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Survival of the Fittest

Human’s superhuman and sense will show up whenever we face the difficulties. In the story, Brian’s Winter, by Gary Paulsen, a boy called Brain was left alone in the isolated mountain during the journey to meet his father. He faced a few conflicts during his survival in the mountain. And this the story that Brian was struggling for quite long time.

In that isolated mountain, he starved and ate minimally for a few weeks. The reason is, he didn’t have any hunting tools to eat. At that time, hatchet was the only tool that he could hunt and eat because a muzzle of the gun was broken. So Brian had to make the other tools to hunt and survive. He needed to get a flexible, durable woods for his bows and spears. He also need the hard stones for the sharp arrowheads. But, making other tools were not easy as he taught. It took him more about two weeks to the get the materials for the tools and a few days to make them. Although after he made them all, he wasn’t also use to with the arrows and spears. Therefore, during that two weeks and five days, he had to starve and ate minimally.

While he was working on it, an another problem came to him. He was struggling not only because of lack of food but also shelter to protect him from the animals and the natural disasters. From Autumn season, a lot of wild animals like wolves, bears started to came near to Brian in the night and he also realized that most of the days were raining. According to the book it says, “But still worse, with the rain he did not think he could hunt and so hard no food” (pg. 33 Gary Paulsen). He used the parachute from the plane to use it as the cover of the shelter. But still he needed the pillars for his shelter so Brian caught a tree down divided them into four. When construction work was done, he taught it will be fine. Unfortunately, a bear came to Brian’s shelter and destroyed it. Therefore, Brian had to spend a lot of time to recover the shelter. Finally, he faced the last problem in mountain and it was Winter season. During the winter season, everything was just white unlike in Autumn. This means, it will be really hard to Brian to hunt them. But still, he had to go out and hunt something to eat. According to the book it says, “To hell with it, I’m going hunting” (pg33). As we know, it is extremely cold in Winter. But he didn’t have any thick clothes to keep his body warm and the inside of the shelter was really cold as outside. Therefore, he had to hunt the big animals to use their skins for the coats, boot. He made a hole on the top of the roof so that the smokes from bonfire in his shelter would go out and keep the house warm.

Although I haven’t faced the exactly same conflicts as Brian, I’ve faced and overcame a bit similar conflict as this main character. Until five years ago, receiving help from my grandparents, and parents. They cooked for three meals a day, helped my homework, and dressed me whenever I go outside. Although I was 11 years old at that time, I was just a really young kid who did help for everything. Briefly, they did, decided everything for me and I could not do anything without their help. However, my dad had a business trip, my mom, grandpa, and grandma had to work all day for 3 days. I also was on a summer vacation. This means, I had to stay alone for a long time from morning to early evening. Therefore, I worried a lot about my meals and dressing than at any other time. Then, the first day without my grandparents and parents came to me. Although, I was bit worried about the first day, everything went alright. The reason is, my mom had already cooked breakfast and lunch for me. She also decided what to wear during that day. Therefore, I there was not any problems in first day.

But, I started to have some problems and have to do everything alone during the second day because my mom forgot to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. Grandpa and grandma were also busy as my mom. This means, I had to make soup by myself and rice. At that time, I didn’t know how to make rice and soup so I had to go outside and buy instant rice and soup for my breakfast. For my breakfast, cup-noodles and instant rice were not good, but except for those I couldn’t cook anything. Even if I didn’t want to eat them for my breakfast, I had to eat it to fill up my stomach. I still I had to eat lunch and there was no more instant food. So I went out again for my lunch. Before I went outside, I had to wear something. As I said before, my mom always dressed me up so I had absolutely no idea about what should I wear. I spent more than 30 minutes to think about my dressing, and just went out with hoody. I go to convenient store, and there were a lot of different types of instant food. Unfortunately, cup-noodles were the only one that I could cook so I got cup-noodles for my lunch. For some of people, it might be really easy to cook by themselves. But, as I said before, I could not do anything without my parent’s help. I also had to spent more time alone than with my family. So it was quite difficult time for me to stay alone in the house. Luckily, my mom, grandpa and grandma came earlier than first day so I could have dinner with them and feel protected. On the other hand, I was worried about the next day.

