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Band – Goal Setting

My goal: Improve my slurring when playing the trumpet

Piece to improve on: The Legend of Greensleeves

Practice Plan: During the first quarter I was only able to practice over the weekends. However, as I am not doing any sports this season I will have more time to practice even on weekdays. My goal will be to practice the warm-up routines that were given to me by Mr. Long at least 40 minutes each sessions for 3 times during the week.


My Life in Band

The first 3 weeks of band – Jisu Y

The first three weeks of class have been better than expected. Coming into band, I was both excited and nervous. I was excited to play, yet a bit nervous at the same time because I was worried that the pieces we were gonna play were going to be too challenging. However, after exploring all the music that has been given to us, I have soon realized that all the music was manageable with some extra practice after band class. Besides music I feel like most people in band were pretty nice, and welcomed the new students in a good manner. Something I want to work on as a musician is improving my high notes. Not being able to hit the high notes have always been a problem as my lips tend to hurt very easily after a short period of time. This is because I have a bad habit of forcing my trumpet towards my lips rather than blowing in more air, and I have been trying to solve this problem since SAS. I think this definitely improved over time but I still feel like I have to improve my endurance.

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