5 Reasons Why Kill the Boy Band fangirls are Different From Anime Fangirls

  1. Anime fangirls don’t always buy posters and merchandise. Some of our parents won’t give us the time and money to go see Hatsune Miku tours, or buy the latest limited edition of figurines.
  2. Anime fangirls get inspired. For example, one was a fan of a sports anime, they would get inspired to do that sport. Like me, I enjoy the art style and the music of anime and I start to enjoy drawing anime. The fangirls in Kill the Boy Band simply like the boy bands’ looks but nobody was inspired to learn to sing.
  3. They aren’t even real. Unlike the fangirls from Kill the Boy Band, who’ve seen the band’s live concert at least once, we don’t get to meet the people that we love. We can only see the authors who wrote the manga for the anime’s that we love and the voice actors for our favorite characters.
  4. They don’t kidnap. Maybe there’s the exceptional few who would kidnap the author of the manga or the voice actors or the production team but there’s no point because they’re not the actual characters.
  5. They have it the worst. The protagonist says that band fangirls have it the worst, but really it’s the anime fangirls. They love people who will never exist. They give everything they have in their heart to someone who was just created by someone who wasn’t even similar to them.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Kill the Boy Band fangirls are Different From Anime Fangirls

  1. Hey Jenny!

    I found it very effective that you made a text-to-self connection from the fangirls from the book Kill the Boy Band and anime fangirls (such as yourself). I also think it was great how you kept each explanation short and precise and also mixed in a little bit of humor. I wouldn’t change much about this post except for maybe formatting. But besides that, I found that I might want to read this book now :>

  2. I love how you connected and based your listicle off of something you care about, like anime. I also liked how you connected it with some of your own experience as an anime fangirl, and as Sam said, you used a nice humor which made it more exciting to read.

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