Tybalt’s Animosity

“Look at the evil devil!  How dare Montague’s people to come here! Capulet should quit Romeo from our party!”

I was almost lost control of myself because of Montague’s son. I was on the outside of the party hall and walking to my room. The Capulet ordered to me go my room for confinement.

So, I went out from the party, and I went to my room. Still, my fury didn’t cool down. It feels like a volcano is erupting right now with very high temperature. I’m being a real fire so I think I could burn this room and, finally whole the world. How can Capulet be patient and watch the vulgar guy in an honorable family’s house!

Think about them! A foulness boy was touching an immaculate Juliet’s cheek by his maculated hands and entices genuineness Juliet with blandishment.

More I think about Romeo; more anger and hatred comes out in my body that could not stop an impulse to duel and make sure him not to meet our family’s angel. Romeo is just a nasty man and very hazard, different from the outside. My fury had come up almost a climax. If I went further, I probably would not be able to control myself.

A few minutes later, I took a deep breath and regained my reason. Then, I swore that I would judge the villains and protect Juliet from other gangsters.

“Under the name of the Capulet! I will disentangle Juliet from the filthy hand of a Montague! I will show the real justice to the son of the Montague! Why do I have to be patient! Romeo is our enemy! I will threaten or duel him so he will never defy to enter the Capulet house again.”

Next morning, I woke up on my bed. I sighed and moved my legs slowly. Then, I got out from the bed and walked through a hallway feebly. Some people might think I look like weakly, but my rage was still in my heart. Romeo is not only the enemy of our family but also a hatred for me, itself.

I walked through the road to meet a person who is related to our family. Still, I was considering how I can prevent Romeo meeting Juliet. How that filthy guy could meet our pure-hearted Juliet!

I met the person and went back to the house. While walking on the street, I saw some vigorous men walking on the road. They were Romeo’s friends, walking on the street with giving a horselaugh. When I saw them, I resented that how the delinquency gentry is walking on the street fearlessly!

“Oh, I see that impurity and dirty Montague’s guys! But, where is Romeo? They might know where is the obscene man. If they don’t answer, I’m going to threaten them to find out coarse Romeo.”

I already decided I could die for the honor of the Capulet. Finally, I rushed to Romeo’s company to duel with them.

[End of the story]



In this story, the author reveals that Tybalt’s fury to the Montague, especially Romeo. On the first paragraph, Tybalt said about Romeo and his friends wondering about how dare they came the Capulet’s party, which was held by the rival, Capulet. Also, he is exposing his anger, and it reveals by using three exclamation marks.

When Tybalt returned to his room, he was still angry and showing his anger using a simile and hyperbole. He said he is feeling like a volcano is erupting right now with very high temperature. Also, in the next sentence, hyperbole used that Tybalt’s fury is the fire, and it can burn the whole world. Moreover, there is a contrast between Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt said Romeo as immaculate while Juliet as maculate and an angel. At a part of the pledge, it displays that Tybalt is a warlike noble because of the word ‘threaten’ or ‘duel.’ Not only in the oath but before Tybalt’s monologue and affliction reveals his anger to Montague.

Lastly, the final paragraph indicates that the reason why Tybalt challenge to Romeo. On Tybalt’s monologue, it reveals the fury of Tybalt to Romeo. For instance, he mentioned Romeo that Tybalt remembered as hatred. Furthermore, Tybalt is using scornful words when he called Romeo and his families to expose abhorrence of Montague for Tybalt. Then, finally, Tybalt ran to Romeo and his friends.

3 reasons why I like the The Chronicles of Narnia

There are a lot of fiction novels to read for children. For example, the most well-known fiction novel is the Harry Potter series. It attracts children by using various magics. It excites the children to imagine the story and to think themselves are magicians. In my case, The Chronicles of Narnia, by Clive Staples Lewis, is the most exciting book I have ever read.

1. Each story, there are different main characters.

Every story, there are primary characters to lead stories. Usually, novels with series use same main characters. However, the Chronicles of Narnia, there 7 series and have different main characters. For example, on the first series, The Magician’s Nephew, the main characters are Digory and Poli while, the second series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, has 4 different main characters: Peter, Susan, Edward, and Lucy. Changing the primary characters indicates that the story will flow different from a previous book and refresh the story. It attracts me to give different atmosphere every each tale. Thus, I could imagine how the next story will flow.

