Nightmare Stage Design

  About your piece: For my nightmare design, I chose to create a deserted island. I chose the idea of a deserted island because one of my fears is loneliness.     Describe what you were creating: I created an island that is covered with blood and fenced off with bloody nails. Through the entrance […]

Portraits – 10 Techniques

Break the Rules of Composition In this photo, i broke the rules of composition by placing the subject in the center of the frame. Normally it should follow Rule of Thirds however this does not. I did this by allowing some empty space by the sides. Experiment with Lighting For this photo, I played around […]

Humans of ISB

I’ve had a pretty privileged life, just like any other kid in ISB. There weren’t many hard times putting it in perspective of the world, but there was a period of time where I was just not happy about the way of myself and I was just going through a lot of things such as […]

Light Painting

  Light painting is when you you long exposure in a dark room and shine a flashlight at the camera. Because the camera only takes in the bright objects, your light is the only thing that is going to be in the pictures. First, you change the shutter speed to bulb mode(for the shutter to […]

Manual 101

The Exposure Triangle is made out of 3 components, the aperture, the shutter speed, and the iso. With these 3 things, you can change how bright an image is. The aperture controls how big the iris of the lens is, the bigger the f stop is, the more is in focus and the smaller the […]

One Object 30 Times

  In the assignment “1 object 30 times” we were asked to take 30 pictures of the same object using different composition guidelines. The purpose was to show that you don’t have to take a photograph the same way everyone else would. You should look at it in a different perspective and make it interesting. […]