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Futures Academy, Ignite Week 2, Shaking Up Shakespeare

Over the previous week, we had Ignite. This time the theme is Express It. I chose Shakespeare, which is also the drama section, and it was fun. We spent the first day knowing each other and getting the roles of the ones we will be auditioning for. With the second day, we practiced the intro, and did the audition for the different roles. It was pretty tough for me, cause I can’t memorize something in such a short time, with the limitation of only two days. The third day, we practiced the introduction, the monologues, and started the insults for the fight scene. Thursday was practice at the FA Space, and practices in dome. Friday, was final prep for expo. We copied the space of the Colosseum into the dome, and practiced there. The final performance went great, it was worth all the practices.

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Ignite Express it Day 1 (HACK-FA)

Today, Futures Academy, FA, had started the Ignite Week. HACK-FA is basically when we Laser Cut something, and use it to upgrade the Future’s Academy space. We learned about using Adobe Illustrator, and I am trying to make a ‘business card’ for our previous project. The Space Race.




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Chao Bai River (潮白河)

Walking down the bridge, students were talking and laughing. They were all excited for the trip to the Chao Bai in Shun Yi District. Students working together as a huge family, laughter spreads in the air, all students having fun. Gathered water sample, tested it, finally discovers the dreadful elements that contain the dangerous river.


With the forty 7th grade students from the International School of Beijing along with forty other students from the Niu Lan Shan Middle School, were completing their first step of the Project “We are One.” Students from the two schools were required to make a positive change to the local waterways of Beijing. One of the local waterways that students went was the Chao Bai River (潮白河). This river is known as the ‘mother’ river in Shun Yi District, with one end connected to MiYun reservoir.


As a team, the students from the two schools created groups. They took photos when they were around the river. One piece of evidence was these pictures while the other pieces of evidence were water samples gathered by student’s hard work. Our goal was to build up awareness about water pollution in China’s waters. Around 80 water samples waited to be examined.


“The water’s nasty,” said one student from Niu Lan Shan.


“What is producing this water pollution?” probed the Science Instructor.


“Oh wow…I sure don’t want to get in that filthy water, who knows what’s within that? It can be the deadly poison!” exclaimed one student from FA.


The schools had about 80 students in total, so they decided do make the groups of four students into a small group. Within the small group, there are two students from Niu Lan Shan Middle School, and two from ISB Future Academy. All teams from the two schools worked together as a huge family, helping each other out, caring for each other.


Thanks to Niu Lan Shan Middle School, they tested the Chao Bai river water samples and found out the difference between the two different parts of the same river. From one part of the Chao Bai River, the river was moving slow, and muddy. But it was possible to see the deep end. But at the other side of Chao Bai, where the river was under the bridge, it was moving fast, not as muddy, but still blurred. The two side of the river flows in the same direction. But the difference was, the Riverside closest to the places people lived, were more polluted. The branches that fell on the river were natural pollution.


Students spent hours of solid work testing their water samples, hoping that they can change the world. Their hard working showed their effort, determination, and care for the world. With their determination, it won’t be long for them to be successful. They wish the Chinese Government could take a step on fixing this tricky problem and tell the rest of the Chinese citizens also to help on making Beijing a ‘newer’ place.


This can be a massive risk to take, but with the Future Academy and Niu Lan Shan Middle School working together. When this last unit finishes, every FA student will be taking an action step on moving the Chao Bai River and the Wenyu River closer to its goal. The schools wish the Chinese community would take a step to help improve the waterways in Beijing.


The final step of the project was to create an action plan that would lead people into protecting the local waterways, and exhibiting their project to the world. Let’s wish Future Academy and Niu Lan Shan Middle School success on providing our life with healthier, cleaner water.


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Independent Reading, Book Report

Readers, be careful where you are about to step in. Get ready to step in the portal into the magical world with the three heroes. Battles, truth, betrayal, argument all ready for readers in the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to discover. You won’t feel dull when you’re reading the story, instead, you will feel like you are in the story and you are actually fighting off Voldemort. Interesting right?