The last day came to me. My mom cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for me, but the dishes that she cooked were not enough to have 3 meals. I decided to skip breakfast and have lunch or dinner. I used to eat breakfast every morning so while I was skipping breakfast, I starved until lunch. I’d already eaten cup-noodles for my second day’s breakfast and dinner. Therefore, I searched an omelet recipe on the internet for my lunch. Luckily, all the ingredients for an omelet were in the refrigerator, I didn’t have to out to get them. It was the first time that I cooked without my mom and dad. So followed the recipe carefully and spent more than 1 hour to have lunch. An omelet looked bad, but it tasted quite good. I was really to search an another recipe for my dinner so I just cooked an another omelet for my dinner. Although cooking an omelet alone without any help from somebody was really hard, I satisfied with my lunch, dinner and got confidence that I can do something without others help. Then, the last day without my family ended. It was a great time that made to stand up and do everything by myself.

As I explained my story to you, I had really difficult time without my family during 3 days. To me the house, gas stove, bathroom, and other materials were provided to stay alone with my family.
But, the main character of this book, Brian Paulsen, a boy survived from Autumn to Winter without anyone’s help and basic materials despite he faced a lot of problems. If I were him, I would die in a couple of weeks because of the starving or wild animals’ attacking. Therefore, Brian’s story made to thanks for everything that I am deserving right now.

The worst time I’ve ever had

Island of the blue dolphins

-Let go of the grudges of yesterday and hold on to the hope of tomorrow-

In the book, Island of the blue dolphins, the main character called, “Karana”, has some serious conflicts with nature, wolves, and humans. Even though she had a difficult time with them, luckily, she solved all these problems by forgiving and accepting them as her friends. After you read this book, you might have a different idea for the theme of this book. But, I believe the main theme of this book is forgiveness. Base on the main character’s life, I think by forgiving others for having hurt us, we can let go of the painful memories and create a happier future. And I’m going to explain what are the main conflicts and how did I resolve these problems.

I remember all the way back before I left the island. I was just a normal girl as others, who wants to spend my time with the family. While there were a lot of serious problems with others, some of my friends (dogs) helped me a lot, encouraging me to survive on the isolated island. On October 10, 1970, I woke up tired, like most days, put on my clothes and began my morning with my little brother and sister.

I thought that morning is same as most days on this island, but everything started to go wrong since the group called, “Aleuts” come to our island. Unlike other islands, out island had a lot of wild cute otters. And they came to our land to catch the otters with having an agreement with us. I’ve followed them and watch how to kill the otters. As time goes by, they caught a lot of innocent otters. So I said to my dad, “There will be none left. The hunters will kill them all. This morning they hunt on the south. Next week they move to another place” (Scott 16).  A few hours later when the Aleuts start getting ready to leave, our leader called, “Chowig” and his warriors ask for their payment. The sum is unsatisfactory, however, and the two parties disagree. A fight breaks out. When the battle is done, the Aleuts have escaped, and the little pond near my house has changed into a red color like a red wine. Then, I realized that they killed my mom, dad, and little sister. While they were escaping, Kimki said, “They are people who do not understand friendship(23) to the left people. Then, because of the huge impact to us, the serious conflict between us and the Aleuts has started.  Even if we haven’t met them yet after that time, an unseen conflict is still going on. But, when she left the island, Karan forgave them.

After a few days later, I’ve faced another huge problem with my little brother. Our second leader, Kimki, sent some white men to bring the rest of his tribe to the mainland. But, nobody noticed that Ramo has run off to get his spear until they are rowing towards the ship in canoes so Karana dives into the water to stay with Ramo. We needed to survive until the next ship comes to us. We tried our best just to survive on that island. But only a few days into their stay on the island, the wild dogs kill Ramo when he sneaks off alone to the place where the canoes are tied up. Whether you know or not, Ramo was my last family member and now he has died. Soon I got mad to the wolves and declare the war against them. I made myself a spear, a bow, and arrows. This is an important decision because women are not supposed to make weapons in Karana’s tribal culture and I was mumbling, “As I lay there I wondered what would happen to me if I went against the law of our tribe which forbade the making of weapons by women—if I did not think of it at all and made those things which I must have to protect myself” (53). But I had to make the weapons to protect myself and revenge for my little brother. And I realized that killing all the wolves is just wasting my arrows so I focused on killing the leader of the pack, a huge dog called, “Rontu”. She smokes the dogs out of their cave and manages to wound the gray dog and kill several others. However, when Rontu got injured, I cured that dog instead of killing him. After he recovered from the wounded, he continued to hang around me and as the time goes by, I could forgive their faults and we become the best friend.