2. The Narnia series includes Christianomical thought. 

In some novels, we can see some symbols of something. In the Narnia series, there is a lion called Aslan. The author describes the Aslan as the omniscient creature such as the Jesus in the real world. For instance, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Aslan sacrificed for Edward and revived. In the case of the Jesus, he sacrificed for a sinner, and later he resurrected. Also, all of the Narnians called the main characters, who came from the real world, as Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve. On the first book, The Magician’s Nephew, the Aslan created the world singing a song while the God created the world by the word.

3. Ask me (Think deeply)

Based on the first and second reasons, I could ask myself about the next story or think about the relationships between the story and the Christian. For example, I can ask like these:

“What is the next story?”

“How the main character will do?”

“Is this a symbol of the Christan?”

Questioning myself helps me to understand the story well. I like to think about the argument such as social problems or events in the story. Therefore, the Narnia series attracts me to consider more about the story.

In conclusion, my favorite fiction novel is The Chronicles of Narnia for these three reasons. How about read this book and find out the relationship between this book and the Christan?

Critical Lens (Pre-critical) of Harrison Bergeron

A short story, Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. explores that the future society by a boy named Harrison Bergeron. He is too smart and tall so a government imprisons him. A society finally realizes the equality. Thus, the government makes some penalties to some people who are smart, strong, handsome, or talented. One day, Harrison’s parents are watching TV. The TV shows a ballet performance. Harrison’s dad is smarter than the average so he has a penalty which disturbs him to think deeply. During watching TV, he tries to think about something, but he hears noises from his buzzer. Suddenly, the parents notice that his son is coming in a concert hall and adjourns the performance. He says he is a king and tries to revolt against the government. Finally, a Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers, break into the concert hall and shoot a gun to Harrison. This story reveals that the people are weak and the ruling institution, the government is powerful and oppress the people. The Harrison’s death means people failed so there is no longer any chance of escaping the laws of equality. Harrison is the failure of the rebellion and his parents are weak people, while the government means suppressive ruler. Therefore, this story is a sad story in a various way such as what this writer wrote. The point of view is the third person ominous and displays the emotion of the characters’ emotion and thinks. This has a great effect on readers to critical of sorrow. For example, the last part of the story says that Harrison’s parents watch the death of their son but they couldn’t why they are sad.

The Hunger Games

In the book, The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins explores the hope of pigments by the protagonist, Katniss, who is a 16-years-old girl living in District 12. As the story takes a place, Katniss shows some special action to District people. On page 237, when her ally Rue murdered by the District 1 boy, Katniss pressed the three middle fingers of her left hand against her lips and hold them out in Rue’s direction. Because of this situation, District 11 people made a disturbance, so the rule was changed: the victor was only one, but they changed the victors could be 2. Also, on page 344, the rule was changed again the victor had to be only one person. Therefore, Katniss told Peeta to suicide together. Then, the rule changed again that victors could be two people. This is the most important part of the story because of this action, the other District people thought, ‘Katniss tried to against Capitol, but she survived. So, we are possible to revolt!’

Goodnight Mr. Bean(Mr. Bean series Episode 13)

Mr. Bean shows Mr. Bean’s daily life. In this episode, he went to a hospital, a museum, and his house. However, he met some obstacles. He had to wait for a long time. Also, the soldier went somewhere when he tried to take a photo, and he was annoyed because of the noises. Actually, the protagonist’s goal or desire was he wanted to meet his doctor, take a picture of the soldier, and sleep quietly. However, he encountered some obstacles. He had to wait for a long time. Also, the soldier went somewhere when he tried to take a photo, and he was annoyed because of the noises. The conflicts resolved by Mr. Bean. He waited for his number, took a picture alone, and counted sheep’ number! He ended peacefully, but if he couldn’t wait for all of the things, is it make conflict worse or less?

A Happy Man (Ordeal by cheque changed by Jerry)


This is a story of a man named Lawrence Exeter. It was a hot day of August 30, 1903, Lawrence Exeter went to Goosie Gander Baby Shoppe and paid 148.5 dollars. It’s because three days later, his wife would give birth. Then, he would be a father! How happy he is! After the birth, he paid 100 dollars to Hollywood Hospital. Also, he became a Senior. 1 months later, he spent 475 dollars to Dr. David M. McCoy because of his wife’s postpartum care. Lawrence Sr. was pleased and bought some toys from California Toyland. Lawrence Jr. grew healthy for 6 years and entered Palisades School for Boys. Thus, his dad paid for 1,250 dollars. When Jr. said he wants to ride a bicycle, Lawrence Sr. went to the City Bicycle Co. and bought a bike for his son. 5 years later, Lawrence Jr. entered Columbia Military Academy because he hoped that he wants to be a brave soldier. Therefore, Lawrence Jr. took a test. Finally, he passed, and his dad was glad, so he bought a car from Cadillac. However, Jr. drove his car so obstinately, he got an accident. Lawrence Sr. was angry, but he spent his money to repair his son’s car. How a kind father! Anyway, Jr. studied his best and passed Standford University. Lawrence Sr. was proud of his son. He thought maybe he is the happiest father in the world.