The soul of the final book isn’t just about he’s quest towards finding all the Horcruxes, instead, it’s the process of Harry turning from just a teenager, into a full grown man. Learning how to overcome more difficulties, denying the past, changing the future. He faces much more danger, more then the 6 other books, from the Death Eaters, Professor Severus Snape, to the well known you-know-who. Readers that pays a lot of attention would definitely remember what Albus Dumbledore’s warning on making the right choice between “what is right and what is easy,” and knowing that Rowling uses the same difficult principle to the conclusion of her famous piece, Harry Potter.


The best “finishing” to the popular series Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the one that gives the taste of bittersweet to the lovely fans of Harry. Over all the difficulties Harry has countered, this is probably the most difficult and most dangerous task he has to conquer. We appreciate J.K. Rowling’s great effort on writing the best books to us. –Joseph Liu

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Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

You can take everything I have

You can break everything I am

Like I’m made of glass

Like I’m made of paper

Go on and try to tear me down

I will be rising from the ground

Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper

These lyrics showed when Severus Snape murdered Albus Dumbledore, how Harry Potter was hurt, but he decided to forget the past and continue helping the others.

I bet my life – Imagine Dragons

I bet my life on you

How Harry Potter had the others helping him and if he successfully get rid of Voldemort, people would be glad. The others bet their life on Harry Potter

I’m awake I’m alive
Now I know what I believe inside
Now it’s my time
I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life
Here, right here
Right now, right now
Stand my ground and never back down
I know what I believe inside
I’m awake and I’m alive

This shows Harry’s true self expressed to the outside world

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Monarchy Podcast~

This is our monarchy speech, and I think that we had done a good job on it. There still can be some that are not that well, but bare with us, and we are still at our starting point. So there could be some bad, and still some good. So, we wish you think that monarchy is going to work the best for our society.

Since a horrible earthquake had happened in Beijing. Cannibalism overran our city and people. As through a pre-state. People were fighting over land, and it was already getting cold. So myself, A 54-year-old CEO of a humongous company, and Joseph, a 36-year-old fast food worker, decided to take on the problem of forming a government ourselves.
Vasily: We had decided to use the government form of Monarchy. Which is a mix of dictatorship and democracy? The reason for that is it will be a great way to keep everything in order.
Joseph: Once everything is in order, the government would be clearer, and leader would help you with many information so that citizens won’t feel left out. Because if they are left out, they won’t listen to your ideas, and would ignore all the things that you are going to tell them.
Vasily: We surely won’t want that to happen, so we would need the specific leader to have the leaderships inside him, and then would control the crowd.
Joseph: For a fast food worker, once the disaster had happened, we were all shocked. All the workers had all ran away, and once we had arrived at the Happy Farm, we all need a specific leader to come and help us overcome the difficulties that we had all discovered.
Vasily: An as for myself, I still had a lot of wealth, so bringing up the idea of monarchy was very significant regarding saving yourself and people. Now with the idea if monarchy, everything gets their parts equally. Which means we have enough resources and food variations for everyone. Which would lower the chance of mass devastation?
Joseph: Once there are no leaders in charge, the son, or the grandson of theirs would take over their place, and continue to rule their land/society. Also well known as the amazing heredity. With heredity is passed on wealth and trust and loyalty. So when elections take place, people must choose wisely!
Vasily: And as for health wise. Once our government shall become more stable. We will be able to support the whole community of free medication, and education, as for monarchy shall give appreciation to it’s people in a way of care, which is a fair type of appreciation instead of corrupting the whole civilization with money which isn’t right and good. So substituting a con was a good idea for a developing government.


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Passion Project Blog Day 1

Today, I had got into the future city, and then we had gotten SimCity4, Jeremy Yu, and William Li worked together for future city project, and we had just gotten started, and Jeremy is coming to my house tomorrow for a party, we are going to work on our project tomorrow. Using our own time, we can work on a lot without other people around us and bother us, Jeremy and I wanted to have William join us, but he can’t because tomorrow he also have a party.

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Language Class Different

This graph is from the Grade 7 Survey, and the question was What language class do you take, and I was wondering out of all students, how many students had token Chinese as their Language, and the result is astonishing, more then half of the students took Chinese as their language.

