In a Box

In a Box

This project is where you are given a box and a theme and create something related to the theme. Using my understanding of the theme “Fantasy” that I was given, I started and ended up completely different ideas. My first thoughts were great but not feasible after a few changed, I had my final plan. While working on my project, my final plan changed completely and it looks nothing like what I started with.

My final plan

Through this project, I had a lot of problems. The final plan was not very feasible, so I changed it, but the composition looked weird and it didn’t fit my theme of fantasy. I overcame the problem by thinking and trying different things again and again until it worked. After this project, I learned the importance of asking for feedback and composition. Different places you place the objects can have different meanings.

My first draft of my box

My ideas for my box

Artist’s habit of mind

During creating the final box, I developed crafts with different materials, airdried clay, acrylic paint, I used cotton for mist, I used a paper mask as a base for the person’s face. I also took a wine bottle and ripped the label off and made a new one in photoshop. For the last touch, I inserted led lights (christmas light) into the cotton. When I was trying different medias, I envisioned how it would turn out and eliminated some ideas that didn’t fit with my theme. In this project, I expressed what I wanted to show others in my box, which is “If you just open your eyes and look for it, it will be there.”



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