Xinglong observatory trip

For one night, I lived at the Xinglong Observatory as a scientist. It was different from our everyday lives. Their sites were rather far apart and snow was really often on the mountains. The accommodations were simple. It’s nice and all but it’s hard to believe that they can stay in this for a while. I just wonder do they take a break while their partners cover up for them? The most unexpected parts of the trip is how the scientists never take any breaks, just so they can see and nebula or a dying star of some sort. One of the scientists there discovered the Pacman Nebula, which is pretty exciting. I really enjoyed the Xinglong Observatory trip. My favourite part was star-gazing, even though it was freezing. I wonder how they are able to do this every single day without catching hypothermia of some sort. And I learned about how they found out about Pluto, what they used to find out about Pluto and how large the universe is (78 billion light years). I even saw a shooting star!!


Here is a lovely picture of the sun through a telescope. We saw this through a special telescope and even used another small ones and saw rainbows through them. I’m pretty sure they were the flares.


Here is a not so lovely picture of the Orion Nebula. I tried to take a photo, it was horrible but the original was really prettyimage4

Here is all of us just before we were about to leave the observatory. It was amazing experience

Here are some recordings of me on site. I just hope that they’re hearable. I didn’t get any videos because my phone was running out of storage.

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