The difference between people taking different languages, is some people might think about the Chinese is difficult, and some might say that French is difficult, this data table shows you how much difference it have gotten between the different language courses will then give you the different result, and sometimes, it could be unexpected, or, it could also become the opposite! I had read the Grade 7 Survey result hundreds of time to make sure that I had gotten the same result

Turns out that 16 boys had chose Chinese, as their language class, that makes 8 girls take Chinese 1/3.

There are some similarities to those who took Neo Chinese, is that they all have some Chinese blood relationship, but the ones that took academic Chinese, all don’t have the Chinese blood relationship. (Or maybe

I think that myself with the others, is that I am taking Chinese as my language, that makes Chinese more used in the class, which makes it a bad thing, because the school is a International school, but it could also be a good thing, if there were people that only speaks Chinese had came to our class room, ant no classmates understand Chinese, and the our Chinese guest don’t know how to say English, then that is a problem.

The other 3 classes might have Chinese speakers, maybe even ones that are at Neo ranks, they still can help students with Chinese, but they don’t take Chinese, and if they don’t take Chinese, their Chinese skills would slowly begin failing, and slowly don’t understand Chinese culture.
ChartGo (1)

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90 Second Newbery Script On Coraline


Book Poster

CORALINE by Neil Gaiman


OTHER MOTHER:13lines (Lauren)
CORALINE:     37   lines (Sarah)
OTHER FATHER:        lines (Joseph)
REAL MOM:        lines (Sally)
REAL DAD: 3 lines (Joseph)
CAT:        lines (Nicky)
THE HAND:        lines (Mattie)
SOULS:        lines (Mattie)


1.”Everyone has an Other Mother!”-OTHER MOTHER
2.”I’ love you, and I’ll always love you!” -OTHER MOTHER
3.”Everyone has an Other Mother!” -OTHER MOTHER
4.Now, run, child! She wants me to keep you here forever, so that she’ll win the deal! She’s controling me!-OTHER FATHER
5.”Alas, I cannot.”-OTHER FATHER





(CORALINE and her family tugs on bags.)

CORALINE: Wow, this place is huge! Mom, can I go out and explore?

MOM: I honestly don’t care.

CORALINE: Okay, bye Mom!

REAL MOM: Whatever.

(Starts to rain outside.)

(CORALINE sighs and walks into house.)


CORALINE: Mom, I’m bored.

REAL MOM: As I’ve said before, I don’t care, so go away.

(CORALINE walks into REAL DAD’s office)

CORALINE: Dad, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do here!

REAL DAD: Go away, I’m working.


CORALINE: Mom, what’s this?

REAL MOM: A key, it leads to an empty flat. Here, if you’ll stop bugging me, I’ll give it to you.

CORALINE: Thanks, Mom!

REAL MOM: Whatever, I don’t care.


REAL DAD: Whatever, I don’t care.

(CORALINE enters door. Door closes behind her.)


(CORALINE enters bright kitchen. A woman is waiting for her there.)

OTHER MOTHER: Coraline, is that you?

(OTHER MOTHER turns around. Her skin is white as paper. Her red nails are sharp as claws)

CORALINE: Who are you?

OTHER MOTHER: I’m your Other Mother!

CORALINE: I never knew I had an Other Mother.

OTHER MOTHER: Everyone has an Other Mother!

(OTHER FATHER pops in.)

OTHER FATHER: Hi, I’m your Other Father.

OTHER MOTHER: I love you, and I’ll always love you!

(OTHER MOTHER leans in for a hug with closed eyes.)

(CORALINE walks away casually.)

(Big word appear on screen: REJECTED)


OTHER MOTHER: I love you, Coraline!

CORALINE: I don’t, love you… like at all. Just, thought you should know that… (says awkwardly)

OTHER MOTHER: I’ve decided to punish you.


(OTHER MOTHER traps CORALINE into mirror)

(CORALINE can hear SOULS trapped in this world)

SOULS: Let us out! Free us! It’s all up to you!


OTHER MOTHER: Have you learned your lesson yet?

CORALINE: I want to leave.

OTHER MOTHER: But, we love you, and we’ll always love you!

CORALINE: Is that all you say?

