In Regards to Love Eros – One Day 2017

a. How did you feel about completing your task?

I feel that the piece was a little hard and I could have done another song

b.What did you learn on One Day?

I learned most of my piece

c. What do you feel proud of?

I feel proud that I was able to complete it and manage to pull it off

d.What did you struggle with?

I struggled with attempting the fast part.

e.Is the quality of your product good? How do you know?

I don’t know. I did my best but I don’t know if others will think so.

f.Did you receive any feedback from any other students in your group?

No one from my group gave me feedback.

g.How did you improve your design from when you first started?

At first, I wanted to divide the piece do a different recording for each bit but then I just decided to do one giant recording and only individualize the hard bit.


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