Have you ever imagine having a lonely life on the island? If you were me, you would suffer from a psychological pain. Even if, most of the problems with the wolves and the Aleuts were finished, one big problem is not resolved yet. Although I became a good friend with the wolves, Tutok (A young woman who travels with the Aleuts and later escape from them) and forgave the Aleuts, I still want to get out of here. As the times goes by, I started to feel lonelier than at any other time. One day, while I was walking around the island, I could see a big ship is coming to here. Intuitively, I realized that this last the chance to leave this island. But, when the chips are down, I couldn’t easily make up my mind. Therefore, I weighed pros and cons to make a good choice that I would not regret. Finally, I decided to leave this infernal island to take a fresh start among the humans. When I get on the ship I was really excited about going back to society, on the other hand, I think to myself not to forget my golden memories on this island, “I came to the mound where my ancestors had sometimes camped in the summer. I thought of them and of the happy times spent in my house on the headland, of my canoe lying unfinished beside the trail. I thought of many things, but stronger was the wish to be where people lived, to hear their voices and their laughter” (174). When the ships started the journey with making a huge wake, I felt like all the problems were resolved and reminded one more time to myself not to forget my memories at the island of the blue dolphins.

A Playlist for My Character

Island of the blue dolphins


1).” Bad Day” – Daniel Powter

Cause you had a bad day
You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don’t know
You tell me don’t lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don’t lie
You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

This is what I think Karana (Juana Maria) would listen to when she lost her parents and younger sister. The reason is, her parents and younger sister were killed by the Aleuts, which means she had to live in the island by herself with her little bother. Whether you know or not, leaving with a little brother on the isolated island is a really hard. Because, except for her little brother there is nobody that Karana can lean on and have help.



2). ” Life Is Worth Living ” – Justin Bieber

Life is worth living, so live another day

The meaning of forgiveness

People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in

This song connects to Karana and Ramo.  In the book, nobody notices that Ramo has run off to get his spear until they are rowing towards the ship in canoes. When the others refuse to turn back for him, Karana dives into the water to rejoin Ramo. Together, they watch the ship leave. If were Karana, I would be made at him and will not forgive for a while. But, she forgave him and start to survive in the island with a positive mind.


3). “We will rock you” – Queen

You got mud on your face, big disgrace

Somebody better put you back into your place
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you


This is what I think Karan would listen to when she fights against the wolves. She wanted to kill all the wolves in the island because those wolves kill her brother who was the last family member. Since her brother was died, there is nobody who can stay with Karana on the island. This means her brother is really important to her, but brother was died. So I think she would listen to this music when she was fighting with the wolves to revenge for her brother.


4). “Alone” – Alan Walker


At least we are together

I know I’m not alone
I know I’m not alone
Anywhere, whenever
Apart, but still together
I know I’m not alone
I know I’m not alone
I know I’m not alone
I know I’m not alone

This is what I think Karana would listen to when she lost her brother.  parents and younger sister. The reason is, Ramo was the only family member who survived with Kararna.  But, he is dead now so she wants to deny reality because of the huge shock with listening to this song.



5). ” Life Is Worth Living ” – Justin Bieber

Life is worth living, so live another day

The meaning of forgiveness

People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in

This is what I think Karan would listen to when she accepts the wolves as the friends.  Even if the wolves kill her brother, he decided to forgive them and adopt them as the friends.  She started to help and share a lot of things with the wolves to a keep relationship.


6). “ Your’re my best friend” – Queen

Ooh, you make me live
Whatever this world can give to me
It’s you, you’re all I see
Ooh, you make me live now honey
Ooh, you make me live
Oh, you’re the best friend
That I ever had
I’ve been with you such a long time


This song connects to the situation when Karana met Tutok. At that time, Karana was really happy and excited because she couldn’t meet with any other people on the island of the dolphins. Karana knew how lonely it is to leave alone on the island, so she did her best to get to close with Tutok.


