How it All Down-Spiralled

He was idealistic. He had a normal life. He had dreams. Where did it all go? Ah yes. Mercutio did have a friend who shared his idealistic views. In fact, she was the one who inspired Mercutio to dream big. The young boy had long forgotten the name of his long since dead friend.

His friend was a girl. A woman, and yet he was not. Mercutio never thought of it as anything wrong. In fact, while he did harbour feelings for her, he was fine with just staying friends with her.

Mercutio went to the same spot he always did when they meet, by the edge of the river at dusk. As he sat down on the soft grass beside her, he listened intently to the sounds of the river running and the evening birds chirping. His mind is a blur from all the memories he tried to erase, but the visuals were permanently etched into his head.

She was the first to break the silence. She spoke of what she always did; dreams, goals, things that would never happen. Mercutio always laughed with her, agreed with her, wished for the same things to happen. For he too believed that impossible things could be possible.

When night fell, Mercutio secretly walked her back home, trying to stay out of sights and making sure his friend wasn’t attacked by anyone. At night, it wasn’t safe for a woman to walk home alone. Houses were on each side of the wide stony street and the only colours shone were the yellow streetlights and the blueish darkness. All lights in each house was dimmed which brought out the light of the stars above and the only sounds heard could be their voices and their footsteps. As they spoke, neither of them had any idea that someone from her family was silently watching.

Just as they neared the street of her home, he jumped out from nowhere, a glare in his eyes and a smirk on his lips clearly showed his intentions.

“Elder Sister, you disgraceful witch. Sold your body to a man before you could marry.” He said to her.

“One shall not speak to their elders this way.” She spoke back, her fists slightly clenched in fear. “How are you so sure I sold my body?”

“Women need men for everything. You must have done something for him to be standing side by side with you.” Her younger brother stepped forward slowly.

“I feel nothing for him, only feelings of friendship.” She stepped back slowly in fear of confrontation.

“She speaks the truth. I only see her as a dear friend.” Mercutio said.

“Lies. That is what you speak of, you foulmouthed witch.” Her younger brother said, raising his voice. “You disgraced our family! I am ashamed to be your brother!”

“Young boy, you do not understand what you don’t see. You don’t see the possibility that I do not love her.” Mercutio lied. “It’s a relationship of friendship, no more no less.”

“Speak of the truth! Or else mother and father will hear of this!” Her younger brother drew a knife from his back pocket.

“Younger brother, there is no need to draw your sword. I’ll accept punishment for lies that are not true, just do not take my life, not just yet.” She covered her mouth, tears dabbing her eyes in fear of death.

“Liar. I will not be in the same family as a whore like you.” He ran up to his older sister and jabbed his knife straight into her belly. Her clothes now dabbed with the colour red, spreading on the silk like a disease as tears sprang from her eyes.

“This was…pointless…all this for just…being friends with…a man…how…laughable…” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her limp body fell to the ground with a thud. Mercutio stared at her dead body. His mind blank with nothing but shock…and a new emotion that crept upon him. Rage.

Blood covered the streets of his city. His rage-indulged screams filled the air as he plunged the knife into her younger brother’s throat. Before long, the brother was a bloody mess, and he fled to Verona.

5 Reasons Why Kill the Boy Band fangirls are Different From Anime Fangirls

  1. Anime fangirls don’t always buy posters and merchandise. Some of our parents won’t give us the time and money to go see Hatsune Miku tours, or buy the latest limited edition of figurines.
  2. Anime fangirls get inspired. For example, one was a fan of a sports anime, they would get inspired to do that sport. Like me, I enjoy the art style and the music of anime and I start to enjoy drawing anime. The fangirls in Kill the Boy Band simply like the boy bands’ looks but nobody was inspired to learn to sing.
  3. They aren’t even real. Unlike the fangirls from Kill the Boy Band, who’ve seen the band’s live concert at least once, we don’t get to meet the people that we love. We can only see the authors who wrote the manga for the anime’s that we love and the voice actors for our favorite characters.
  4. They don’t kidnap. Maybe there’s the exceptional few who would kidnap the author of the manga or the voice actors or the production team but there’s no point because they’re not the actual characters.
  5. They have it the worst. The protagonist says that band fangirls have it the worst, but really it’s the anime fangirls. They love people who will never exist. They give everything they have in their heart to someone who was just created by someone who wasn’t even similar to them.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1

Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 starts off with a female binge-eater ghoul desperately eating a group of humans and then escaping after another ghoul wants to take her alive. In a coffee shop, a young university boy named Kaneki drinking coffee with his best friend Hide, talking about Kaneki’s date. Kaneki goes on the date the next day, only to find that his date, Rize, is the binge-eater ghoul causing trouble in the beginning part. Just as Kaneki is about to get killed, bars crash onto Rize, killing her. A doctor transplants the Rize’s organs into Kaneki but turns him into a half-ghoul. Unable to live like a normal human anymore, he wanders around helpless and is almost killed by another ghoul, claiming the area to be his feeding grounds. A girl appears, which Kaneki recognizes to be Touka, a waitress he met before, and saves Kaneki, but in a cruel way, which kind of results in a Deus ex Machina ending for episode 1. Three major questions form in the one episode and two were already solved in that one episode, which were first, who is Kaneki going on a date with? Second, what will happen to Kaneki after the date? We already know that Kaneki’s going on a date with Rize, the binge-eater ghoul and that he becomes a half-ghoul after the date. That then leads to the ultimate major question: will Kaneki be able to live as a half-ghoul? The first season of Tokyo Ghoul focuses on Kaneki struggling to embrace his ghoul side because of him living as a half-ghoul, which Kaneki finds messed up because he never wanted to be a half-ghoul and live his life like a normal human. His main goal is to be able to live a normal life despite being a half-ghoul, which is sort of a concrete goal because it’s what Kaneki wants the most throughout the season and cries all the way through about it. Of course, there are some external conflicts and internal conflicts. First of all, there’s the CCG, the Commission of Counter-Ghoul which is an organization dedicated to driving all the ghouls out of Tokyo. Second is the Aogiri Tree, an organization of ghouls trying to suppress humans and prove that ghouls should dominate the earth and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way, including ghouls who want to live like normal humans just like Kaneki. Third, which is an internal conflict, is Rize. Because Kaneki has Rize’s organs transplanted into him, he can always feel Rize’s presence around him, pushing him to succumb to his ghoul side and eat all the humans he can, just like her.

The Tale of Money

Money. It can be seen as beauty. You can trade it for many things such as diamonds, purses, Cadillacs and other stuff. It can be seen as evil. It can make you become greedy and selfish. It can be seen as hope. You can buy food with it. But in this tale, you will see it become a strange story, in the form of cheques.

One day, a woman and her husband are shopping in a place named Yoosie Yandere Baby Shoppe. They’re about to have a baby, and the woman is due in about September. Very typical scene. Every couple that gets married has to have children, at least that was what they were told. That fateful day soon arrives and a little boy named Lawrence Exeter Jr. is born, with the help of Dr. David McCoy, their doctor. The young boy lives happily as a cheerful boy. His parents take him to a California Joyland theme park on his birthday and buy him a nice bike with cute training wheels. 6 years later, his parents send him to school on October the 6th. Oh, that feeling of watching your young boy leave for his first day at school, knowing he has a future ahead.

When he’s old enough, his parents send him to a military academy. As celebration that their son is going to a military school, they buy him a Cadillac, only for it to be broken. The young boy fakes a smile and pouts in apology but it’s still broken and expensive to fix. As he grows older, he attends Stanford University. But even though he’s in a fabulous university, his performance isn’t up to standard. To help him, his father pays for a private tutor named Miss Daisy Windsor. Lawrence Exeter Jr. falls in love with his private tutor and wants to take her out on a date but needs to ask for money from his father to take her out on a very nice date. Soon, the young man buys a nice diamond ring from Beverly Diamond Gift Shoppe and proposes, to which Daisy accepts. Lawrence Exeter Jr. and Daisy Windsor have a nice wedding and go on a lovely honeymoon to Hawaii and Daisy goes out to buy new clothes for herself such as boots, lingerie and others.

