Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1

Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 starts off with a female binge-eater ghoul desperately eating a group of humans and then escaping after another ghoul wants to take her alive. In a coffee shop, a young university boy named Kaneki drinking coffee with his best friend Hide, talking about Kaneki’s date. Kaneki goes on the date the next day, only to find that his date, Rize, is the binge-eater ghoul causing trouble in the beginning part. Just as Kaneki is about to get killed, bars crash onto Rize, killing her. A doctor transplants the Rize’s organs into Kaneki but turns him into a half-ghoul. Unable to live like a normal human anymore, he wanders around helpless and is almost killed by another ghoul, claiming the area to be his feeding grounds. A girl appears, which Kaneki recognizes to be Touka, a waitress he met before, and saves Kaneki, but in a cruel way, which kind of results in a Deus ex Machina ending for episode 1. Three major questions form in the one episode and two were already solved in that one episode, which were first, who is Kaneki going on a date with? Second, what will happen to Kaneki after the date? We already know that Kaneki’s going on a date with Rize, the binge-eater ghoul and that he becomes a half-ghoul after the date. That then leads to the ultimate major question: will Kaneki be able to live as a half-ghoul? The first season of Tokyo Ghoul focuses on Kaneki struggling to embrace his ghoul side because of him living as a half-ghoul, which Kaneki finds messed up because he never wanted to be a half-ghoul and live his life like a normal human. His main goal is to be able to live a normal life despite being a half-ghoul, which is sort of a concrete goal because it’s what Kaneki wants the most throughout the season and cries all the way through about it. Of course, there are some external conflicts and internal conflicts. First of all, there’s the CCG, the Commission of Counter-Ghoul which is an organization dedicated to driving all the ghouls out of Tokyo. Second is the Aogiri Tree, an organization of ghouls trying to suppress humans and prove that ghouls should dominate the earth and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way, including ghouls who want to live like normal humans just like Kaneki. Third, which is an internal conflict, is Rize. Because Kaneki has Rize’s organs transplanted into him, he can always feel Rize’s presence around him, pushing him to succumb to his ghoul side and eat all the humans he can, just like her.