The Tale of Money

Money. It can be seen as beauty. You can trade it for many things such as diamonds, purses, Cadillacs and other stuff. It can be seen as evil. It can make you become greedy and selfish. It can be seen as hope. You can buy food with it. But in this tale, you will see it become a strange story, in the form of cheques.

One day, a woman and her husband are shopping in a place named Yoosie Yandere Baby Shoppe. They’re about to have a baby, and the woman is due in about September. Very typical scene. Every couple that gets married has to have children, at least that was what they were told. That fateful day soon arrives and a little boy named Lawrence Exeter Jr. is born, with the help of Dr. David McCoy, their doctor. The young boy lives happily as a cheerful boy. His parents take him to a California Joyland theme park on his birthday and buy him a nice bike with cute training wheels. 6 years later, his parents send him to school on October the 6th. Oh, that feeling of watching your young boy leave for his first day at school, knowing he has a future ahead.

When he’s old enough, his parents send him to a military academy. As celebration that their son is going to a military school, they buy him a Cadillac, only for it to be broken. The young boy fakes a smile and pouts in apology but it’s still broken and expensive to fix. As he grows older, he attends Stanford University. But even though he’s in a fabulous university, his performance isn’t up to standard. To help him, his father pays for a private tutor named Miss Daisy Windsor. Lawrence Exeter Jr. falls in love with his private tutor and wants to take her out on a date but needs to ask for money from his father to take her out on a very nice date. Soon, the young man buys a nice diamond ring from Beverly Diamond Gift Shoppe and proposes, to which Daisy accepts. Lawrence Exeter Jr. and Daisy Windsor have a nice wedding and go on a lovely honeymoon to Hawaii and Daisy goes out to buy new clothes for herself such as boots, lingerie and others.

Lawrence Exeter Sr. pays an eccentric and weird architect named Tony Spagoni to build his son’s new house and then finds a midwife for the pregnant Daisy named Miss Flossie Wentworth. Then something goes wrong in Lawrence Exeter Sr.’s relationship with his wife, Lawrence Exeter Jr.’s mother, and pays a divorce lawyer named Caleb Peno Municipal for a divorce. He must send his ex-wife money or else he’s looked down upon in society. Because this man is too focused on his divorce, he runs out of money for his divorce and all the process. Lawrence Jr. sends him some money to help and needs to pay for Tony Spagoni to fix up the last of his new house, but he’s sick and cannot write properly. Just as he sends Peter Ventegi, his friend, some money because he owed him money a few years ago, he collapses and is taken to the hospital, only to be diagnosed with cancer. Lawrence Sr. begs the Hollywood Hospital and Dr. David McCoy to help but he cannot. Lawrence Jr. has died.