In 1923, Mr. Exeter needed to send his money to Miss Daisy Windsor. 8 days later, he visited French and took French Line. He traveled almost 2 months and the last day of travel, he went to Banque de France, which is the France bank. In 1926, Lawrence Sr. paid his money to University Club Florists because his son said he wants to join the club. In August, Mrs. Exeter said she tried to change the house’s interior by Renaissance Interior. M.r Exeter agreed and replaced it. Moreover, he bought some jewelry because November 18 was his wife’s birthday! He was glad to buy the jewelry. Before November 18, Mr. Exeter and Mrs. Exeter traveled to Hawaii by a steamship to celebrate Mrs. Exeter’s birthday. Also, he gave his money to his son because his son needed. Lawrence Sr. was a little bit displeased, but he gave it. Next day, Mr. Exeter went to the Ambassador Hotel because his job was a diplomat.

In 1927, Lawrence Jr. bought some candies from Cocoanut Grove Sweet Shoppe. Also, he wanted people to see him as a handsome guy, so his purchased gown, too. Jr. sent his money to Anita Lingerie Salon. Lawrence Jr. bought gowns for his dad. Actually, Jr. notices his dad’s gowns were too old, so he bought it. On November 1, 1928, Jr. decided to join the club of the sport. Therefore, he spent his money at Moderne Sportte Shoppe for 562 dollars to buy sports equipment. A few months later, he bought his dad’s and his shoes. Moreover, Jr. sent his money to Tony Spagoni, and Spagoni was his friend. It’s because Spagoni said, “I’m so poor, so can you help me?” Lawrence Jr. was not wealthy, but he didn’t want to ignore his friend’s help. Reluctantly, he spent money to his friend. On May 28, 1930, he purchased the jewelry, and he prepared for his wedding. He finally married with Miss Flossie on November 14, 1930. Jr.’s parents cried all day because they were pleased to watch his lovely son’s wedding. Next day, Jr. gave his money to his wife.

The Tell-Tale Heart (ver. 3rd person omniscient)


A man opened a door very slowly. Inside the room, there was an old man who was sleeping. It was the eighth night after the man planned to murder the old man. He was very happy to murder the old man. He could scarcely contain his feelings of triumph. The room was really dark. When the man turned his face to the old man, he noticed that the old man might not see the opening of the door. The madman had his head in and was about to open the lantern when his thumb slipped upon the tin fastening, and the old man sprang up in the bed, and cried-“Who’s there?”

The man kept quite still and said nothing. He was nervous because the old man woke up. He stayed almost for an hour he didn’t move a muscle. Then he heard a slight groan, and he knew it was the groan of mortal terror, which distracted the man. Finally, the old man returned to the bed, the man moved toward to the door and held his lantern again. Then, he opened the door again. The man’s eyes looked like really furious; he finally saw the old man’s eyes-the pale blue eyes. Suddenly, the man heard the heart beating sounds. When he moved toward to the old man, the sounds grew louder and louder. The man thought the heart might be gonna burst! The old man felt a great horror. He was very frightened from the unknown sound. The old man knew that his heart beaten very loudly. Finally, he yelled! Then the man opened the lantern and leaped into the room. He checked the old man whether he was dead. The old man was stone, stone dead. After he checked the old man died, he removed the bed and examined the corpse. He was really happy because the old man’s blue eyes wouldn’t trouble him no more. He dismembered the corpse. He cut off the head and the arms and the legs.


Thank you for reading my story.

Characterization of Junior

If you move to new school, what will you do and how do you feel? Are you going to say to them hello first? In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie characterizes Junior as a student who wants to get an education better than before. When he moved to white school, he was the only Indian student. The author, Sherman Alexie, writes,” I draw because words are too unpredictable. I draw because words are too limited.” on page 5. Also, he writes “I draw because I want to talk to the world. And I want the world to pay attention to me,” on page 6, and “Who has the most hope?” on page 45.

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