the time when you’re learning new things.


In this artwork, in order to make your final product to look good, lots of deep observations are required. For example, looking at your artwork at different angles, different distance, and try to place all the objects at the best angle. Observation in art is very important, it can make your work so much better when you look in to it detailedly.


I was very happy when I got the theme Time. Because in the present moment, I thought of a lot of things that I can potentially use to decorate my box. Personally, I really value time, because I know that time can never stop, no one can change anything about it. In my life, there was a lot of happy things and sad things, thats also another reason why I spray painted my artwork black and white. I feel I expressed a lot of my personal experiences in this artwork, even when I’m working on it, a lot of things will suddenly come in to my mind.

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Fast & Slow

In the start of the year, I experienced a new way of drawing. On an A3 paper, we had two tasks to complete, one is to use water color to draw the rickshaw in a vaguely. The other is to use an ink pen to draw the rickshaw in your vision, without stopping.

For the water color drawing, I really liked how it effected the whole drawing when it turned out. Drawing like this is not really my style, but after I experienced this way of drawing, I think it’s interesting. Usually, I wouldn’t draw like that, but after these few classes, I learned that drawing like this can really help you to look in to the specific parts of what you’re drawing, drawing with no imagination but only with your vision in the present.

In the future, I will definitely use this technique to improve my observation skills, because I really like to memorize the art work when I see it, with imagination and memory, when my art work is done, I find it not identical because I didn’t look in to what I’m drawing.


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Charcoal Drawing

For this task, all students were told to draw their own clothes with color values using charcoal. Most of the students in the class have not yet used charcoal to draw before, including me. To make things easier, we were told to bring an egg to draw, charcoal is a material with different values of black color, drawing an egg will help the students to get the dark values in it, and to use the best fit color for the drawing.

This is my first time using charcoal, at the beginning, I found it really difficult to use, and I couldn’t control how the depth of darkness when I draw. After my first egg drawing was done, I continued to my second. While I’m drawing the second egg, I found the values are easier to find, and starting to know what to do. The second egg turned out completely different than my first.

As I start to draw my clothes, I found out that the two lines that divided the paper in to four small boxes really helped me through out my way, zooming in to one of the boxes can really let you focus on what you’re drawing. Seeing the specific details on the picture, and drawing it, works a lot better than just drawing on the huge A3 paper, in the future, when I’m drawing large artworks, I’m sure that I will use this technique again.

The biggest challenge that I have faced in the process must be shading. Using charcoal to shade is a very difficult job for me since its my first time using this type of tool. Charcoal can also be easily ruined. Even with a small touch or scratch. This is what I really need to improve if I have another chance to use charcoal for drawing.

Overall, during this project, I learned how different dark values can really show where the focal point is, and how an artwork can also be interesting without color.

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Art 1 Reflection

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In Beijing, it’s very hard to see clean and blue skies, experiencing good air quality, like you could in the U.S. But for the Sunday league game, it was a sunny, hot, and thrilling day for every single player on the pitch. The smell of clean air, no clouds but only a light blue sky that never ends. Sunlight shining right at coach Rob’s sunglasses. With a formation of 4-3-3, Gavin playing in goal, Harry playing on left back, Mark playing on center back with Bowen, Maxim on the right back position, Ryan on left midfield, Axel playing on center attacking midfield, and David on right midfield. Corinthians also have Jeffrey on left wing, Billy on striker and Neymar on right wing. The team of Corinthians have great chemistry, they had been training together for 3 year long. Some of the players from ISB, some from BSB, and some from Dulwich. All the players have to be extremely talented in order to join the Corinthians. After a quick talk from coach Rob, the game started. Billy passes to Jeffrey. After a quick sudden, from the left hand side of the pitch, overlapping Jeffrey, “Pass! Here!” shouted Ryan in a wide area. The through ball plays from Jeffrey, Ryan outpaced his defender and fetched the ball as fast as he could, the goalkeeper was one on one with Ryan, with a slide tackle, fouled by the opponent, Ryan gets to take a penalty. Eyes scanning and aiming for the corners of the goal, while his sweat drops on the pitch. He started his run-up, and quickly, with a “pam” sound, Ryan took the shot.  The goalkeeper Jack, stretches his body in order to allow him to prevent the ball from going in the goal. It was too difficult for Jack, the ball flew like an arrow, going straight at the top right corner of the goal. It is as accurate as hitting a bullseye, as Ryan celebrates his amazing goal, when Jack is disappointed on himself. The score is 1-0 now, and Sports Beijing kicks off again, with a dangerous one-two pass, Oli, using his great agility, dribbles through Harry, pass Maxim, crosses the ball in to the penalty area. Gavin jumped and caught the ball in mid-air, very steadily, plays a long lob to Axel. Without an extra touch, using his back heel, lobs the ball over all defenders, received accurately by Jeffrey at the left hand side, a Marseille turn, quickly, a chip – shot, the football directly flew over the keeper, and landed in the goal. After all, the great Beijing derby finally ended, with a score of 2-0, won by the Corinthians.


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Wooden Chair

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Trip essay

Two weeks ago, I went to a trip to great wall with 41 other students from grade 7 ISB futures academy.


At the first day, we basically just rested in the barracks. Didn’t do much at the first day. Second day was the best day ever in the trip, we get to wake up a 3AM in the morning and climb to the wild wall (part of a great wall). Me and my roommates were tired and don’t want to go. But we know we have to, so that we got changed slowly, and went to the dining room to meet the teachers. After that, the teachers told us to get 2 bottles of water and a box of chocolate milk. We started the hike, it was tough. The hike was about 3 hours to get on the wild wall, when we got to the top of the great wall, we saw the beautiful sunrise, it was amazing. The sunrise let us forget everything.


What they may not know is the great wall was built because at the Warring state dynasty there was a lot of enemies trying to attack the place that the great wall was built. It took 2000 years to finish building the Great wall. The total length of the Great wall is more then 50000 kilometers. You could find the Great wall in Beijing, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Mongolia and other places. The most visible part of the wall is the Great wall’s main part; the average height of the wall of the great wall is 8.7 meters. During the Ming dynasty, people started to change some parts of the great wall, to make it more efficient. When the guards at the watching tower saw the enemy, they will blow up black smoke to inform the troops to get ready to fight.


By the end of this trip, the students in futures academy will have more ideas of the wild wall.



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Craft and Structure RR3

Incomprehensibly: late Middle English (earlier than comprehensible): from Latin incomprehensibilis, from in- ‘not’ + comprehensibilis

Reluctant: mid 17th cent. (in the sense ‘writhing, offering opposition’): from Latin reluctant- ‘struggling against,’ from the verb reluctari, from re- (expressing intensive force) + luctari ‘to struggle.’

Smothered: Middle English (as a noun in the sense ‘stifling smoke’): from the base of Old English smorian‘suffocate.’

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Setting – RR2

The setting of the story starts at England, Michael travels with his parents around the world on the yacht Peggy sue after his parents lose their jobs at the brickworks and decide to sail the seven seas. Michael’s parents teach him what he would have normally learnt at school and he has a secret log that he writes in. They travel from England to Africa, South America and Australia. He was on the lookout one night with his sheepdog, Stella Artois and they awake to discover that they are washed up on an island in the Pacific.

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