Art media testing reflection

1. oil painting (Greyscale)


2. Acrylic Painting (Colored)

These paintings are for my media testing (for the portrait drawing project)

The first one is an oil painting. During the painting process, I was going through a lot of pain because of oil is so hard to use to paint. Because first, my style of drawing is not the smooth kind, I love to use strokes to show the difference between the things that I am drawing. Second, putting paint directly onto the painting surface before mixing it well is also something that I really like to do because it creates a dreamy color.

In the second picture, the media that I was using was acrylic, which I have been working for a long long period of time, so I feel more comfortable using this. I like putting color directly on to my painting surface and use a spatula to draw.

The most important reason that makes me like using acrylic over using oil is that oil drys too slow and I am a fast worker. I tend to finish my work really fast, so if the paint drys too slow, I cannot work in layers.

Comparing these two type of media that we are using, I like and feel comfortable when using acrylic way more than oil.

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