OTHER FATHER: Now, now, you don’t want to make your Other Mother mad, do you?

OTHER MOTHER: You should be careful about what you say, little Coraline.

CORALINE: Why, you going to eat me?

OTHER MOTHER: No! I would never do such a thing!

CORALINE:  Okay, so here’s the deal, you’ll let me out, when I find all the souls  you’ve trapped here. And if I don’t find the souls, and give up, then,  I’ll let you sew buttons into my eyes. Plus, I’ll stay here, and be a  loving daughter.

OTHER MOTHER: Deal! Now, good luck!

(OTHER MOTHER laughs evily.)

(CORALINE stands there awkwardly.)

CORALINE’S Flashback
(Words appear on screen: This scene actually happened a long time ago.)

CAT: Hello, Coraline!

CORALINE: Whoa! did you just talk?

CAT: OMG! Such surprising news! (says sarcastically and lies on the floor)

CORALINE: I don’t get it…

(Camera zooms in on CAT’s face, and CAT does the cookoo sign.)

CORALINE: Let’s go find the souls!


CORALINE: Hmm, I wonder where they are!

SOULS: Help us! Free us! It’s all up to you! (repeats over and over again.)


(CORALINE opens door. Finds SOULS dancing around chanting the phrase.)

CORALINE: But, there’s only one of you!

SOULS: I represent most of them, because nobody else wanted to be souls. (whispers)

CORALINE: Oh… okay! (shrugs)

SOULS: There’s one more soul, though! I think…


(CORALINE walks into kitchen with SOULS)

OTHER MOTHER: Here’s the key to the attic, it’ll help you!

(OTHER MOTHER vanishes/disapears)

CORALINE: Cat, you wait here with the Souls.

(CAT starts scratching SOULS)

(CORALINE opens door, and sees OTHER FATHER all pale, with one eye and crumpled up.)

CORALINE: Yikes! What happened to you?

OTHER FATHER: She did it! (voice is scary and sounds dead.)

CORALINE: Okay, you have to be more specific here, ’cause I don’t know who or what ‘she’ is.

OTHER FATHER: Your Other Mother! Now, run, child! She wants me to keep you here forever, so that she’ll win the deal! She’s controling me!

CORALINE: You don’t have to obey! Be strong!

OTHER FATHER: Alas, I cannot.

(OTHER FATHER leaps to CORALINE. CORALINE pulled his remainingbutton eye off.)

(OTHER FATHER keeps still, he’s listening for CORALINE.)

(OTHER FATHER slithers towards CORALINE. CORALINE runs to door and slams it shut while screaming ‘Eew!’



(CAT starts scratching OTHER MOTHER while hissing)

(OTHER MOTHER starts to scream.)

CORALINE: Leave her!

(CAT hisses)

CORALINE: Let’s go!

(CAT drops to floor, and walks to CORALINE.)

(CORALINE and CAT steps into door, and closes it.)


(CAT starts scratching OTHER MOTHER while hissing)

(OTHER MOTHER starts to scream.)

CORALINE: Leave her!

(CAT hisses)

CORALINE: Let’s go!

(CAT drops to floor, and walks to CORALINE.)

(CORALINE and CAT steps into door, and closes it.)



CORALINE: What is that thing? Is that the hand of the Other Mother?

HAND: I want the key…

CORALINE: The hand must want the key.

HAND: I want the key…

CORALINE: Okay, so I’m going to trick the hand by throwing the key into the well and when the hand tries to get it, it’ll fall into the well.

(CORALINE sets key onto table with dolls and cups on it.)

CORALINE: Here, have some tea!

(CORALINE pours imaginary tea into cup, and hands it to a doll.)

(HAND leaps towards the key, and CORALINE throws key into well. HAND falls into well.)



REAL MOM: Coraline?


(CORALINE walks into kitchen and they hug.)

(REAL DAD walks into kitchen)

REAL DAD: Coraline, where have you been?

CORALINE: Exploring.

REAL MOM: I missed you!

CORALINE: I missed you too!

(REAL MOM and CORALINE hugs. REAL DAD leans in for a hug.)


(CORALINE walks away casually.)

(Big red words appear on screen: REJECTED)


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