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Friar Laurence’s choice

Friar Laurence lived in Verona for most of his life and he knew the hate between the Capulet and the Mercutio. If there is a chance, he would like to help to ease the relationship between the two families.

In his cell, beautiful tall trees besides the street. In the back yard, grasses grow tall and disorganized. “Finally, a chance came to me! Romeo and Juliet are married!” He thought, “but Romeo, why did you do such a stupid thing! I hold the marriage between you and Juliet, now you killed Tybalt, and you were exiled by the prince! Don’t you know you are the only one who can fix the hatred between the two families? Now, Juliet will be married with the Paris, what should I do? What should I do?”

Thick clouds are like a grey blanket moving on the shy and blanked the sunny sky. The friar was taking a walk in the back-yard thinking about the marriage of Juliet and Paris. He wants to take some action to help Juliet. Hopefully, Juliet came and complain about the marriage between herself and Paris. Beside those bushes in the backyard the girl is crying sadly. Her voice was so hoarse like her throat was rusty. “Such a poor girl, forced to marry someone you don’t like. I would do anything if it would help!” Friar Laurence thought, “It is so unfair that the opposition of two families are affecting the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. As a friar, I should help them, but I can’t change the reality.” He felt very upset, not only to the poor girl Juliet, but also, the hole society. He prays to the god, “God, please don’t let Juliet been torment anymore. Let she love who she should love and do what she wants to do. She is just a 13-years-old child!”

When the Friar heard Juliet wants to suicide, because of the marriage, he was totally shocked again. “How deep the love is between Romeo and Juliet were, even worth their life?” From now, the Friar went to take the risk whatever it cost. Because he can’t just watch the true love ended itself. So, he decided to tell her the method and the risk she will take.

Juliet almost collapsed in front of the friar. “A beauty like her should live in a free and peaceful world just like the garden of Eden, not in a world full of hate and pressure. I will do my best to help her to get out of this situation.” Then friar Laurence come up with an idea of faking the death of Juliet. Seeing Juliet went home happily. Friar Laurence said to himself, “This method has to work. This will help both Juliet and the two families.”
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Do you want to live in a perfect world before? What will it be like? Here is a book called the Giver, talking about the people living in the “perfect world” that they don’t have pain, war, love or happiness. Their life was planned and people need to obey a lot of rules. Although it sounds perfect, the truth under the perfect life is a kind of bound. They used to obey a lot of rules and go to work which was distributed when they were 12 and their job will never change. In real life, study is kind like a mechanically repeat, just like the way people act in the book. People lose themselves in the comfortable environment, they stopped thinking about their lives. The olds don’t allow their people to have feelings because they wanted the community to be stable. So, what is the purpose of living in the world? I thought about this question before, my answer is keep surpass myself to be a person who can have contribution to the world. Do you want your life been planned before you born? We need more challenges and freedom. It is the same in study, we will always meet difficulties and challenges that improve ourselves. If we don’t face them, how would the world be like?








the plot of a show

In “One punch man”, the production by Yusuke Murata is up to the cartoon “One punch man” explores that the achieve the dream has to afford the effort.


“I have had a dream to be a hero since I was young.” From this point, I think the protagonist’s mind was conscious and had a concrete goal. My major dramatic question is “Will the protagonist Qi Yu achieve his dream?”


“I achieved it after the difficult training.” The major dramatic question is solved here. The answer is “Yes”.


About the conflict is external. His become the strongest person while he achieved his dream so the power of him is overwhelming. Thus no one can be his enemy because he always defeat a person with one punch. He founds that the life is boring. He dream to have a stronger enemy to fight with.


the show can’t be download…….