7).  “Auld Lang Syne” – Robert Burns


Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne
For auld lang syne

This song connects to a strong friendship between Karana and the island of the dolphins. Before she was rescued by others, she had to spend a long time on the island. And obviously, it could make Karana to become attached to the island. So I can know that how much did she miss the island when she was leaving from the island of the blue dolphins.

American Revolution

American Revolution.

This PPT is basically explaining about the American Revolution.

1). Boston Tea Party
2). The Battle of Lexington and Concord
3). Declaration of Independence.
4). Treaty of Paris

Life in Boston

Johnny Tremain (A story of Boston in Revolt)

Esther Forbees

Would you believe if a disabled boy joined/became the secret group and a spy for the freedom from the British Empire? If I were the same age of a boy like him, I wouldn’t do those kinds of things. However, since the American Revolution Johnny’s life was completely changed. And this is the story of the American boy, Johnny Tremain, who has undergone a lot of big events. Such as, the Boston Tea Party and Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Johnny was really clever and brave skinny boy who was fourteen years old. His mom was dead when he was young, but unlike other normal boys, he kept his chin up by working with his good master, Mr. Lapham. At his master’s shop, he worked as an assistant for Mr. Lapham. Whether you know or not, silversmith is a really hard job to do. But despite his young age and skinny body, he has done his job without any complaining about his disabled right hand for the best results. When his friend Dove was wasting time and did his works imperfectly, Johnny always did his best for everything and tried to learn something more skills for the silversmith by challenging himself with maintaining a firm will,” He tried again and again, never quite satisfied with his work, but confident that he could do it” (Esther Forbees 19). Obviously, with his great efforts, he became one of the most skilled silversmith.

Even if, he was really kind to Mr. Lapham’s family members, he was bit arrogant, aggressive, and impolite to Dove, “You do that again and I’ll beat you up again. You overgrown pig- of -a- louse.” (3). He used to ridicule other unskillful silversmiths, especially to Dove. In actuality, he said to Dove, “You are the stupidest animal God ever made” (33). Therefore, at that time, a lot of silversmith’s assistants hate and jealous him. Especially, Johnny’s rival Dove has been hated him a lot. One-day Dove’s accumulated stress from Johnny burst with rage, “Not me. I don’t know anything- see? You are always telling me!” (33). Therefore, I can know that a lot of silversmith’s assistants got angry at Johnny.

However, everything started to change after one significant event. His friend, Dove, deliberately poured the extremely hot melted silver onto Johnny’s right hand, which later his five fingers were stuck together like a fist. Then, his girlfriend and Mr. Lapham’s family started to keep away from Johnny, because of his ugly right hand. “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me with that dreadful hand!” (22 chapter 3). Now everyone started to treat him as an ugly monster. But, he didn’t lose courage and worked hard than at any other time with encouraging himself. I have no idea it’s any good, but after his hand became disabled, he started to be kind to others and helped a lot of people who were in problems. Whenever got mad, he has thought one more time and understood others. For example, when the black girl flung dishwater out of the kitchen door and soaked Johnny, he was really angry, but he counted ten and calm down to understand her action, “If he had not counted ten, he would have told her what he thought of her. In the past time, I have never given anyone time apologized handsomely” (117). He also absolves the acts that Dove has done to him. Until now, I don’t it is good or not, but I after his event Johnny became a new person.

Even if he is the same age as me and skinnier than me, I admire him. If I were the same age of boy like him, I wouldn’t do my best for everything. Normally, whenever I feel sad and depressed, I used to give up everything that I was working on and don’t talk with anyone. Also, I was always worried that I failed for everything, unlike Johnny. In actuality, when I was scolded my father, I didn’t do my homework and didn’t talk with my father/ mother for a while. Quite simply, I was a bit negative and timid boy. But, I was bit arrogant as Johnny. Whenever I have done good jobs for any subjects, I used to ridicule others who haven’t done their job perfectly. When I compare myself to Johnny, most of the traits are perfectly different as me, but some traits are similar to me.

American Revolution video

Why is the American Revolution is so important?

At that time, the British empire was the most powerful country in the world. But, the thirteen colonists have stood alone from their empire. So this events motivated other countries that they can live without any helps or controls from others. After the American Revolution, French soldiers returned to France with idea of Individual liberty, popular sovereignty, and the notion of republicanism. Later, French protested against their ineffectual monarchy, with later caused French revolution. So American revolution is really important.

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