Lawrence Exeter Sr. pays an eccentric and weird architect named Tony Spagoni to build his son’s new house and then finds a midwife for the pregnant Daisy named Miss Flossie Wentworth. Then something goes wrong in Lawrence Exeter Sr.’s relationship with his wife, Lawrence Exeter Jr.’s mother, and pays a divorce lawyer named Caleb Peno Municipal for a divorce. He must send his ex-wife money or else he’s looked down upon in society. Because this man is too focused on his divorce, he runs out of money for his divorce and all the process. Lawrence Jr. sends him some money to help and needs to pay for Tony Spagoni to fix up the last of his new house, but he’s sick and cannot write properly. Just as he sends Peter Ventegi, his friend, some money because he owed him money a few years ago, he collapses and is taken to the hospital, only to be diagnosed with cancer. Lawrence Sr. begs the Hollywood Hospital and Dr. David McCoy to help but he cannot. Lawrence Jr. has died.

Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe – Reinterpretation

In this assignment, we were asked to read The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and find a passage and change it into a different perspective or point of view. What I did was that I changed the first person perspective of the madman to a third person limited perspective limited to the Evil Eye: “It’s not its fault that it looks the way it is. It’s not its fault it looks like a vulture’s eye. Nobody seems to care, but one man. It knows he puts on a fake smile when he’s around. It can tell that he hates it, just because it looks like a vulture’s eye.”  I did this because the eye was what the madman was afraid of the most and wanted to destroy the most but the protagonist of the story was also kind of the antagonist because he was a psychopathic murderer. To me, murderers are more frightening when you can’t predict what they’re going to do next so I chose a third person limited perspective to put some distance between the reader, the eye and the madman: “When the darkness comes and all the eye can see is the bottom of the eyelid, it knows the man comes. He is careful since the eye can see almost nothing, but it can feel the presence of a wicked being.”

“It’s not its fault that it looks the way it is. It’s not its fault it looks like a vulture’s eye. Nobody seems to care, but one man. It knows he puts on a fake smile when he’s around. It can tell that he hates it, just because it looks like a vulture’s eye. He takes good care of the man who owns it, making sure he’s safe. But it knows his hidden intentions, it can see it. It knows he’s mad. It might not seem like it’s possible, but it can see it, for it is an eye, a pale blue eye with a grey film over it. He acts as though he’s not mad and it knows, and that’s probably why he wants to get rid of it. It can see the madness boiling inside the madman, the madman who claims to be perfectly fine. When the darkness comes and all the eye can see is the bottom of the eyelid, it knows the man comes. He is careful since the eye can see almost nothing, but it can feel the presence of a wicked being. He would undo the lantern so carefully and so slowly just so a single ray fell upon the covered eye. For seven long nights, he did this, and this it knows for it stays awake during the night. Even so, the eye can tell that he’s being careful. For seven long nights, the eye sees the light shining but the source of the light doesn’t do anything. He stays there, not moving, and not reaching out for the kill. It knows why he won’t move. It knows why he won’t kill. For it was not the host that vexed him, but the Evil Eye.”

Hope…?! – a Found Poem

“I was born with water on the brain.”, or so that’s what he said. Here stands a fourteen-year-old outcast from society with a hidden ray of hope buried deep down under pain and sufferings.

In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a round, life-like, complex character. Sherman Alexie shows a lot how setting affects the character. Examples include such as Junior’s physical health (his stutter and lisp, his forty-two teeth, his glasses, his disproportioned body), the environment he lives in and the way he’s treated affects the character himself. Junior is a character who yearns for the world to hear him: “I draw because I want the world to pay attention to him.”. Because he’s an Indian, his family isn’t so rich and he wouldn’t be complaining about his family situation and he might actually have a clearer brighter future like all the other white kids. He might not like drawing and he might not be bullied as much.

Letter of Characterization

Dear Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Sostak,

Today I will be answering a question for my book Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran. So the question is: What details or words helped you to understand the personality of this character? Well so basically for example, there was this one character who was Marie Antoinette’s daughter who was sometimes called Madame Royale. Marie Grosholtz, the protagonist, describes her by saying, “It’s hard for me to imagine to imagine Madame Royale wearing anything but a scowl,”. This quote helps us understand that the 11-year-old daughter of Marie Antoinette is a bitter little girl. Also, Marie Grosholtz’s older brother’s wife, Abrielle, is seen as a shy girl with the quote: “Abrielle peeks around the workshop door. I’m reminded of a little mouse.” This quote tells us that she’s a tiny person and a frightful one. So basically, details and words like “scowl on her face” or “little mouse” tell us about these character by making us think about them and it does tell instead of show.

