To Build a Fire Setting Analysis

“The drops of water became ice that broke with a noise.” Other than explaining the situation and what the character see, this sentence is giving me more information, I can visualize, and even feel the coldness. It didn’t give me too many details that slow the plot down, but just the right amount that makes me at the place where the story is happening. This sentence also gained the intenseness later in the story. When the man fell into a small pit of water, I was nervous. If it wasn’t the setting that made me feel the freezing temperature, the mood wouldn’t be that intense. If you fall into a pit of water that is your knee depth at a normal temperature, you won’t be in a life-threatening danger. “A large piece of wet plant fell on the little fire. He tried pushing it away with his fingers. His shaking body made him push too far and he scattered the little fire over a wide space. He tried to push the burning grasses and sticks together again.” If the setting wasn’t at an extremely cold temperature, the protagonist won’t be that desperate to build a fire and keep the fire burning. This story can only be happening in this setting.


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