3 Things that we all Find Interesting About the Three body Problem. Ming boggling mysteries When Wang saw the countdown at the dead center of his view, him and the readers were afraid and very confused as to why this is so. Very little information about this was given and many experts such as doctors […]

The Three-Body Problem
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The Three-Body Problem: Text to text: Similar to the OASIS in Ready Player One. In the book The Three-Body Problem by Ci Xin Liu and translated by Ken Liu. The author shows very similar connections to the story Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The use of a virtual reality simulation for the main plot […]

Rick and Morty plot analysis
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http://watchseries.do/series/rick-and-morty/season/1/episode/1 In the first episode of the first season in the Rick and Morty series the main goal for and desire for Rick is to retrieve the mega seeds from the mega fruit in the mega trees from another dimension, this is a concrete desire, and is the major dramatic question of this episode: Will […]

The Wealthy Boy
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A story about a boy called Lawrence born into a wealthy family, however, things go downhill when he meets a beautiful girl at school and they both find each other attractive. (SPOILER) Her boyfriend is then notified by this threatens to take his life for money, after the payment is complete he beats Lawrence up. […]

Strange sounds:The Tell-Tale Heart Point of View Rewrite
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Writing it in the perspective of 3rd person limited and focusing on the neighbor created a sense of distance and an overall picture of the behind the scenes. Obviously the neighbor played a big role in the story, being the one who called the police, and eventually leading to the main character getting arrested. Writing […]

Junior as a character
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How would you feel if you were born with a very weird appearance? In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a round protagonist- A character who is born with brain damage which caused many physical changes later in his life. The protagonist, Junior, is born in a […]