-Jenny Song

In Regards to Love Eros – One Day 2017

a. How did you feel about completing your task?

I feel that the piece was a little hard and I could have done another song

b.What did you learn on One Day?

I learned most of my piece

c. What do you feel proud of?

I feel proud that I was able to complete it and manage to pull it off

d.What did you struggle with?

I struggled with attempting the fast part.

e.Is the quality of your product good? How do you know?

I don’t know. I did my best but I don’t know if others will think so.

f.Did you receive any feedback from any other students in your group?

No one from my group gave me feedback.

g.How did you improve your design from when you first started?

At first, I wanted to divide the piece do a different recording for each bit but then I just decided to do one giant recording and only individualize the hard bit.


Xinglong observatory trip

For one night, I lived at the Xinglong Observatory as a scientist. It was different from our everyday lives. Their sites were rather far apart and snow was really often on the mountains. The accommodations were simple. It’s nice and all but it’s hard to believe that they can stay in this for a while. I just wonder do they take a break while their partners cover up for them? The most unexpected parts of the trip is how the scientists never take any breaks, just so they can see and nebula or a dying star of some sort. One of the scientists there discovered the Pacman Nebula, which is pretty exciting. I really enjoyed the Xinglong Observatory trip. My favourite part was star-gazing, even though it was freezing. I wonder how they are able to do this every single day without catching hypothermia of some sort. And I learned about how they found out about Pluto, what they used to find out about Pluto and how large the universe is (78 billion light years). I even saw a shooting star!!


Here is a lovely picture of the sun through a telescope. We saw this through a special telescope and even used another small ones and saw rainbows through them. I’m pretty sure they were the flares.


Here is a not so lovely picture of the Orion Nebula. I tried to take a photo, it was horrible but the original was really prettyimage4

Here is all of us just before we were about to leave the observatory. It was amazing experience

Here are some recordings of me on site. I just hope that they’re hearable. I didn’t get any videos because my phone was running out of storage.

Yuratchka’s Story

Is a good meal all that hard to ask for? Why did we have to go to such extreme measures? All that I, as a noble sailor, ask for is something good to eat for once and to get a good pay after everything my mates and I have done for this ship.

It all started when we were served borscht infested with maggots. The ship doctor said they were only fly eggs and the meat was completely safe to eat. Of course the meat was not! After a hard day of work, they expect me to eat fly eggs?! But I had to remain composure, because I was lucky enough to get a job and food to eat so I had to be appreciative of what I had.

But then later those foolish upper-class people really went overboard. Two men; Matyushenko and Vakulenchuk, suggest we protest by not eating the meat at all. Lunch came but nobody ate any of the meat in the borscht. I don’t blame them, I didn’t either. It was just too disturbing. Borscht is usually vkusno, especially back at home with a glass of vodka.

Anyway, the captain saw this and had us line up on the main deck. He threatened us with death if we didn’t eat the borscht. Was he really this much of a heartless man? But I didn’t want to make him angry and have me lose my job. So when he asked whoever wanted to eat the borscht to step forward, a few of my mates and I did so because we lost our nerve. But a few stubborn ones didn’t. That’s when the mutiny started.

The captain called the ship marine guards to kill those who didn’t want to eat the meat. But just before they could get to us, we took cover at a nearby gun turret. Matyushenko ordered us to take over the ship. This was the time to rebel. We took their guns, armed ourselves and shot the marine guards.

The mutiny on that ship was bloody and brutal. It was too much like a war. We threw men overboard and shot as many officers as we could. I never in a million years imagined myself doing this, but this is all for our sake. All that could be heard were gunshots and yells. The officers never had time to escape, only to be met by the face of death. A few men found the captain hiding in a stateroom and shot him dead.

After that mutiny, I realize now that I’ve been too passive just because I had a job that allowed me to survive. Many of my mates died on the Potemkin but they died with pride and dignity. I want a better Russia. I will gladly join the revolutionaries to overthrow the useless and unkind Tsar. Down with the Tsar!